GFW Impact Wrestling 10.5 Review: AAA vs GFW Collide

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GFW Impact Wrestling 10.5 Review: AAA vs GFW Collide

Post by cero2k » Oct 5th, '17, 19:36

GFW Impact Wrestling
October 5th, 2017
Orlando, FL

Show started with an reference to both Lance Russel and Vegas. After that, they recapped the Mundo vs Drake feud.

Eli Drake Opening Segment - Drake and Adonis come out, looking dapper, and as Drake starts to cut a promo about defeating Johnny Impact, I realize that Drake is channeling his inner Ric Flair, he cuts an amazing Flair promo, voice and all, but all Drake at the same time. He says that Cornette brought Impact to take the title and failed, that Cornette sent Drake to Mexico, and still retained the title, and next week Cornette is sending Drake to Japan. But because of all of that, he got the night off, so he's gonna go hook up some ladies, BUT he got a match for Adonis tonight. And out comes...

Garza Jr vs Chris Adonis - 6/10
Adonis is working with jeans and dress shoes, so I wonder if this ends up leading to Adonis turning on Drake. Adonis dominated most of the match, as a big guy vs speed guy story unfold. Garza had some hope spots here and there, but Adonis would cut him off easily, but not actually put him down. Towards then end when Adonis is getting ready to lock in the Adonis Lock, we get footage of Johnny Impact coming in pissed, looking for revenge on Drake and Adonis. Drake, who was on commentary fleed and so Impact went straight to attack Adonis and give Garza the DQ loss.

Post-match - Impact is attacking Adonis and Garza tries to calm him down, but lost in the fury, Impact attacks Garza too. Drake returns and while Garza does kinda push back at Impact, Drake gets Adonis out. Out comes Cornette.

Cornette comes out and books Impact vs Garza, with the winner getting Drake at BFG. Impact and Garza get into a big pull apart, so at least there's some heat in that match more than the No 1 Contendership spot. Overall a great angle starting from the match to the pull apart.

Moose vs Lashley recap, for someone that's not with Impact anymore, he's on TV a lot. Anyway, this all lead to Moose talking to someone saying he's gonna go look for Bobby and kick his ass. Moose is heading to America's Top Team's gym.

LAX Club House Segment - Everyone in LAX is pissed, Konnan screams at everyone adn Santana gets in his face. Konnan says that they want to plant dissention between then, but they're smarter and Konnan is gonna get everything fixed. Great selling to losing the titles.

OVE vs John Bolen and ??? - Squash
Jobbers had some offense, but not enough to not make it a squash. Ok for the new champs. No sight of LAX.

Sienna w/KM Promo - She cut a great promo about not having a match at BGF and so she assumes that is because she's probably getting inducted to the Hall of Fame. This obviously brought out Gail Kim, she wants a rematch since Sienna no way would have defended at Destination X without the help of Taryn Terrell, and talking about the devil. The GORGEOUS Taryn Terrell comes out. Taryn cut an awesome little promo about being the longest reinging KO champ and the one that Gail Kim can't beat. This brings out Allie because why not, she cuts a terrible promo saying her claim into a title shot is being Allie and working hard.

And so...Karen Jarrett comes out. She books Sienna vs Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell vs Allie for the title. What the fuck? No Taya or Rosemary?

Grado and Park Segment - They're doing a meet and greet, they're charging $100 per picture. Park is really hassling some money. He also just paid Grado about $60 bucks of the (at least) $1000 they made.

The Cult Of Lee (Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, and Caleb Konley) vs Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, and Matt Sydal -
WHEN THE FUCK DID EVERETT AND LEE GET BACK TOGETHER!? JB did mention that Lee must have brainwashed Everett to get him to join him, but I really need to see how did this happen, i'm gonna have to hit up the youtube channel. Match was all action, tons of multiman spots. The heels had the heat on Petey for a while until he got both Sydal and Dutt in. Later on the heels had the heat on Dutt this time, and Petey getting the hot tag. They kept fighting for a while until Sydal hit the SSP on Everett for the win.

Post-match - Dutt cuts a promo challenging Trevor Lee for the title. They played Dutt's music, and Petey interrupted saying that the title shot should go to him, and so did Sydal saying that he won't be denied.

Global Forge - Santino Marella! One of the competitors is from his dojo. They put some focus on a guy called Jake Something (that's the name) and someone called MM3, someone called Hakim something (this time I actually didn't get his last name), Tony Cage, and Mark Wheeler. It's good to put some names to faces.

Cornette deals with the X-Division - We just saw all three guys arguing in Cornette's office until Cornette just took off.

We also see Laurel Van Ness riding a scooter, wearing black, and hitting on the fans.

Moose at the ATT Gym - Moose comes in all fire, pushes Lambert and gets inside the octagon where Lashley is training, he pushes King Mo and Mo straight up hits him with a right jab. All the ATT gang up on Moose and throw him out of the Gym. Moose just got his ass kicked, what a geek.

Hijo del Fantasma & Texano Jr vs ECIII and James Storm - 8.5/10
It's been a good change of pace having guys like Fantasma and Texano in, while their style is not that different from the US style, they do bring something different to the table. Match started kinda back and forward, but soon enough the AAA guys got the heat on ECIII and kept it that way for a while, a long while.

At one point, Pagano came out to taunt Storm and give enough distraction to take out ECIII, but the match continued with ECIII as babyface in peril. Storm got the hot tag and ran wild on both of them until Pagano once again made his presence felt and distracted Storm. They all fought for a while more until Fantasma reversed a suplex into a plancha and Pagano grabbed Storm's feet for the win. Big win for AAA even if it was via cheating.

Konnan Club House Segment - LAX get their rematch in a 5150 Street Fight against EVO. There was an awesome line where Konnan tells Santana "Just so you know, you were not gonna square with me, you were gonna square with him" poiting at Low Ki, and that suddenly made Low Ki even more dangerous than usual.

Pretty great show by Impact, the build towards BFG is now in full effect and we already got some matches, and so this was a really heavy on story show, but we also had two good matches and a good squash.

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