Impact Wrestling 12.14 Review: New Knockout's Champion Crowned

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Impact Wrestling 12.14 Review: New Knockout's Champion Crowned

Post by cero2k » Dec 21st, '17, 17:07

Impact Wrestling
December 14, 2017
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Episode is built aroud Rosemary vs Van Ness for the title, so that was what the whole intro focused on. Great video package.

4-way Impact Knockouts Championship No 1 Contendership Match
/Sienna vs KC Spinelli vs Madison Rayne vs Allie - 6.5/10
Show is opening crowning a new #1 contender to the title that will be crowned in the main event, surrounding the whole show under one title. This match is two heels, one neutral, and one babyface Allie, and thus they start the show teaming on Allie, but then all the heels betray each other and start fighting each other. Sienna pretty much took on both Rayne and Spinelli for a while until Allie came back in and started kicking everyone's ass. The last minutes of the match were great with some near falls and Allie coming close to the win with the Allie Valley Driver. Finish saw Sienna set up Spinelly to finish her off, but Allie rolled up Sienna from behind for the win. Great Opener.

The Cult of Lee (Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley) vs Taiji Ishimori & Dezmond Xavier - 6.5/10
Babyfaces started strong, but soon after, the Cult of Lee cut off Dezmond and got heat on him for a while. Ishimori came in for the hot tag and they all fought together for a while. Finish saw Ishimori roll up Lee into a package when they were about to kill him with a double team. Ishimori with this should earn a title shot against Lee.

( at this point I wasn't sure if my video was broken and I missed something, I saw the whole Cult of Lee match twice).

Alberto, Petey, and Impact All Meet - They're all tagging tonight versus Drake, Adonis, and a mystery partner. Impact and Patron tease problems, Patron says that accidents happen.

Getting back into the whole KO's title thing, the Flashback Moment of the Week was Gail Kim winning the title for the first time, many years ago, in a female Royal Rumble. Hmmm, those ladies on RAW are sure making history.

Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, and Jimmy Jacobs meet? - Drake and Adonis seem to be doing a deal with Jacobs, maybe he's the mystery partner.

Alberto El Patron, Petey Williams, & Johnny Impact vs Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, & Kongo Kong w/Jimmy Jacobs - 7/10
So the big reveal is that Jimmy Jacobs seems to be managing Kongo Kong now, again being presented as this huge monster, Jacobs actually had a pretty decent introduction that for a second had me thinking it was someone else.

Straight from the start, Patron and Impact were pushing each other. Match saw the heels get control over Petey when Kong got the tag, they kept that heat on him for a while until Adonis accidentally crashed against Kong and the distraction was enough for Petey to make it to the other corner. Impact and Patron kept their little feud to the point where Patron hit the backstabber (appropiate name) on Impact. At this point Patron and Impact are fighting each other, Kongo powerbombed Petey into the crowd and they brawled to the back. In the ring, Drake is down from a previous attack and Patron and Impact are fighting to get the pin, Patron drags Impact to the ramp and DDTs him, getting the pin on Drake, the Global Champ. Those last minutes felt like a clusterfuck, but actually told a great story.

You know, it's not something that I had put a lot of thought into it, but Adonis has really found a nice comfy gimmick being Drake's second, he's been relevant all year and mixing it up with the top guys in Impact. Good for him.

Already announced, Patron gets a title shot on Drake in 3 weeks, first Impact of 2018. Ishimori vs Lee for the title happens on that same night too.

Park, Park, and Park segment - Ethan Page Park is telling Joseph that next year, he is going to become a Professional Wrestler. Joseph Park tries to tell him not to.

ECIII vs Sydal Promo Video - We're having a 3-way now with Bahh in 3 weeks. Sydal actually argued that this fucks up the purity of the Grand Championship rules.

James Storm and Moose Challenge - Moose started his promo saying "ATT is starting to piss me off" to which Storm replied, "AT&T is pissing me off too, my connection sucks". The rest of the promo was just Moose shitting on Lashley.

Lashley came out with Lambert, the fans chanting "Bitch Boy Bobby". Segment quickly turned into Storm challenging Lambert one-on-one. Lambert came back with a great response, but ups the game saying that Storm should put his career on the line. Storm accepts. As Storm is accepting, Lambert spits on Storm, prompting Moose and Lashley to brawl. Storm is about to get his hands on Lambert, but KM comes out and takes the superkick instead.

Impact Knockout's Championship Match
"The Demon Assassin" Rosemary vs "Hot Mess" Laurel Van Ness - 5.5/10
They gave the big match introductions for this match, but between a demon assassin and a hot mess, it was weird since neither felt like a professional competitor. Almost from the start, Van Ness started working on Rosemary's back. Later on Rosemary made a comeback and kinda worked on Van Ness's head. They went on a little bit more until the finish that saw Rosemary and Van Ness on the top rope. The ref tries to get Van Ness away after she is punching someone on the ropes, and in that distraction, Rosemary preps the Red Mist, which she hits, but Van Ness dodges it and puts her hands up, so all the mist landed on her hand, which she rubbed all over Rosemary's eyes, getting an opening to hit the unprettier from the top rope for the lacklusting win.

Konnan and Sami Callihan SIt Down Summit - Shitty that they pretend that the KOs match is the main event, but I guess they saw the finish and realized that it wasn't good enough to actually close a show.

Anyway, these two meet in the street. Konnan wants one last shot at OVE. Sami says that if they give them shot and lose, LAX is gone. Konnan gets real and threatens Sami's Ohio business, including girlfriend Jessika Havok, which probably could kill all LAX together by herself. Sami responds by hitting Konnan with a fireball and saying this ain't business, this is personal, bitch! This really felt like something out of Lucha Underground, mainly for the production value and camera work.

Pretty good show that kinda went down towards the end with the disappointing main event, but hey, 3 weeks from now, the show sounds good.

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