Impact Wrestling 3.15 Review: Feast or Fired

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Impact Wrestling 3.15 Review: Feast or Fired

Post by cero2k » Mar 16th, '18, 16:59

Impact Wrestling
March 15, 2018
Orlando, FL

Tonight we get Feast or Fired, show starts with all the dudes in it and JB making his comeback to introduce it.

Sami Callihan w/OVE vs Fallah Bahh - 4.5/10
Sami is vicious, but Bahh is heavy and strong, and so Sami can't just manhandle him, unfortunately for Sami's new vicious persona, Bahh's offense is somewhat comedic looking, and so selling for him doesn't do much for Callihan. Sami did eventually get the better of Bahh and kick his ass, but not before Bahh got one or two decent near falls. Sami won with a DVD

Post-match - As Bahh is leaving, they pull him back and they're about to do the same spot that broke Eddie Edwards, but Eddie himself comes out, black eye and all, holding a pipe and defends Bahh.

During this match, Josh and Dutt said that Pentagon and Fenix are coming to the Impact vs LU show.

The GWN match tonight was an old Feast or Fired, which is bad because we're getting another later tonight, but good because they explain what's the deal about it. They should have shown this last week instead. Good news is that I got to watch MCMG, Lethal, Rave, and Curry Man.

Austin Aries Sitdown Interview - Amazing! McKenzie is conducting the interview. Aries talked about his book, but was interrupted by Alberto El Patron and pretty much tells McKenzie to fuck off.

Patron, in the most polite way, welcomes Aries and tells Aries that this his house and wants to give him a present, a huge ass piece of steak. The antagonize each other perfectly with steak and bananas. Alberto keeps trying to shove meat down Aries' face until Aries snaps. The chemistry between them was magical.

Allie and Hogan backstage - Hogan congratulates Allie, but they're interrupted by Braxton Sutter, he's trying to get back together with Allie. Allie blows him off.

Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong Promo - Same promo saying he'll unleash his monster unless Abyss shows up. He calls him out. Fans chant for Abyss. And suddenly....James Mitchell returns.

Mitchell tells Jacobs he's been following his career for a while, he says that in a way, Mitchell and Jacobs have a lot in common. Mitchell warns Jacobs to not play with monsters, because as Mitchell knows very well, pushing monsters to the limit does things to such monster's mind (Abyss and Parks' personality split), and at the end, one ends with nothing.

Mitchell thanks Jacobs however, because his constant pushing of Parks, Jacobs gave back to Mitchell what was once his, Abyss returns. Abyss and Kong brawl with Abyss getting the upper hand. Abyss's attire looks really neon, it's all black, but with really bright blue. Not monster at all

Mitchell challenges Jacobs and Kong to a Monster's Ball next week.

Rosemary vs Taya Video - Good. There's not much to it, but it's a good video overall.

Taya Valkyrie vs Rosemary - 5/10
This was more of a fight and one of the first spots was Rosemary almost piledrive herself from the apron to the floor. Match saw Taya have a lot of control due to her strength, but she kept getting distracted with the fans, giving Rosemary chances to make a comeback. Finish saw both women brawl to the outside and keep fighting for a double countout. They kept fighting for a while until Taya hit the Road to Valhalla on the ramp. Given the finish, I would had gone with it earlier.

Eli Drake Backstage - He's trying to make a call to Adonis, he's trying to get Adonis to help him win Feast or Fired, but Adonis doesn't want to risk getting fired, so he won't show. Drake tells him to fuck off then.

ECIII Interview - This is the promo of a man on his way out, he was just rambling about seeing the future and every time a heel can see the future, it tends to go the other way.

Lashley and Cage Meet Before the Show - Lashley is not a fan of people saying that Cage 'saved' him and challenges Cage to a fight. Cage blows him off again.

LAX Promo - They're happy that everything is going their way. Homicide returns with a briefcase full of money and they joke around. It's nice to see the thugs having fun. They say that they're keeping their eyes on who gets the tag title shot at ForF.

"Reborn" Matt Sydal introduces his Spiritual Guide - He builds it up and his guide is.....Josh Fucking Matthews! In the words of Sonjay Dutt, "You have to be kidding me". Dutt starts going crazy on commentary by himself. Fans chant 'Fire Josh'.

Josh cuts a promo and tells the promo to center their chi. Sydal feels it. Josh introduces a gift for Sydal, a spirit animal mask. Sydal in return, offers Josh the Grand Championship so they can both be champions.

This was weird, fans didn't really know how to react. Josh and Sydal played their parts well, Dutt did as well, but it was weird. If anything, last year a lot of people thought that Josh could be a good manager, so let's see where this goes.

Feast or Fired Match
Eli Drake vs Ethan Carter III vs Tyrus vs Petey Williams vs Moose vs Trevor Lee vs Caleb Konley vs Hakim Zane's new name vs Taiji Ishimori vs KM - 6/10
We have 10 dudes in the ring, so at first the match was just a bunch of guys pushing each other a la Battle Royal. As the match progressed, people started to leave the ring to allow some pairings to take place. Moose vs Drake, Tyrus vs ECIII, CoL vs Ishimori, all the X-Division guys at one point.

Petey Williams was the first to get a case when he hit the Canadian Destroyer on Caleb. Moose grabs the second one as he takes out ECIII out of the ring via dropkick in the corner. ECIII captures the third as he low blows Tyrus in the turnbuckle and steps over him to reach the case. Last case saw Eli Drake literally take out everyone that was left in the match to legit deserve the final case.

Match wise, the match wasn't all that amazing, but overall good on how they got to each of the case winners. Cases get opened next week.

I'd say a good follow up to Crossroads with a slightly cleared direction for some people. Given the winners, I think Feast or Fired this year has potential to build some good rivalries going forward, and talking about rivalries, go watch that Patron/Aries segment. Wrestling wise, this show was limited, but I give it a break since story progression was big.

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