Impact Wrestling 5.3 Review: Rosemary vs Su Yung

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Impact Wrestling 5.3 Review: Rosemary vs Su Yung

Post by cero2k » May 6th, '18, 17:10

Impact Wrestling
May 3, 2018
Orlando, Fl

ELi Drake Promo - Drake pretty much continues the promo he was cutting last week until Aries and Pentagon interrupted him. Drake this time does say that he is challenging Penta next week. Pentagon comes out and faces off with Pentagon, making the challenge official. I loved that this wasn't a MITB surprise cash in.

Kiera Hogan Interview - Kiera is cutting a promo on getting her rematch with Taya. Tessa Blanchard interrupted her and talked shit to Kiera with a comment that came off a bit racist.

Joseph Park and Grado Reunite - Grado is back and he has a girlfriend. Aries came into the scene and tried to talk his way into being recognized the world champion. If anything, this just helped tell us that Grado is back.

Ohio Versus Everything vs KM and Fallah Bahh - 4/10
As promised last week, KM and Bahh are teaming, but come on! vs OVE of all people? This was somewhat of a comedy match until OVE got serious and kicked both KM and Bahh's ass.

Post-match - KM took the loss well and shook Bahh's hand.

Moose Interview - Moose says he'll be champion this year. Jimmy Jacobs interrupted saying why would Moose would call himself Mr Impact if the last person called Impact ended with a broken face. Jacobs says that he wants Moose to meet the Monster. Moose vs Kong for next week.

Taya Valkyrie vs Kiera Hogan - No rating, good segment.
Match was quickly interrupted by Tessa who came out to distract the match, but after Kiera went after her, Tessa just killed Kiera ending with a Hammerlock into a DDT. Before Tessa came out, we just saw Taya be dominant for a bit and Kiera making a comeback when Tessa came out. Tessa looked great.

Brian Cage Vignette - Good compilation of the machine.

From World Series Wrestling in Australia
Brian Cage vs Mick Moretti vs Slex vs Brodie Marshall - 6.5/10
Marshall and Moretti were somewhat impressive, Moretti I think is a comedy wrestler, or at least that's the impression I got. This match was really all about making Cage look good, even when Flex got some good offense in. Callis and Matthews said that Cage was allowing some of these guys get offense on him to 'test himself out' and get a work out. Cage won with the Drill Claw on Slex. Good short little match.

Lucha Libre Rules
Drago, Aerostar, & El Hijo del Fantasma vs DJZ, Andrew Everette, & Dezmond Xavier - 7.5/10
Aerostar tonight looks like Vampiro's new disciple, DARK Aerostar. Heavy action packed match, sometimes fast paced, but sometimes it would slow down and turn into a Mexican submission spectacle. There were several multi-man spots, triple pins, submissions, and the flying maneuvers were spot on, beautifully executed. Tons of near falls, DJZ pinned Aerostar after a top rope ZDT for the win. Awesome fun match, got good time and everyone shone. This was better than their Impact vs LU match.

Post-match - Sportsmanship. They all shook hands

Drake and Aries Meet - Aries wishes Drake good luck on his match, he says he's rooting for him since he knows he can beat Drake and get 'his' title back.

The GWN Match of the Week: We got Ultimate X with Kenny King, Zema Ion, Sonjay Dutt, and Scorpio Sky, so I really can't complain.

Bahh and KM Talk Backstage - KM tells Bahh to not worry about what happen tonight, KM told Bahh he is gonna help him train, dress, everything and make him cool. Meanwhile in the back, we see a girl running to a corner where she found a person taken out with the X-Men logo.

Josh ran down matches for next week, but they kinda fucked up showing that there is an X-Division No 1 Contendership match including Ishimori who is challenging for the title tonight, without saying that Sydal could be in the match if he loses tonight. Among the other matches, Penta vs Drake for the title and LAX vs Z&E (new team with DJZ and Everettt).

Eddie gets out off jail - So last week when Eddie attacked Callihan in the hospital, he got arrested. We get footage from last week when Dreamer went to pick him up from jail. Eddie seemed a lot calmer.

Impact X-Division Championship Match
Taiji Ishimori vs "Reborn" Matt Sydal (C) - 7.5/10
Great back and forward match, Sydal worked over Ishimori's legs, so when Ishimori was coming close to finishing off Sydal he couldn't capitalize on a foot stomp nor land the 450, giving Sydal enough time to cut him off and land the Here It Is Driver.

Eddie and Dreamer Talk - Dreamer talks to Eddie about getting hooked up on beating someone since he knows what it means about trying to beat someone. Eddie kinda blows him off.

Allie and Rosemary Talk - Allie tells Rosemary that she's got her back out there, Rosemary tells her to stay away and promise them that she'll let Rosemary take on Yung by herself.

LAX Promo - LAX's business are all going down, they've lost the titles and everything else, they don't know what happened to Homicide and Konnan, they don't know what's going on. Next they rebuild by taking out Z&E.

Su Yung vs Rosemary - No rating, Great segment.
Match started outside when Su Yung ran up the ramp during Rosemary's entrance. Quickly, Su Yung took out Rosemary with the Panic Switch outside the ring. Yung called out her Bridesmaids, who brought out Yung's coffin where she was going to lock Rosemary in, but Allie broke her promise and saved Rosemary.

Rosemary told Allie to leave, but Allie wouldn't. Yung commanded the Bridesmaids to hold off Allie while Rosemary made a comeback against Yung. Rosemary chased down Yung, but hit her with her own mist and a Panic Switch off the stage! Allie could only watch as Yung killed Rosemary. Yung buried Rosemary in the coffin.

Awesome angle, it's really nice to see an angle like this with the women close the show. I love that Yung came in with her small little stable of minions, it really gives her an edge of dangerous that otherwise she wouldn't have simply because she's smaller than everyone else and we already have an 'undead' character.

Good show by Impact, two great matches and a really great angle to close the show. We got some development with other stories too, quick developments that gave us an update, but didn't overwhelm the show with tons of segments.

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