Impact Wrestling 4.19 Review: Redemption Go Home Show

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Impact Wrestling 4.19 Review: Redemption Go Home Show

Post by cero2k » Apr 22nd, '18, 22:55

Impact Wrestling
April 19, 2018
Orlando, FL

Show started with a recap of the Alberto and Aries Press Conference and altercation (which still feels like a work) and the they gave a good introduction about who Penta and Fenix are, and the match they had. They completely sold that Aries was taken out during the match, which ended without him being involved. Aries cut a shooty promo on Alberto.

Great video, they really made Pentagon seem like a monster to deal with.

Braxton Sutter & Su Yung vs Fallah Bahh & Kiera Hogan - 6.5/10
This match is inter-gender, so men and women do get to fight each other. The heel team worked over Bahh for a while until he made a small comeback and got the tag to Hogan who ran wild a big, taking out Sutter on some occassions, including the Tornado DDT that could had led her to the win if not for Yung who cut her off, dropped her with her Panic Switch for the pin.

Good match for Hogan and Yung, but I felt that Hogan got too much offense on Yung on times, when it was Sutter that should be doing all the selling.

Post-match - Allie came out and attacked Su Yung, but Sutter grabbed Allie letting Su Yung get a cheap shot. They had a small pull apart and stare off.

LAX Promo - They're in the club house. Santana and Ortiz are worried about Steiner, but Konnan calms them down a bit by telling him that he knows him for a long time, he knows he's a wild card, but they're gonna show him that Steiner's time is behind him.

Jimmy Jacobs w/Kongo Kong Interview - Jacobs cut a promo on Johnny using McKenzie as example saying that pretty people always get everything handed to them, but Kong takes it regardless, and tonight, he's gonna take Impact's looks.

OVE vs Eddie Edwards Build Up Video - Good recap of the whole war, this is really all that was left when it comes to a go home show and this match, anything else would require a big violent thing.

KM vs Cage - Squash.
KM cut a promo before Cage made his entrance. KM talked about how he was an innovator and tonight he debuted the 'KM Open Challenge', such innovation. He says that he is calling out true legends like Barry Horowitz, Brooklyn Brawler, and bunch of other jobbers in history. Anyway, out came The Machine called Cage. KM tried to get away from fighting Cage, but Cage grabbed him, brought him back and just kicked his ass all over the ring. He won with an F-5 this time.

If this was it for Cage during this show and it's the end of the tapings, it kinda sucks that Lashley didn't get a better send off other than losing to Cage.

Jacobs/Kong vs Impact Vignette - Jacobs told the story of his relationship with Kongo Kong, a shoot story actually. Jacobs was great.

Kongo Kong w/Jimmy Jacobs vs Johnny 'Gorgeous' Impact - No rating, good segment.
The good part is that they played the story well and kept it short enough to not overexpose Kong, which was the most basic formula, big dude overpowers little dude, little dude uses technique, agility, and speed to fight off the monster. The bad part is that they will eventually need to have a proper fight.

Match saw Impact initially dodge Kong a lot, but at one point Kongo catches him and he started beating him up. Jacobs and Kong then decided that they were gonna work over Impact's face, they killed the ref who tried to stop them (so DQ), and then Kong threw Impact like a long dart into the steel steps that they had set up. Impact was spitting blood like crazy, playing that his teeth and nose were all broken.

Allie vs Su Yung Build Up Video - AWESOME! As soon as the song started, I got soo hyped, they made this feud look like a blood feud.

Sydal vs Williams Build Up Video - Good promos by both men, they brought up their history from back in the early 2000s.

Drake/Steiner vs LAX Build Up Video & Interview - Ok, nothing special since all of this has been build over two promos and a match that was between Drake and Moose. After the video, Drake cut a promo saying that losing the title was just a stepping stone into becoming a double champion. Steiner came out and cut a Steiner promo on Konnan.

Instead of re-writing the whole thing, here is my review from when it originally aired.
From WrestleCon
Pentagon Jr vs Fenix vs Austin Aries - 7.5/10
Match was a three way and we did see Penta and Fenix fight each other here and there, but for a lot of the match, it felt like we were seeing Aries vs Penta and Fenix instead, which kinda led to the finish when they took out Aries and proceeded to fight each other, ending with Pentagon pinning Fenix. Good match, all three men were great, but the match itself was somewhat short.
So this time, the match was called by Dutt/Josh, so this was increasingly better than the first showing, they called the match legit as it being in the past, but they pretended like Dutt hadn't seen it, so they worked on introducing Penta and Fenix, but at the same time reacting to the action. It was a weird mix.

As for my personal experience, I'd would at most push the rating to 8 out of 10. I had the hind sight of knowing that this would build towards a title match, so the little things that Penta and Fenix did, especially taking out Aries, were all hints that I'm hoping get used during the actual title match.

During the match, Matthews straight up did a commercial for Lucha Underground's Season 4 premier. Awesome to see promotions working together AS EQUALS!

Show closed with what I believe will be the opening video of Redemption. It was awesome.

Good good home show, it covered all the big matches for Redemption and 'main evented' with the big match that didn't make it in the card with Impact and Kong. They closed the show by showing what Fenix and Penta can do, and especially what they can do against Aries, so if you didn't know who they were, now you do. This is it Don Callis, time to make or break!

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