Impact Wrestling 4.5 Review: Case vs Case

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Impact Wrestling 4.5 Review: Case vs Case

Post by cero2k » Apr 6th, '18, 13:52

Impact Wrestling
April 5, 2018
Orlando, Fl

Tonight we get Drake and Moose, case vs case, we get a special look at Aries and Patron heading into their Redemption match, and Lashley vs Cage rematch.

Lashley Promo - Lashley said that he is the gatekeeper of Impact and that last week's loss to Cage was just the beginning on Cage's career. He calls out Cage, who comes out, but while posing in the apron, Lashley jumps him from behind.

"Walking Armageddon" Bobby Lashley vs "The Machine" Cage - 6.5/10
Lashley had started with control, but Cage turned it around once again, so Lashley's only resource is to push the ref and low blow Cage into control again. Lashley keeps control for a while, but eventually Cage once again manages to make a comeback. From that point on, both men were just out-powering each other over and over, they're kicking out of each other's moves until Cage hits the Drill Claw to go 2-0 vs Lashley. Good opener.

Allie Calls Out Su Yung - Allie comes down and calls out Su Yung out there for jumping her. She used words like 'ass'.

Allie vs Su Yung - 4/10, but a good segment.
Pissed off Allie attacked Yung before the bell and went crazy over her. Allie was dominating the match until Braxton Sutter came out and tried to distract Allie, but Allie stayed under control. As Allie is about to hit the BSE on Su Yung, Yung grabs her Kendo Stick and takes out Su Yung for the DQ. After the match, Yung kept torturing Allie, choking her with the kendo stick.

Rosemary Promo - I think she challenged Taya to a final match called 'Demon's Dance' Match.

Matt Sydal and Josh Matthews Interview - They blame Austin Aries for Josh losing his title. They promise to be the downfall of Austin Aries and that they'll take out Petey Williams at Redemption. Josh says that next week, he's gonna fight Petey Williams. Namaste! Josh was pretty good.

KM tells Dick Justice he has a match....

KM vs Dick Justice - No rating, good segment.
I don't know what was the point of that little thing before the match. Before they started fighting, KM cut a promo on Justice telling him he was fat, he made several jokes about Richard's size. After a bunch of jokes, he cheap shots Justice. Fallah Bahh comes to the ring for the save and takes out KM, but then The Cult of Lee come down and between all three, they over power the babyfaces. Out comes Tyrus and takes out everyone. Tyrus actually looks to be in great shape.

Tyrus cut a feel good promo about bullying. Fan interaction, and Tyrus kinda introduced his new 'Hulk' catchphrase.

Eli Drake interview - Good promo as always, he says that after tonight, he'll have 3 championships.

Taiji Ishimori vs Johnny Impact - 6.5/10
This was a really spotty flippy shit match, back and forward, but as time went on, they got a bit more intense. Ishimori was coming close to hitting the 450, but Impact dodged and hit the Starship Pain for the win. Commentary really sold it like Ishimori almost had it and it felt like Ishimori may be moving more into the world title scene and not the X-Division. This was a visually beautiful match, everything looked crisp and fluent.

Post-match - Kongo Kong and Jacobs come out to kill Impact's celebration. Jacobs sends Kong to kill Impact, who tries to attack first, but Kong just kills him. Impact makes a comeback and legit takes out Kong with a Twisty Pescado. Jacobs and Kong just walk away. Kong just took that whole Pescado to the face.

The Aries vs Patron Documentary - AWESOME! I'm calling it a documentary because it really felt like that, it told the saga of Alberto being stripped of the title, being 'fired', and how he had to get back to the title scene. It told the story of how Aries came in after being lost in the shuffle and winning the title. It told the story of how Patron and Aries are playing with each other's heads. Both men came off as babyfaces looking to really prove something come Redemption. This was a fantastic video package and interviews. Big match feels out of this video.

Moose Interview - Pretty much the same promo that Drake cut earlier saying that after tonight, they'll be closer to both the world title and tag titles.

Flashback Moment tonight was Kurt Angle vs Jay Lethal. It was during the Black Machismo era, but damn, that was a good match. This is also when Angle was super lean and having great matches with the lesser names of TNA.

Lucha Underground vs Impact Commercial - Good. Nice to see Pentagon and Fenix. They didn't run the card tho.

LAX Promo - Konnan is telling their guys that they need to pay attention to who wins tonight between Moose and Drake. They ran down all the teams that they have defeated since debuting. They really have been dominant. Josh also mentioned that tomorrow, they go against The Mack and Killshot.

World Title Case vs Tag Team Title Case Match
Eli Drake vs Moose - 7/10
There is a girl with a big Moose Sucks sign in front row, that can only tell me that fans are not all plants anymore, no chance a plant would have a sign like that. The match itself was all back and forward, they traded momentum all match with Drake getting heat and Moose making comebacks. Aside from that, nothing really crazy. Finish saw Moose go for the Discus Lariat, but Drake dodged it and Moose ended up taking out the ref. Moose started getting ready to take out Drake, but suddenly, OVE came out, attacked Moose until Eddie came out for the save. Moose took out the Crist brothers while Eddie and Callihan fought off, but in the ring, Drake had the opening on Moose, hitting him with the bat for a near fall. Drake then hit a Gravy Train to finally defeat Moose and earn two contracts. Overall a good match, not amazing for the main event.

If you're asking why did OVE come out, remember that Callihan said he was going to attack all of Eddie's friends and family. Moose had always been Eddie's buddy.

An ok show for Impact, in-ring wise, it felt like we had more segments than matches, and the two big matches we had were good. Storyline wise, it was hit and miss, I loved the stuff with Aries and Patron, and the little things with Sydal, but stuff like the Allie segment or the KM segment were kinda meh. Given the weekend when this show happened, at least I didn't feel like it took time out of me from watching other stuff.

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