Impact Wrestling 2.22 Review: Carter vs Impact

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Impact Wrestling 2.22 Review: Carter vs Impact

Post by cero2k » Feb 23rd, '18, 11:43

Impact Wrestling
February 22, 2018
Orlando, FL

Show starts with Josh hyping up ECIII vs Impact. We get footage of everyhing that happened last week, good recap, cuz I wasn't here last week. Looked like a good main event, and while I liked the Tyrus/Drake combination more, I'd down with ECIII.

LAX w/Konnan vs Cult of Lee - 6.5/10
They brawled before the bell rang, once the match started, Ortiz already had control over Lee. They traded control over each other a couple times, Ortiz as the babyface in peril for most of the match. Finish saw LAX getting ready to hit the Doomsday Blockbuster, but Caleb pushed Santana off the corner and Lee rolled up, literally pulling down Ortiz's pants for the win. Pretty good opener and it sets up the tag team championship match between the two.

I'm already loving Sonjay as commentator. A lot of plugs, but they don't sound forced or corporate like your usual broadcasted wrestling shows.

"The Machine" Brian Cage vs Hunter Law - Squash
Cage is starting his "Goldberg" streak, but it seems like he'll also soon start one of those countdown streaks breaking his record over and over. He won with the Drill Claw, which is a Steiner Driver.

Eddie and Lashley Talk Backstage - Eddie is telling Lashley that they need to work together even if he doesn't like him. Eddie sounded terrible.

From Destiny World Wrestling
Impact Grand Championship Match
"Reborn" Matt Sydal vs Petey Williams - Good, but somewhat unratable
The match was show start to finish, but with several cuts, so it's hard to know what they cut out. For the most part, the match looked back and forward, Petey working towards the Destroyer and sharpshooter, which got a good pop from the crowd. Finish saw Sydal reverse the Destroyer into the Dudebuster for the win. Crowd was full of Canadian senior citizens, so they booed Sydal's win.

Post-match - Sydal cut a promo at the end, he read a proclamation from his spiritual guide. He made a challenge to Ishimori's championship, March 8th at Crossrodes. Are we seeing a unification match? I liked that they did the challenge here.

Jimmy Jacobs Backstage promo - Good promo. I hope that Jacobs drops Kong for Cage, an actual monster.

Jimmy Jacobs and Park confrontation - Jacobs keeps calling out Abyss. And then out came Grandma Jenny. Oh fuck...This young looking grandma told Jacobs to stop messing around with her grandson. Grandma Jenny slapped Jacobs, Kongo was gonna eat her and Joseph came out for the save. Park attacked Jacobs, but was destroyed by Kong. Park was just beaten down.

This was bad, like New Day Pancake bad, ok, not AS bad, but bad. Impact hadn't made me feel bad about myself in years. Grandma Jenny looked like a cartoon, but she actually does look like she belongs in the Park family. AFter digesting this, this was so bad that it may actually lead to something.

Matt Sydal Backstage - We just get another promo with Sydal talking on the phone with his guide about the Ishimori challenge. Josh wondered who is he talking to.

From FSW
No DQs Match
Alberto El Patron vs Moose - Unratable too, but this one looked bad
There are deer horn chandeliers in this venue, it be awesome if there was a Moose trophy somewhere and Patron suggested he would do the same to his opponent. They brawled a lot outside the ring, we saw trashcans being used, we saw low blows, Patron mocking Eddie Guerrero of all people, and then Patron won with a Tree of Woe Foot Stomp where Moose couldn't even grab the rope inches away.

Rosemary vs Hania The Huntress Feud Recap - Good.

ECIII and Tyrus Interview - They're acting like goofs, but ECIII cut a good promo.

Ohio Versus Everything w/Sami Callihan vs Bobby Lashley and Eddie Edwards - 5/10
A match that saw Eddie and Lashley have the upper hand on a one-on-one situation, but the numbers game with Callihan kept getting in their way as Eddie's ring was cut in half for most of the match. There was a lot of screaming about this point in the match. Lashley got the hot tag, worked on all of them, some good team work with Eddie before tagging him back in for the BKP for the win. Lashley worked about 1 minute the whole match.

Drake cut a promo over an Aries video - Good promo. I never get tired of Drake promos. He said he's coming for the title.

Impact World Championship No. 1 Contender's Spot On The Line
ECIII w/Tyrus vs Johnny Impact (#1) - 7/10
Really good back and forward match. We got some good spots and some great near falls towards the end. Sonjay and JM sold Starship Pain and the One Percenter as big deals so that when the match was heading home, there was slight anticipation for them. Tyrus would end up getting involved at one point like last week's tag match, but would only lead to a close call. Finish saw Tyrus get involved again, but this time ECIII and Tyrus get in a shoving match, Tyrus walks off, and Carter just came in to the ring to be hit by the Starship Pain for the Johnny Impact win.

After the Tyrus and ECIII promo earlier saying that they had a bad relationship and so they got back together, it should really come to no one's surprise that like any bad relationship forcing each other to be together, it didn't last long.

Post-match - Austin Aries came out and got face to face with Impact. This is gonna be a kickass match.

Good show inside the ring except for those matches taped outside the Impact zone. Storyline wise there wasn't much to talk about, mostly just keeping these feuds warm and building towards Crossroads in two weeks.

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