Impact Wrestling 11.2 Review: BFG Go Home Show!

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Impact Wrestling 11.2 Review: BFG Go Home Show!

Post by cero2k » Nov 2nd, '17, 18:32

Impact Wrestling
November 2, 2016
Orlando, Fl

We once again seem to have matches from BCW and NOAH, we got a X-Division 6-way, and closing with Impact/OVE vs Drake/LAX.

Taya vs Rosemary Build Up Video - Fucking awesome! I love the song and look it had.

From BCW
Rosermary & Allie vs Sienna & KC Spinelli - 5.5/10
Spinelli was pretty good, i swear that at one point she was supposed to join either Impact or WWE, or maybe it's just my imagination, there's like 100 KC wrestlers out there. Match was ok, heel chicks had the heat on Rosemary for most of the match, Allie with the hot tag on Spinelli. Finish saw Sienna accidentally hit Spinelli, giving Rosemary the opening to take out Sienna and Allie to pin her giving her some momentum towards the title match on sunday.

Moose/Boner vs Lashley/Mo Build Up - Great stuff, they showed interviews by Boner, Mo, some of the other ATT dudes, and one Filthy Tom Lawlor! It's good to see new people doing interviews on this match and not the same Moose and Lambert promos all the time. They did great building this match up.

America's Top Team Promo - The whole team is here, sans Mo. Lambert cuts a promo shitting on Professional Wrestling, it's awesome how he completely shits on pro wrestlers without actually saying it's fake at any point nor take away the legitimacy of their wrestling, he simply just points how the level of fighting of ATT is a whole other level. Lambert fucking dominated the fans, they gave him the What!? chant and he handled them. Nuclear heat!

Grado vs Park Build Up Video - Another story that Impact nailed this run, to think that I'm hyped for a Grado vs Abyss match, a feud without a single match happening. Even if it's a comedy match, you know there's gonna be thumbtacks.

Moose & Yuji Okabayashi vs Katsuhiko Nakajima & Masa Kitamiya - Unratable, looked good.
I've seen little of Kitamira and nothing of Okabayashi, but they seem good. Moose actually looked awesome here, his dropkicks landed beautifully and sounded sick as hell. We actually got to see a lot of the match, but they still had cuts, so I'm not sure how much they cut off. The match was back and forward, it was a Moose showcase match with Okabayashi taking most of the offense, but at the end, it was Okabayashi that got the pin over Kitamiya, while Moose and Nakajima wrestled outside.

LAX and Eli Drake Meet - LAX are playing domino when Adonis and Drake come in. They brought Guacamole. Konnan and LAX are not happy they're there. Drake and Konnan talk about tonight's match, they're working together to take out OVE and Impact, but Konnan makes it perfectly clear, this is a one night thing, because after sunday, they're coming for the world title. Konnan was great, Drake held his own.

OVE vs LAX Build Up Video - Good stuff, OVE has been good, but LAX has been carrying this feud promo wise, and on sunday, these guys I feel they're stealing the show.

X-Division Build Up Video - Overall a great video, all 6 guys going in have tons of momentum, even Garza that has been involved with the main event the last weeks.

Trevor Lee w/Cult Of Lee vs Dezmond Xavier vs "Reborn" Matt Sydal vs Sonjay Dutt vs Petey Williams vs Garza Jr - 7/10
So this is the non-title version of the match we're getting on friday, sounds like a really bad idea to spoil it, but with 5 babyfaces and one heel, i'm also kinda glad they didn't just do a 3-on-3.

Anyway, we got a bunch of pair ups, but they did hold off on the big spots, it was mostly moves here and there and a few suicide dives. The big story of the match was that there are way to many people involved to get a pin after using their finishers or big moves. Dezmond pinned the champ for the finish. I really do hope Dezmond wins on sunday. This went longer than i would have done it, it would have made this more of a segment. I also wouldn't mind if they add a stipulation for sunday.

AAA vs Impact Build Up Video - Pretty good actually, everyone explained why they decided to work together or attack a certain someone. They all came off as babyfaces, ok, maybe not ECIII, he was cocky as always. Pagano and Eddie were absent from talking.

Allie vs Gail Kim vs Sienna Build Up Video - Good promos, Allie especially, awesome underdog going against a future Hall of Famer and a super dominant KOs Champ. Also, that cleavage. Jesus.

Gail Kim Promo - JB conducts the interview. Kinda meh overall, she says she's all business on sunday and that she's winning the title and retiring with it.

Global Forged - They showed stuff from the Hakem and Mark match on BCW. Hakem is moving forward to BFG and getting a contract with Impact. Granted I don't really know most of the guys, but looks wise, i think the wrong guy won. meh anyway.

Impact vs Drake Build Up Video - Good, nothing special.

Eli Drake & LAX w/Konnan, Diamante, & Chris Adonis vs Johnny Impact & Ohio Versus Everyone - 7/10
OVE and LAX brawled during the entrances, Drake jumped Impact from behind with the title belt when Impact was coming in for the save, and they all brawled for a while outside the ring. They did eventually make it into the ring after commercials. Babyfaces started with some control, but Jake Crist got cut off and so the heels got some heat on him for a while until Impact came in with the hot tag, they fought for a while and Impact pinned Santana. It was an ok match, i think they kept it short since they had the big post match part.

Post-match - Santana takes out Impact and then Adonis/Drake/LAX all start beating the shit out of Impact and OVE. Drake and Adonis focused on Impact raming him to the exposed turnbuckles and then they exposed the wood under the ring where they dropped Impact. Meanwhile LAX and OVE brawled to the back via ramp.

The show closed with one final overall Bound For Glory Hype video running the card. BFG feels like a huuuge deal right now, Impact really really needs to go all out and kill it.

Excellent go home show, it touched on each of the matches a bit, closed off any build up missing and actually escalated Drake/Impact to another level. The wrestling was good to cap it off.

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