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Impact Wrestling 10.19 Review: Impact and America's Top Team Collide!

Posted: Oct 20th, '17, 17:53
by cero2k
Impact Wrestling
October 19, 2017
Orlando, FL

Show starts with Moose and Boner coming in to the Impact Zone with all the titles he stole from the ATT gym last week. We also saw Lashley and Co. come in to the Impact Zone. We got an interview of Johnny Impact after Adonis attacked him from behind last week. Impact was Adonis tonight, and soo...

Chris Adonis vs Johnny Impact - 5/10
Impact is so pissed that he goes crazy on Adonis early in the match until Adonis is able to cut him off with dirty tactics and get the heat on him a while with a bunch of power moves. Impact manueverded himself out of the masterlock, made a comeback, they went a bit back and forward, and finally won with the Impact Elbow. Good opener, nothing special.

Post-match - Drake came out to attack Impact, but Impact caught him and kicked his ass. Impact ripped Drake's pants off. Eventually the number's game got to Impact and Drake and Adonis beat Impact up with Drake's belt. Garza Jr made the save at the end.

Main Event tonight is Rosemary vs Taya. Alberto El Patron returns at Bound For Glory.

AAA Cancun Match
Texano Jr vs ECIII vs Hijo del Fantasma vs James Storm vs Eddie Edwards - 6.5/10

I saw this match in the AAA show, so I skipped it this time, it was a bit of a clusterfuck, but tons of great action. At the end we saw Texano give Storm a chair and make it seem like Storm was going to attack Fantasma father, who was at commentary, and so Hijo del Fantasma gets distracted, giving Texano the opening to get the pin on ECIII. Makes little sense, but Team Impact is obviously the heel faction here. There was a small story with the lack of teamwork between Team Impact going into BFG.

There was some vignettes with OVE going to Tijuana wanting to talk with Konnan, who says that if they expect to talk to him, they'll need to put their titles on the line, win, and then Konnan will listen to them.

We get another segment now with Team Impact with Eddie going crazy over ECIII and Storm's lack of team work. Eddie says that he needs to go to Japan to defend his title, but they should team tonight and get their shit together.

Now we get Lambert and Cornette going crazy over each other.

Andrew Everett w/Cult Of Lee vs Dezmond Xavier - 7/10
Great match with tons of high flying spots that saw Lee and Konley constantly get involved, Xavier taking them out, ending with Xavier taking the win after that back handspring pele kick. Great short match.

We got some footage of Trevor Lee going to The Crash promotion and defending his title over there. I also just noticed that they have covered the GFW in the championships with 'Impact' slaps.

Grado/Joseph Park build up - We get a recap of the saga between these two up until last week when it is now OBVIOUS that Park is using Grado and working him for cheap labor, while Park is cashing in on all the money. This is likely gonna end with a comedy match, but ever since it started, this has been an amazing story, especially considering the players.

Grado/Park Segment - Grado comes to the ring and calls out Joseph Park. Grado straight up calls him a thief and says that the fans will be the judge, jury, but I'll be the executioner! Awesome line. Park tries to talk all nice and use his stories to get out of this problem, but Grado won't have it. Park apologizes and says that he couldn't handle the temptation, but at the end of the day, it was his Visa that kept Grado here and so if he doesn't like it, he can fuck off. Grado tells Park to hand the Visa over if Park is a man, which Park obviously doesn't. Park offers Grado a plea bargain, a match between Grado and Park at BFG. Grado signs without even reading the contract, Park now reveals the fine print, the match is a Monster's Ball, oh, and the Park is the contract is the other side of Joseph Park, ABYSS!! Awesome angle, great acting by both parties!

There was a weird segment afterwards with Grado and James Mitchell, with Mitchell telling Grado they were going to send him to hell. This wasn't as good, but I always enjoy Father James Mitchell.

The Crash Tijuana Match
Impact Tag Team Championship Match
OVE (C) vs Black Diamond & Black Danger - 6/10

It was a really short match, but some awesome looking double team moves and high impact moves (get it?). Black Diamond and Danger are pretty good, but I really don't know much about them. OVE won obviously.

ATT and Moose Collide - Borash was making some announcement when ATT jumped in the ring and pushed JB out. Lambert took the mic and cut a great promo on Lashley 'wasting' his MMA career in Impact (fuck there is a lot of realness to this), Lambert name dropped Pancrase! His promo was awesomely heelish, he says that it's ironic that he is here as the bad guy anti-wrestling guy when HE knows more about wrestling than ALL the fans here tonight, that his memorabilia collection is the largest in the country.

Lambert starts to show off a bunch of historical championships from Bruno to Jarrett Sr to Flair to the Road Warriors, I'm legit wondering if he shoot does own all these belts. But anyway, he addresses Moose and says that he is here to destroy Impact and issue a challenge to Moose and Boner, and fight, FIGHT, Lashley and King Mo.

Moose and Boner come out holding some of the memorabilia they took from Lambert. Lashley attacks them from behind and the whole ATT gang up on them and destroy Moose and Boner. Refs and security try to help, but can't. Shera and some Impact guys try to come out and attack, but they get easily destroyed.

I love Rosemary and Taya, but this should had been the main event.

OVE and Konnan Segment - OVE just wanted their pay, but they weren't even booked, they just shoeed ! They get ganged up by a bunch of Tijuana guys. This made little sense.

Taya Valkyrie vs Rosemary - 6.5/10
I've seen Taya fight in LU, AAA, and some smaller indies in the US, but no one makes her seem like such a star as Impact, she IS the Queen of the Ring. Rosemary's new half face paint makes her look considerably pretty, which is nice and all as a babyface, but thinking about her paint from some months ago, or when she debuted, and she really doesn't even look like a shadow of what her deranged gimmick once was.

Match started with Rosemary going all over Taya, but Taya quickly got control and started working Rosemary's upper body. Rosemary made a comeback after a desperation german and they started going back and forward with kicks and slaps and whatnot. Match ended with Taya hitting the double stomp on Rosemary for the pin. By the end of the match, Taya had Rosemary's body paint all over her body. The match was shortish for the main event, but good enough.

I noticed Taya had this thing during the match where she would keep looking straight into the camera, with her amazing stare and would pierce through the monitor. She has TONS of presence.

Post-match - Taya wanted to hurt Rosemary some more, but Rosemary hit her with the red mist. She challenged Taya to first blood match at BFG! Fuck Yeah! (she didn't say first blood match, but she challenged for a match and made reference to blood and bloody marys. I highly doubt it's a drinking challenge).

Good show for Impact, the build for BFG is in full force with several matches now official. I really liked the angles tonight, especially Grado's and Lambert's, both promos are worth checking out. No really announcements about next week, but we MAY get Storm and ECIII teaming up, and we MAY get Eddie Edwards defending in NOAH, and that can only be the Marufuji match from Great Voyage!

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Posted: Oct 20th, '17, 17:59
by cero2k
I asked Meltzer is this collection was legit, it is