Impact Wrestling 3.22 Review: Feast or Fired Reveals

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Impact Wrestling 3.22 Review: Feast or Fired Reveals

Post by cero2k » Mar 27th, '18, 09:38

Impact Wrestling
March 22, 2018
Orlando, FL

Alberto El Patron & Austin Aries Face Off - Great! Patron says that he is ready to fight and he finally got what he wanted, a real champion to challenge. He immediately calls out Austin Aries. Total babyface performance by Patron, from the point he came down the ramp shaking hands to his fired up promo.

Austin comes out and calls out Patron on all his bullshit, we all know he's pretending and hiding the real person he really is. Patron says that Aries needs to prove he is the real champion by defeating him, and Patron himself needs to get his redemption. They go back and forward a bit, Patron storms off, Aries asks to play Patron's music since he is not winning and this is the last time he'll hear his music play last. Patron and Aries were awesome. Patron was 100% babyface if you ask me.

Trevor Lee w/Caleb Konley vs Fallah Bahh - 4.5/10
Usual Fallah match with him using his weight and power to dominate the match, but in this case, it was Caleb's presence that was helping Trevor get the upper hand on Bahh. Finish saw Lee distract the ref allowing Caleb to hit a backfist on Bahh, and Lee rolling him up for the pin.

OVE Stalking Alisha Edwards - We see the stupid Callihan camera following Alisha around a hotel, the only redeeming thing about this whole thing is that they showed the Impact Zone with McKenzie seeing this video in one of the screens and immediately telling Eddie about it. Eddie runs out towards the hotel.

Petey Williams Interview - Good. He talks about winning ForF once and winning the X-Division championship, so now he intends to do it again.

Rohit Raju vs "Reborn" Matt Sydal w/Josh Matthews - 7/10
Sydal changed his awesome song, he's also coming out with his mask. On commentary Sonjay Dutt is with good reasoning, pissed off at Josh that he lied to him for months as they asked each other who Sydal's adviser was.

Match saw Sydal have most of the offense, but as the match progressed, Raju had more and more offense and counters to Sydal. Finish saw Sydal take the win via SSP. Match got a good amount of time. Dutt was on commentary alone, so it felt like a really quiet match.

Moose Interview - Moose pretty much buries the X-Division and Tag titles saying he doesn't care about them. He promises he'll be champ this year.

Eli Drake Interview - He says that he has been fired of every job he's had, so he's not scared of getting the pink slip, he's all about getting that World Title shot.

Impact Wrestling Knockout's Championship Match
Sienna vs Allie (C) - 3/10
Kinda feels like there should had been a proper 'return' other than just randomly coming out for a title shot. Match started with Sienna jumping Allie, but the champ turned it around really quick. They kinda started going back and forward from there on, and I say kinda because they got really slow spending a lot of time selling. Allie won with a superkick. Pretty bad match, unless Sienna is gone from the company, they should have saved her for a bigger match.

Post-match - Braxton Sutter came out again asking for Allie's forgiveness. While saying pretty things, he botches and calls Allie "Laurel". Sutter proposes to Allie, and while he does it, behind Allie rises "The Undead Bride" Su Yung!! She takes out Allie. Sutter doesn't do shit other than clap. Crowd doesn't know how to react, there is a face painted dead girl that killed their champ. Commentary sold Yung as a huge threat from the indies.

ECIII Interview - AWESOME! ECIII's briefcase is the number 3, so he's all about how it's destiny and how this is the calling that he will become a 3 time champ. But every 10 seconds while trying to talk, people walk in front of the camera saying, 'I hope he gets fired', slowly killing ECIII's motivation.

Eddie Edwards Thriller Movie - So we get Eddie running to the hotel room, when he gets there, Callihan is nowhere to be seen, he just see the cleaning lady that supposedly had allowed Callihan into the room, that I honestly didn't even pay attention to. Once making sure that Callihan is not in the room and Alisha is ok, Eddie is taking off and suddenly the the cleaning lady looks buffer, turns around and it's Callihan in drag. Eddie and Callihan brawl, and I think we are let to believe that OVE was there too. Alisha stops them saying she called the cops. Good cinematic way to have Eddie involved without him actually fighting, but the OVE camera is getting annoying.

Monster's Ball
Kongo Kong w/Jimmy Jacobs vs Abyss w/Father James Mitchell - 3.5/10
We've finally come to this match, it seems like it took forever. Abyss was doing everything possible to make Kong look strong. There was a lot of brawling and stalling here. We saw the tacks come out early, and when Abyss was about to drop Jacobs on them, Kong saved him and dropped Abyss with a chokeslam. Abyss then hit Kong with a powerbomb through a table for a near fall. Janice came out, Kongo countered, dropped Abyss with another chokeslam on a barbwire board and hit a top rope splash for the win. This match sucked ass. We supposedly now have a 'new monsters'. I mean, the old monster wasn't very good anymore, but the new replacement ain't that good either.

Feast Or Fired Reveal - Borash is proceeding this segment. They're going numerical order. Drake goes first, he gets the Tag Team championship match, he is disgusted, he doesn't even have Adonis anymore. Petey Williams goes next, as expected, he gets the X-Division shot. Last two are ECIII and Moose. Borash makes a countdown, but Moose opens before he's done and reveals the world title shot, ECIII hasn't even opened his briefcase and is just frozen.

Moose says he'll be a champion this year and takes off. ECIII is still frozen, fans starting to chant the goodbye song. ECIII pretends that he didn't win the match last week, that Ishimori won it. ECIII says that there is no man, woman, animal, god, etc that will make him open his case. Borash opens it and ECIII is officially fired from Impact Wrestling, now to go reunite with his auntie Dixie where all the Impact rejects go (AKA NXT).

ECIII cuts one final great promo, fans are chanting for ECIII, who is starting to lose it. He gets it back together and tries to get himself over the company one last time. Before taking off, ECIII kills Borash. Good riddance, but that only brings out Cage who kills ECIII. I really hope NXT appreciates the talent they have in their hands.

OVERALL THOUGHTS - Mostly a bad episode, the wrestling wasn't good and aside from Su Yung's debut and the ForF stuff, there wasn't much storyline developments going on. It also feels really underwhelming for this to be ECIII's end.

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