Impact Wrestling 11.6 Review: Eli Drake vs Petey Williams

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Impact Wrestling 11.6 Review: Eli Drake vs Petey Williams

Post by cero2k » Nov 17th, '17, 10:15

Impact Wrestling
November 16, 2016
Ottawa, Ontario, Can.

Intro tells us that Patron and Impact are banned for tonight, ATT and Kim are here, and tonight, Drake defends against Petey Williams + OVE vs LAX.

Trevor Lee, Caleb Konlye, & Taiji Ishimori vs Sonjay Dutt, Dezmond Xavier, & Garza Jr - 6..5/10
It's awesome how we now randomly get guys like Ishimori now. Story of the match is that The Cult of Lee keep bossing around Ishimori and he won't play their dirty game. The heels had the heat on Dutt for a bit, when Garza makes the hot tag they let Ishimori do all the wrestling, and when he had it under control, Konley tagged himself in, just to get his ass kicked and lose to Xavier's Final Flash. Good opener.

Impact Grand Championship
Fallah Bahh vs Ethan Carter III (C) - 6.5/10
I don't know how Bahh got a title shot, but since it's Bahh, i'll let it pass. First round had a lot of comedy with ECIII making fun of Bahh's weight, but then getting his ass kicked thanks to Bahh's size over ECIII since he couldn't lift him up and Bahh just rand wild on him Yokozuna style. Round two saw ECIII learn from his mistakes and target Bahh via strikes this time, and this is how he gain control of the match and earned the second round for himself. Third round saw Bahh make a comeback, Bahh came close to winning, but ECIII puts him down and pins him with the foot on the ropes. A bit of a stupid finish considering there are judges outside seeing this, I guess the ref's decision trumps their judgement.

If Bahh ever makes to a bigger stage like NXT, he's gonna be soo over, his wrestling isn't necessarily good, but he's fun to watch.

Ohio Versus Everything vs LAX w/Konnan - 6.5/10
It's nice to see Homicide actually wrestling this time. They started the match brawling on the outside, they eventually made it back to the ring where OVE worked on Homicide for a while, I'll never really understand who the faces and heels are here, Like I like LAX more so I was ok with this, but I think OVE is supposed to be babyfaces, so I don't know why Homicide of all people would be babyface in peril. They went tornado tag for a while ending with LAX pinning Jake Crist clean with the 5150. Total babyface win, they ran OVE away. Good for how short it was, but it was just a another step in the escalation of this feud.

American Top Team Segment - Lambert comes out alone, cuts an old school promo on Canadians just trashing on them. He is here to address the problem that Impact hasn't given Lashley his release, and so he's here to get it one way or another. As he keeps running his mouth trashing Impact, out comes Moose.

Moose just kinda says the babyface shtick that it took 6 ATT guys to take out 1 Moose and then he's like 'does Canada wanna see Moose kick Lamberts' ass?", but it turns out the rest of ATT was there and gang up on Moose. Out comes James Storm for the save and takes out ATT.

Storm cut a promo about his career, about pro wrestling, about respect, really passionate, but at one point I started wondering where the hell is this going. Great promo, just went a bit too long and the segment stopped there. This segment does seem Impact look bad for not fulfilling Moose's release request since Cornette had already agreed and ATT won their match at BFG.

KM meets ATT - KM wants to joing ATT. Lashley tells him to prove himself.

Eli Drake Interview - Good as always.

Petey Williams Vignette - Awesome.

Allie meets with Gail Kim - meh, just Allie sucking up on Kim. This was followed by a Gail Kim promo video, it was nice.

Gail Kim Announcement Promo - Before Kim starts, Allie comes out, she wanted to be in the ring for this moment. She thanks everyone and relinquishes the title. She has officially 'retired' from Impact.

Joseph Park tries to hang out with people - There's a table with people, among them Grado. Park tries to hang with them, but they all take off except for Grado. Park apologizes to Grado, he acknowledges that he IS Abyss, but he won't see him again. As an apology, he grants Grado his US visa, but sweeeerve...they're in Canada, a Mountie comes and takes Grado away. I knew there had to be a follow up to this, but I don't know what to expect.

Jimmy Jacobs joins the announcing table again

Impact Global Championship Match
"Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams vs Eli Drake (C) w/Chris Adonis - 7.5/10
They're really selling that no one has ever kicked out of Petey's Canadian Destroyer, so if he hits it, he can walk out with the title. Match started with Petey on top, Drake turned it around and worked him for a while, Petey makes a comeback and they go back and forward for the second half of the match. Petey keeps coming closer to hitting the CD and when he does, Eli Drake kicks out! Petey is going for a second, but Drake manages to turn it into a Gravy Train to retain cleanly, no interference from Adonis. Great match and a good defense for Drake.

Good show, tons of wrestling that was good and a great main event. We also had some storyline developments here and there, but none of those chaotic clusterfucks like last week's brawl.

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