Impact Wrestling 11.30 Review: Impact vs Patron II

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Impact Wrestling 11.30 Review: Impact vs Patron II

Post by cero2k » Dec 1st, '17, 18:20

Impact Wrestling
November 30, 2017
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Madison Rayne, Sienna, Rosemary, Laurel Van Ness, Allie, and KC Spinelli open the show with Borash announcing the tournament to crown a new KO champ. We also get Impact vs Patron, Callihan in DEFY, Texano vs Storm, Sydal vs Dux, and Ishimori vs Hakim.

Knockout Championship First Round 3-way Match
"Hot Mess" Laurel Van Ness vs KC Spinelli vs Madison Rayne - 5/10
Rayne was the heel and Spinelli the somewhat babyface, Van Ness was a babyface, but a cluts, until Spinelli mocked her and Van Ness got pissed and motivated to get 'serious' and get some offense. They did some 3-women spots towards the end, Spinelli came close to hitting her finisher, but Van Ness reversed it for the win. Big upset, but the commentary sucked as getting excited. Ok match.

Hakim Zane vs Taiji Ishimori - 4.5/10
Hakim actually got some heat on the X-Division champion for a while, Ishimori made a comeback and beat Zane with the 450. Zane looked competent in the ring, but also nothing special. The match was short.

Post-match - The Cult of Lee come out and attack Ishimori. Konley drops Ishimori while Lee poses with the title.

LAX In the Club House - Homicide is gonna take care of Callihan. He also brought a lot of drugs to traffic.

Randy Myers vs Sami Callihan - Unratable
They didn't show the whole match, but it's a great teaser to DEFY coming to the GWN network. DEFY has an amazing look. Callihan won obviously, and they super imposed the OVE song and some Sami chants.

Alberto El Patron Interview - He was calling Impact a 'little kid'. It was an ok promo saying he's gonna kick Impact's ass tonight, but the little kid thing I thought was dumb. After the promo they turn the camera and see KM killing people asking ATT if 'this is enough?'

"Cowboy" James Storm vs Texano - 6.5/10
Before the match, we saw ATT coming to the ring, Lambert saying they have a cowboy to take care of. Storm stared the match on top, Texano turned it around and worked on Storm for a while, they went back and forward for a bit until Texano hit a superkicked and mocked him stealing his hat, but Storm came back hitting the Last Call for the pin.

Post-match - As Storm makes it back up the ramp, ATT comes out, led by Lashley, and attack Storm. Moose came out for the save. Lambert challenges Moose and Storm to a match against Lashley and their secret weapon, Lambert himself. The whole ATT group was like WTF?

Park, Park, and Park Commercial - Ethan Page has made it to Impact, as the third Park in Park, Park, and Park. He was fantastic.

Johnny Impact Interview - Good promo, Impact calling Patron delusional.

Eli Drake Promo - Good, saying he's watching the main event. Jimmy Jacobs was roaming around.

Tyson Dux vs "Reborn" Matt Sydal - 7/10
Pretty great match for the time it got, Sydal won with the SSP. ECIII was on commentary selling how Sydal is a great wrestling, but never wins when it matters as he lacks the killer instinct.

Alberto El Patron vs Johnny Impact - 8/10
This match had the intensity of a grudge match, a 20 minute fight. Overall a back and forward match, but Patron's work of Johnny's left arm did made it seem like Alberto dominated. Alberto was so heel that at one point Josh called him a 'pathetic son of a bitch', right after Patron hit the ref and hit Impact with a low blow, but after all that, Impact would still kick out. Patron kept the torture, he had Impact in the tree of woe for a while, at this point Eli Drake came out and was talking trash to Patron, so Patron attacked him, but it opened a chance for Mundo to do a Starship Pain from the tree of woe position.

Post-match - Drake attacked both Patron and Impact. Impact and Drake kinda fought, but Adonis was out there and they double teamed Impact as Patron ran off. Right before they would give him the final hit, Petey Williams came out from behind the ring and saved Impact attacking both Drake and Adonis. Show ended with Drake taking the Canadian Destroyer.

Good show, it went by fast, the wrestling was ok, the backstage stuff didn't drag or anything and it built the stories. I'm no gonna lie, i'm a bit tired of seeing Impact vs Patron since I think this is like the 3rd promotion I've seen them fight, but I'm really hyped for a 3-way including Drake, and hell, even Petey could be there too.

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