Impact Wrestling 5.10 Review: Pentagon vs Drake

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Impact Wrestling 5.10 Review: Pentagon vs Drake

Post by cero2k » May 11th, '18, 12:07

Impact Wrestling
May 10, 2018
Orlando, FL

Josh started the show saying that Don Callis was in Toronto receiving an award, but that during the award cemeromy, Sami Callihan attacked him because of the Eddie vs Callihan match that Don Callis ended. Josh sold this a legit bringing up Don's work with NJPW.

Sami Callihan Promo - He's all healed up. Callihan says that he's gonna make an example out of Callis, and apparently has been treatening other officials.

They showed the footage from Destiny Wrestling (with the former Santino Marella), and Callis is saying this thanks, Sami came out and attacked Callis with a bad and did a blade job. Josh says that Impact office are meeting about Callihan's future in Impact. This angle took a huge step forward right when I thought it was done. Only thing I didn't like was the threat to other officials since we already have the X-Men invasion in the oven.

Eli Drake vs Pentagon Build Up Video - Told the story from Drake winning Moose's briefcase and cashing in. Eli comes off as a superstar here. Has Drake ever been babyface? that'd be a good experiment.

Z&E vs LAX - 7/10
Z&E have a really good fitting entrance song for a young high flying team. This team also feels like a MUCH better fit for Everett, getting away from Trevor Lee, Helm's Dynasty and Cults of Lees, now he feels like the young action packed team.

Match saw LAX work over Everett for a while, DJZ came in with the hot tag with some great X-Division style spots, but LAX got the better hand eventually, turning the match into Tornado style. Tons of dives. Finish saw LAX set up DJZ for the 5150, but at the last second, DJZ dodged Santana by kinda doing a Dragonrana on Ortiz, he grabbed the legs and pinned him while Everette held Santana off. Great match and opener, it wasn't that long, but the wrestling was great. LAX's losing streak continues.

Grado and Joseph Warm Up - Grado is wrestling tonight, Grado is bringing his new girlfriend, and it turns out it's Winter! now going by Katarina. Joseph can't believe his eyes. I missed her, always loved her. I'm willing to put up with Grado and Parks if it means we get Katarina.

Austin Aries Promo - He's talking to someone off camera, or maybe he was talking sideways to the camera, saying that he wishes Drake luck tonight and that whoever wins, he'll regain his title from.

Rohit Raju vs Grado w/Katarina - 4/10
Rohit jumped Grado and kept the offense for a while, there were some size jokes when Rohit couldn't get Grado up for the german. Grado would make some small comebacks here and there, but kept getting cut off by Rohit. Eventually one of them worked and pinned Rohit after a Cannonball. Grado and Katarina kissed after the match and Grado fainted. This was one of those reversed squashes, a good return I guess, but it's hard to see where any of this will go.

Back in the locker rooms, JB has been attacked by the X-Men and I think Sugar Dunkerton is among the people trying to help him out.

Tessa Blanchard Vignette - She talks about her heritage and her history wrestling. She talks about being one of the first women to wrestle in a televised match in China. She brags a lot and then says she's going for the title. Overall good and perfect for her gimmick.

Eli Drake & Scott Steiner Interview - From this angle, Drake actually looks bigger than Steiner. Drake talks about his match tonight telling Aries that there is a new belt collector in town once he wins the World title tonight. Steiner said he had his back tonight, Drake told him he had to do this by himself. It almost felt like Drake insulted Steiner.

X-Division Championship No 1 Contendership Match
Drago vs Aerostar vs Hijo del Fantasma vs Taiji Ishimori - 7/10
Match was going great, kinda sped up, but then Aerostar took a bad spill to the outside, and at least when it involved him, he seemed a bit out of it, but he did recuperate as the match went on. Ishimori vs Drago made for a really good pairing. Match was all action between all four men, we got a point where everyone did dives, then they all started to go for their finishers and pins getting some near falls. Finish saw Fantasma pin Aerostar with the Thrill of the Kill, no wonder Fantasma was extra motivated tonight. Overall a good match

Eddie Edwards Goes to the Officials - Callihan was already fired, but Eddie gets them to reverse that decision, they tell Eddie that they won't, but whatever happens between Eddie and Callihan CAN'T happen in the Impact Zone. This feels like there is a missing chapter between the hospital and this coming whatever match that goes on, but they may bring up that Callihan conversation with Alisha again.

From House of Hardcore
Kongo Kong w/Jimmy Jacobs vs Moose - 3.5/10
Kong dominated most of the match just with size, Moose played out the never giving up babyface that made a comeback with a hurting back. Match ended when Jimmy Jacobs hit Moose with a chair when Moose was close to finishing Kong off. Kong attacked Moose when Moose went after Jacobs, but Moose made one last comeback and got rid off Kongo when Jacobs stopped him. Shitty match and shittier finish.

KM and Bahh Talk - KM is gonna train Bahh, so he's making him run all over the place while KM is eating a lot. I'm guessing this may lead to KM getting fat and Bahh getting in shape. KM is actually a good motivator.

From Pro Wrestling Noah
"The Machine" Brian Cage vs Takashi Sugiura - Unratable.
Well this was an awesome surprise. We joined the match half way through, so I can't properly rate it, but we got a good 5-6 minutes out of it leading into the finish. This seemed like a hell of a hoss fight. This was an interesting match to show since in Japan, Cage is not the unbeatable monster that Impact is building, so we did get to see Sugiura getting a lot of offense on Cage, but smartly enough, they fetched a match from early April where Cage actually defeated the not-yet-champion Sugiura.

GWN Match of the Week - This week it's the Ultimate X with Suicide, Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, and the MCMGs. This was the time that Lethal and Creed were a team. This is the second Ultimate X they show, they have to be building towards Destination X soon. The finish to this match was one of the best Ultimate X finishes we ever got.

Allie - Awesome little movie. Allie is looking at herself in the mirror remembering what happened last week with Rosemary. She's kinda affected that she saw her friend get put in a coffin. Someone knocks at her door and when she opens, there is only a voodoo doll there with a note. Allie starts twitching like she is being possessed.

Impact Wrestling World Championship Match
Eli Drake vs Pentagon Jr (C) - 6.5/10
Match saw Pentagon dominate Drake thanks to his style, but Drake was strong enough to get out of some moves, like getting his arm broken early on in the match. Pentagon hit the Penta Driver for the win in what i felt was out of nowhere. The match was well wrestled, but it was too short IMO to get into second gear, especially if this was the big Drake cash in. Austin Aries was watching the match from the back.

At this point, I think Pentagon needs some in between big matches with some smaller guys to show off more of what he can do and if possible, some vignettes or promos. Fans already like him, but he feels really out of place right now.

A good show with an underwhelming main event. We had up and down wrestling all around, everything with the smaller guys was great, but then that Moose match and the main event were really underwhelming. Storylinewise, i liked this show, everything feels settled from the PPV and we're getting into the new chapters.

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