Impact Wrestling 3.29 review: Aries vs Sydal!

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Impact Wrestling 3.29 review: Aries vs Sydal!

Post by cero2k » Mar 29th, '18, 13:47

Impact Wrestling
March 29, 2018
Orlando, FL

Sydal andJosh Meet Aries - This is a video from during the week with Aries, Sydal and Josh all meeting in the middle of the parking lot. Sydal talks shit to Aries about Option C, as he wouldn't just give up the X-Division title. Aries defending the idea offers Sydal a title shot, making it a title vs title shot, but for Josh's Grand Championship. Sydal accepts. BIG ANGLE! Sydal vs Aries GenNext Style!

Petey Williams vs Taiji Ishimori vs Suicide vs Rohit Raju - 7/10
This was really action packed, lots of those multiple men spots from old school X-Division matches. Ishimori wasn't in for a lot of the match, but when he was in there, he was amazing, a step above everyone else. There was a lot of build up towards the Canadian Destroyer, which at the end Petey landed on Suicide for the win. This was a great opener!

Post-match - Petey is cashing in his briefcase for the X-Division at the REDEMPTION PPV. Sydal vs Petey!

Eli Drake Interview - McKenzie asks about the tag title shot he won. He says he doesn't want a tag team trying to steal his thunder. Mid promo he gets an idea and walks away. Good stuff.

Eddie Edwards Promo - He travelled to Ohio and will confront OVE.

Su Yung w/Braxton Sutter vs Amber Nova - Squash
Braxton Sutter came out to introduce Su Yung. It's weird that they're pairing up Sutter and Yung, I would imagine there are better options for Sutter's champion and let Su Yung build herself alone towards the inevitable Rosemary feud. This was a 2 minute squash, she won with something like a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Johnny Impact Interview - Impact says that he still wants to go for the title, he puts over the roster saying that in Impact, everyone is going for the title. Jimmy Jacobs then interrupts Impact saying that this is not Jacobs' goal. Jacobs cuts a great little promo hinting that he's gonna throw Kongo Kong at Impact. I hate Kong, but if he can be a good base for Impact, I think these two could have a great Falls Count Anywhere match and have some memorable spots like the now infamous Abyss vs Kurt Angle match years back.

Taya Promo - This happened 'during commercials', Taya is walking down the back cutting a promo on Rosemary, the camera pans out and Rosemary is trailing her. Once Taya is done talking, Rosemary attacks her and they start brawling. Dick Justice made a comedy relief appearance but Taya took her out. At one point Amber Nova was in there and got her ass kicked. Some people tried to break the fight off and Rosemary took them all out with a plancha from the top of the containers. Really cinematic brawl. It was ok.

From Wrestle Pro
KM vs Fallah Bahh - 3/10
Lot of Bahh comedy. KM used his size to get some heat on Bahh, who made a small comeback later. KM won with a pin, feet on the ropes. After the match KM talked shit to Bahh. It was a all a waste of time.

Lashley vs Cage Video - Good stuff.

"Walking Armageddon" Bobby Lashley vs "The Machine" Brian Cage - 7/10
It's unfortunate that Lashley couldn't stay with Impact until Redemption where this match would had been a big deal, especially as a way to write off Lashley. The story of the match was that both men are almost ALMOST equals, they were countering everything, one upping each other constantly, but Cage was shown having the upper hand sometimes.

At one point, Lashley did have the upper hand over Cage for a bit, but it turned around quickly enough and they kept going back and forward. That whole thing happened twice, at which point I felt the match had gone too long for it's own good. The match was still well wrestled and all, but these doing the Behemoth match showing off how equal they are, didn't need to go that long. Cage won via Discus Lariat kinda out of nowhere. Great match, but a bit too long for my taste.

Allie and Gail Kim Meet - Allie asks Gail Kim for advice on how to handle Sutter and Su Yung. Gail Kim tells Allie to stand up to her. It's soo weird that Gail Kim is still hanging out in the Impact Zone, first Van Ness and now Kim, are knockouts not allowed to leave!? If Kim is gonna stay with Impact, they may as well find some Authority character for her.

The GWN Match this week is the Ultimate X Match between Sabin, Styles, and Petey, probably still my favorite Ultimate X match to day.

Drake meets Moose - Drake offers Moose to trade saying that if he wins his, he has two belts instead getting only one belt with his. Amazing! Moose blows Drake off, he challenges Drake on a case vs case match with both cases on the line. Given what happened last year between Drake and Grado, I'd be worried about being close to Drake and my case.

Eddie Edwards Invades Rockstar PRO - We see Eddie coming in to the venue, punching everyone, asking for Callihan. Eddie grabs a kendo stick and heads to the ring. He takes out half a dozen of guys until Callihan comes out, they start brawling, but Crist bros help out Callihan. They're gonna hit him with the bat again, but Eddie fights them off, grabs the bat and as he is finally getting the upper hand, Callihan gets him by the eye. This time Callihan does connect with the bat again. They take him out with a piledriver and celebrate over his dead body.

Since they're in Ohio, all the fans are completely behind OVE, which made me feel worse for Eddie. Post beatdown, Callihan cut a promo saying that next time, it's them who are coming to Eddie's house. I hate to see this feud without the possibility of a Wolve's reunion.

Matt Sydal vs Austin Aries Video - Great interviews from both men. It kinda sucks being so excited about this two feuding while I know that Aries vs Patron is still the thing being built towards Redemption.

Title for Title Match
Impact World Champion Austin Aries vs Impact Grand Champion "Reborn" Matt Sydal w/Josh Matthews - 8.5/10
There are 6 Championship belts in the ring right now. As the match starts, we get a split screen with Patron eating steak watching the match.

Match saw both men be equal to each other. They both worked each other's legs and kept it clean. As they're going back and forward, Sydal started getting frustrated that he couldn't put down Aries, and so we started to see a more aggressive side of Sydal, which goes against Sydal's preaching. As we're getting close to the finish, Aries finds himself with an opening to hit a Tope Suicide on Sydal, but Josh finally gets involved holding Aries' leg, the distraction, and while this doesn't lead to anything really, Josh at this point gets involved more and more until Petey Williams comes out to prevent Josh's involvement. Finish saw Aries dodge the SSP and hit the brainbuster for the clean win as Petey is holding off Josh outside.

Awesome match. Crowd was kinda quiet, i'm guessing this is the closing of one of the days, and in commentary, we only had Sonjay, which was better doing commentary by himself, but it still gives the match a lower level of volume.

This was a great fucking show. Super packed with great wrestling top to bottom. Storylines took a step forward and we're starting to get a clearer direction towards the Redemption PPV.

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