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Impact Wrestling 2.7 Review: New #1 Contender

Posted: Feb 9th, '18, 10:14
by cero2k
Impact Wrestling
February 7, 2018
Orlando, FL

Show starts with a recap of Austin Aries' return from lasts week. Tonight Moose, ECIII, Patron, and Impact will fight to become the new No 1 Contender.

El Hijo del Fantasma & Rohit Raju vs Taiji Ishimori & "Reborn" Matt Sydal - 6.5/10
Three champions, three promotions, 4 countries, and 4 wrestling styles all represented in the same match. During introductions, Josh and Dutt (on commentary) mentioned the Desi Hit Squad, the new Indian stable debuting. Rohit Raju is the former Hakim Zane by the way.

Match was all babyface action with Ishimori and Sydal being able to cut the ring in half on Rohit. Fantasma got the hot tag, and when I thought they were gonna start bringing it home, they went on about 10 more minutes. Sydal won with the SSP soon after coming close to being pinned by a double team by Raju and Fantasma. Good opener.

During this match, Josh among the commentary asked about a new 'higher power' that Sydal had referenced last week and thanked for winning the title. Last week I thought it was some irrelevant thing, but it seems this may be more than that.

Austin Aries Press Conference - Good promo by Aries but he kept being asked the same stupid question. Important thing here is that Aries is STILL a free agent yet he IS the champion. At the end, Eli Drake confronted him and told him he wants his title back. Rematch happens next week. I hope we get to see more 'press conference' promos like NJPW, but without the bad questions.

At this point Impact wasted 15 minutes in a GWN promo.

Cult of Lee vs TECH - Squash
Dux is still on commentary, i'm guessing Borash is gone. CoL came out 'dressed' as LAX making fun of them. This was a squash with a small hope spot for TECH. Lee mocked LAX all match. Cult of Lee win with a Spike Piledriver.

Post-match - LAX appeared on the OwlTron, Konnan cut a great promo, but kinda quick paced. They pretty much told them they're going to kill them and duck tape their bodies. CoL ran off at the sound of LAX's music.

Allie and Kiera Hogan Meet - Allie tells Hogan that she has her back if anything happened. Allie also has a secret admirer for St. Valentines Day. They'll meet next week. I can see Hogan (man, it's gonna be weird getting accustomed to writing that) becoming a big babyface for the KOs.

Moose Interview - Moose uses his failures in his promo, but he makes a point that I never realized, he has NEVER challenged for the world title, it's all been Grand Championship. He's hungry for gold! I'm suddenly far more invested in Moose getting in the title scene.

Impact KOs Championship Match
Kiera Hogan vs "Hot Mes" Laurel Van Ness (C) - 4.5/10
Maybe it's the glasses, maybe it's the feathered coat, but I really think that Van Ness looks like a champion, at least over Rosemary or Allie, she surely does. Match was really similar to last week's as in Van Ness had control of Hogan for most of the match, but Kiera made a comeback, but ended up falling to a terribly looking Unprettier in a clean loss, setup looked awesome tho. Hogan was a bit green this match.

Post-match - Van Ness attacked Hogan until Allie came out for the save. The babyface promised to have Hogan's back and the babyface had Hogan's back.

OVE Video - They're stalking Lashley. Why would anyone stalk Lashley of all people!?

"Brian Cage" The Machine debuts next week.

ECIII Interview - He plays around with the fact that he already debuted in NXT. He says he's winning. Ok promo.

Jimmy Jacobs Promo - He's pissed that Abyss is STILL not here. He tells Joseph that if he doesn't bring the monster out, he'll bring it out himself

Sydal/Ishimori Promo - Once again, Sydal brings up that new spiritual adviser. Ishimori vs Fanstama happens next week! Oh my god, please tell me that Sydal's spiritual adviser is the same as NWA's Josephus!

OVE Video - This time they actually gang up on Lashley in the parking lot, throw him in on the trunk of his car.

Hania The Huntress vs Amber Nova - Squash
Hania shops at the same store as Prince Puma and Dragon Azteca Jr. Needless to say, she looks awesome. Hania was dominant in this match except for a small hope spot for Nova. Great showing for Hania. It is unfortunate, that as of this writing, the Hania/Impact relationship didn't work out, because she could be an asset to the KOs. No pun intended.

Post-match - Rosemary attacks Hania from behind looking for revenge for the attack weeks ago. Hania runs away as Rosemary is getting ready for the Red Wedding.

Impact World Championship No. 1 Contendership Match
ECIII vs Moose vs Alberto El Patron vs Johnny Impact - 8/10
This is supposed to be a 4-way, but from the get go, ECIII and Patron joined together against Moose and Impact, until Patron's ego attacked ECIII and we finally got a proper 4-way. Around this point in the match, all 4 men started fighting among the fans, Patron got rid of Moose and was checked by doctors while the other three fought off in the other side of the building, once again Patron and ECIII ganging up on Impact until Moose returned with a bad leg, and he's either a great seller or legit injured. Finish saw Patron take out Moose, Impact take out Patron, and as ECIII is gonna hit the One Percenter, Impact counters into a roll up win. Great match, it got slightly slow at the end because of Moose's injury.

At the end of the show Moose is still in the floor and I saw a ref running down to the ramp. I think this is legit.

Really good show, the two matches that mattered were great and we got some storyline developments. Dutt was on commentary replacing Borash, and you know what, this was great, much more enjoyable than Borash actually. Dutt, being a booker, knows what to say and what to hint, he has a great voice, and has actual wrestling experience, not like Josh, who had been covering the 'veteran' spot. I do hope he stays in there beyond tonight.