Impact Wrestling 4.26: The Era of Cero Miedo Begins

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Impact Wrestling 4.26: The Era of Cero Miedo Begins

Post by cero2k » Apr 27th, '18, 14:21

Impact Wrestling
April 26, 2018
Orlando, Fl

Great video recap of the Redemption PPV. Don Callis is back in commentary again along with Josh. Tonight's main event is Big Bad Gravy Daddy defending the newly won titles against LAX. We also get Taya vs Allie for the title after Taya won at Redemption.

Show starts with Austin Aries and the roster sitting down on the stands, Aries has indeed a broken arm and he is here to address the locker room. Among them I see Grado is back, the refs are here, Everette is back, Zachary Wentz is here(!!)

Aries comes off (to me) as a delusional heel saying that everyone is concerned because he lost his title, which they should since Pentagon is not signed, but then again, neither was Aries. Aries does make it seem like he is here to stay with Impact and says that he has a back up in the Grand Championship and he'll make that title the main title now. He starts giving reasons why he lost, dudes that were not signed, brothers, 2-on-1, etc.

Moose eventually interrupts Aries saying that for a man that says he doesn't make a lot of excuses, he's making way too many now. Moose takes off and it causes everyone else to leave. Aries kinda makes it seem like he let them go to catering. Aries has gone heel.

"The Machine" Brian Cage vs Trevor Lee w/Caleb Konley - Squash
Callis says that Caleb needs to get the official Management license if he wants to be out here with Lee. Cage dominated initlally, Lee changed it thanks to interference of Caleb, he got heat on him for a bit, but Cage turned it back again and won with the Drill Claw. Lee had some offense, but not enough to not call this a squash.

Eddie Edwards arrives to the Impact Zone - Dreamer stops him, Eddie is still all crazy, Dreamer tells him to go with his wife, Eddie answers that OVE is here, he has to be here. Edwards is definitely off in the head.

Eddie comes out to the ring. He says that he put Callihan in the hospital, but his work is not done until the Crist brothers end up in the hospital too. He says that if OVE doesn't come out, he's gonna drive to Dayton and put both their wives in the ECU. Babyfaces (to me) OVE come out to defend their wives.

They start brawling, but the numbers game overwhelm Eddie for a while, but his deranged fury brings him back on top, he grabs a Kendo stick, but then on the screen, we get an IT video of Callihan in Alisha's room with a pair of scissors. Alisha's acting was bad, Callihan looks like shit, he says he wants to talk. Eddie runs away to the hospital. I was gonna ask why Eddie allowed for his wife to stay in the same hospital as Callihan, but I guess that works out with the whole deranged thing. I really hope this is just an angle leading into phase two of whatever Eddie is going through, but I really hope we don't get more OVE vs Edwards.

Redemption Main Event Recap - Good video.

DJZ Return Vignette - Great story!

Braxton Sutter vs Moose - 6.5/10
Sutter was about to cut a promo when Moose's song interrupted him. He was probably gonna ask someone to marry him. Match was slightly back and forward, but overall all about Moose, who won with a Spear. It was short and puts some momentum on Moose. It's his birthday too apparently.

Post-match - He cuts a promo on Pentagon saying that he's coming for the title. He was trying to be mean Moose, so when the fans chanted 'happy birthday' at him, he just cut them off coming off as a dick. Not even a thank you!

Matt Sydal Interview - Sydal is done with Josh. He says that one one is taking the title away from him, I think we're getting Sydal vs Ishimori next week. Suddenly we get pleas of help. Camera goes to the back and there's some random dude laying on the floor dead, with a card with an X on it. The X-Men are coming!

LAX Promo - Ortiz is worried sick. Santana is all serious, he's suspicions of Homicide, he doesn't trust anyone. Ortiz is telling him they need to focus on the titles, but Santana can't focus. They argue, but Ortiz reiterates that step one is getting the titles back. Great acting by both, I really hope that they're not breaking them up.

Impact Knockout's Championship Match
Taya Valkyrie vs Allie (C) - 5.5/10
Aliie is all playfull, so Taya just jumps her. Taya had control over Allie for a while, Allie made a comeback, but only to go back and forward with Taya. Valkyrie started closing in on the Road to Valhalla, dodging the BSKE, but at the end, Allie was able to hit one and a codebreaker to put Taya down for the 3 count.

Post-match - The lights went out and we got a Halloween song, some dead people brought down a coffin to the ringside, they're all painted as Su Yung. Lights went out again and from behind Allie appeared Su Yung, who jumped the champ and dropped her with Pedigree drapped on the ropes. Lights went out again and Rosemary was in the ring facing off with Yung. Crowd went crazy for the face-off. Lights went off again and Yung was gone, fans didn't like that they didn't fight, but the Rosemary chants kept going. Good angle, but it really made Rosemary look like a much bigger deal than the Champ.

Fallah Bahh Meets KM - KM asks Bahh for forgiveness, Bahh doesn't believe him, but KM tells him that they have a tag match next week to prove he has turned his way. At least we got a match for next week.

Eddie Arrives at the Hospital - He meets with Alisha crazy about where Callihan is. She says that Callihan only wanted to talk, Eddie is pissed off about it, pissed off at Alisha actually, I think he said 'Fuck You' at Alisha. He runs out, finds Callihan's room and attacks him. Eddie is fucking deranged.

Kong vs Impact Vignette - okay, just a recap of the story with Jacobs narrating.

Impact World Tag Team Championship Match
LAX vs Big Bad Gravy Daddy (C) - 7/10
Steiner cut a promo before the match, pretty much saying the same thing he said on his promo before the match. It took forever for Steiner and Drake to get in the ring once LAX made their entrance.

Match saw an LAX a lot more intense than their PPV match, they're selling being pissed off quite well. LAX had started strong, but due to distractions, Steiner and Drake quickly got control over Santana who got worked over for a while. Steiner hit an overhead Belly-to-Belly from the second rope. Eventually, Santana got a desperation kick on Drake, giving him the opening to tag him Ortiz. LAX went crazy over Drake, coming close to the win, but as they go for the 5150, Drake counters mid-air, pinning Santana while Steiner grabs Ortiz's leg. The pin looked kinda bad since Ortiz wasn't that far from the pin. Overall an ok match, slightly better than their PPV match, Steiner did less, but looked better if that makes sense.

Post-match - Drake cut a promo saying that their team is not a fluke or a one time deal. Drake talks about still having the World title shot and puts everyone on notice that if you're thinking of chasing Pentagon, Drake will always be on top of them. This brings out...

Austin Aries says that he's not trying to start trouble since he's injured. He's here saying that his Grand Championship is the 'World Title' since whatever title he holds IS THE world title. Drake kinda rolls his eyes on him. Drake's answer didn't completely dismiss the idea that the Grand Championship is the world title, but to that, the real World Champion came out.

Pentagon jr. is over with the fans, they know the 'cero miedo' deal. Penta didn't say much aside from his catchphrase, but he did speak a bit of English. Drake and Steiner attack both Aries and Penta, who gets rid of them both. Aries and Penta face off with their titles held high, Aries is really delusional that the Grand Championship is at the level, but it seems this will build up to a unification match between both belts. I have no problem with that at all.

It's surreal to watch Pentagon on TV.

Good fallout show, we seem to be already getting hints of the new directions for some people, even all the way to Slammiversary where I would imagine that unification match would take place OR Moose's title shot.

Next week we get Rosemary vs Su Yung, Aerostar/Fantasma/Drago vs Everett/Xavier/DJZ, that KM/Bahh tag match.

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