Impact Wrestling 12.7 Review: Lamber Steps In The Ring.

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Impact Wrestling 12.7 Review: Lamber Steps In The Ring.

Post by cero2k » Dec 12th, '17, 11:45

Impact Wrestling
December 7, 2017
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Show starts with Patron cutting a promo on Eli Drake calling him a paper champion and is pissed that he interfered on last week's match. He said he's out to find him and kick his ass. Good little promo.

Show intro had promos by Lambert and Storm hyping their match. ECIII talking shit about Sydal for their match, and Drake, Patron, and Impact talking about the title. Drake was great.

Caleb Konley w/Trevor Lee vs Taiji Ishimori - 7.5/10
Awesome opener, this match got a lot more time than expected. Match started with mat wrestling and slowly sped up and got to the air. Ishimori had to fend off Trevor Lee at times, but Konley was actually great that Lee's involvement was minimal. Konley came close to defeating Ishimori, but he countered and hit the 450 for the win.

Post-match - Lee attacks Ishimori until Dezmond Xavier makes the save.

Knockout Championship First Round 3-way Match
Sienna vs Rosemary vs Allie - 7/10
There was a small story here that Allie was a lot more confident and aggressive here after getting Gail Kim's blessing some weeks back, and it showed, her wrestling was a lot more action packed. We saw several submission attempts including a Cattle Mutilation/Last Chancery combination that Allie and Rosemary locked on Sienna. We got to see every pairing combination play out if even a little ending with Allie going for a codebreaker on Rosemary, but she counters it and set her up for the Red Wedding for the win. Rosemary takes on Hot Mess Van Ness for the title. Pretty good match.

Ohio Versus Everything Promo - They're down in the ring and they have fully turned heel by shitting on Canada and Mexico. Callihan accepts LAX's challenge for another match, but under their rules this time. He shat on Ottawa some more, and suddenly local 'heroes' TDT came out. Fans didn't really react until they started talking French-Canadian. Interesting that OVE of all people would play the 'American' gimmick.

TDT and OVE brawl and TDT actually kicked OVE's ass 2-on-3 until Callihan got a Singapore Cane. They set up an ugly chair contraction with the legs sticking up and they were about to kill one of the TDT guys but LAX came out for the save. Am i living in Bizarro World? Homicide botched a cane shot and the cane went flying into the crowd. Good segment overall, just weird seeing the sides people find themselves at.

Allie and Gail Kim Backstage segment - Allie is disappointed and leaving. Kim stops her and hypes her up. Kim retired two weeks ago and she's still in the Impact Zone. First Laurel Van Nes, and Kim. Is there some vortex stopping wrestlers to leave the IMpact Zone.

KM Kills People - KM is at a gym, he goes in and kicks everyone's ass one by one. It was terrible because he's shouting killing people and people don't react to it until they're next. Fucking stupid.

LAX Promo - Back in the club house. Konnan says that next week Konnan and Callihan have a sit down face off to make de deal for their tag team title rematch. At least that's what I got from Konnan's promo who hides booking under drug trafficking deals.

Eli Drake and Adonis Promo - They're fighting Impact and Petey tonight. Adonis was ok, Drake amazing, and McKenzie, dreamy. Call me crazy, McKenzie Mitchell is better than Rene Young in terms of interviews.

Fallah Bahh is gonna be a judge for this match!? Sure, why not, I wonder if they're trying to start a feud between ECIII and Bahh. If only I was so lucky.

Impact Grand Championship Match
"Reborn" Matt Sydal vs Ethan Carter III (C) - 7/10
ECIII completely dominated the first round beating Sydal up and down, but never went for the pin. ECIII takes the round. Second round was more of a back and forward, but Sydal did end with the upper hand granting him the round. Before the second round was announced, ECIII hit a cheap shot on Sydal and the commentary sold a point-deduction, but I wasn't sure if they took it off on the second or if it would count towards round 3.

Anyway, round 3 was back and forward. Sydal hit all his high spots, ECIII displayed tons of strength. Sydal came close towards the end as he is about to hit the SSP, but ECIII dodges it and times runs out. Judges 1 and 2 called for 10-9 on each wrestler, giving Fallah Bahh the tie breaker, but Bahh gives 10-10 calling the match a draw! Pretty good match, rounds and all.

Park, Park, and Park Commercial - Ethan Page is awesome. "Have you or anybody you love, lost a testicle in an industrial compound accident?" "A good attorney knows the law, but a better attorney knows the judge". This is gold!

Dan Lambert & Bobby Lashley w/ATT vs Bobby Lashley & Moose - 4.5/10
Lashley did all the work inside the ring, but with constant distractions coming from Lambert, Storm and Moose couldn't overcome Lashley enough. Eventually those numbers gained up on Lashley, but after interference from ATT, he gained control again and hit the spear, but not before Lambert tagged himself in and stole the pin on Storm. Not that good of a match, but an awesome step in the story of ATT vs Impact. John Hartnett is really underrated at taking bumps.

Petey Williams and Johnny Impact Interviews - Petey was awesome, Impact was good.

Eli Drake & Chris Adonis vs Johnny Impact & Petey Williams - 7.5/10
Match early on started with the babyfaces on top, but soon after the first commercial, Drake and Adonis were able to cut off Petey Williams and get heat on him for a long while. Impact got the hot tag, ran wild and soon after all 4 men were involved fighting in the ring. Finish saw Petey going for the Destroyer on Drake, but Adonis made the save locking in the Adonis Lock, only to be stopped by Impact, who hit Starship Pain for the clean win.

Post-match - Impact and Williams celebrate their clean win in the ramp while Drake and Adonis are pissed in the ring. Suddenly, Patron attacks Drake from behind, takes the belt and poses with it. This was weird, this made Patron look like a worse heel than Drake, but Impact didn't do anything other than stay in the ramp laughing off with Petey, making him look like a worse babyface than Drake?

Pretty awesome show by Impact, the wrestling was pretty good all around and the segments were useful and nothing dragged. Good acting performances by everyone, and while there is no big show building up to, there is a good direction where most things are going.

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