GFW Impact Wrestling 9.21 Review: Eli's Mexican Vacation

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GFW Impact Wrestling 9.21 Review: Eli's Mexican Vacation

Post by cero2k » Sep 21st, '17, 20:00

GFW Impact Wrestling
September 21, 2017
Orlando, Fl

Johnny Impact Wants to Fight - Impact comes out and calls out Drake, who everyone is saying is still in Mexico, but Impact claims he saw his car. Instead of Drake, out comes KM with a ref and repeats the whole 'he's in Mexico' thing, and so this leads to the "Are you calling me a liar?" line, which leads to...

No 1 Contender Spot on the line
Johnny Impact vs KM - Squash
KM had about 1 move in offense, it was short and Johnny hit all his spots.

Pagano, Hijo del Fantasma, and ??? - Pagano tells someone to come out if shit hits the fan, but we can't see who he is talking to.

We got a Taya Vignette about his debut, good stuff, really well build, I mean, the angle, but her too.

Ava Storie <3 vs Taya Valkyrie - Squash-er
This was a bigger squash than Impact's, Storie didn't have a single offensive move, but hey, i got to see Ava and Taya, it's all good.

Post-match - Taya finally introduces herself to the crowd, she's here for the Knockout's championship, and instead of going for Sienna, talks shit on Karen Jarrett. Out comes Rosemary with her awesome half-face face-paint, she actually looks kinda pretty, and she has tons of kid fans on the crowd...anyway, Rosemary says that she deserves a title shot. They start brawling until Sienna comes out to attack Rosemary. Rosemary and Taya start taking turns on Rosemary and Allie comes out to save Rosemary.

Now we got Taryn out for the heel advantage, and as you imagine, Gail Kim comes out and evens the odds. Babyfaces get rid of the evil ladies. This was ok, but they should have done this last week, and Taya shouldn't be calling for a title shot if they're gonna have her team with Sienna for now. GFW has a hotter women's division than WWE. I said it.

OVE in LA - OVE goes and finds the LAX hangout, Homicide catches them and alerts Konnan that OVE is coming. OVE make it to where Santana and Ortiz are, they get into heated words

Eli Drake is in Irapuato, Mx. He's defending the his title there.

Global Forged Ep 2: We get to see the interview parts of most of the guys, some guys have a good voice, some charisma. I don't know how long this show will be, but I do wanna see more focus on everyone. Apparently they're already eliminating some people.

Allie, Kim, and Rosemary Backstage - Babyface promo about how they're gonna kick the bad girl's ass. Rosemary I fear is becoming a joke.

Trevor Lee/Dutt Vignette - It was more like an interview of Petey Williams. I think we're getting Petey vs Trevor for the tittle at BFG and it will be amazing for Canada, they have a match next week, but I'm hoping that it builds to a big match at BFG. While i'm at it, the BFG commercial is awesome!

Grado's first booking - He has his first booking as part of PP&P. We got a Cabana and Delaney cameos. He seems to be doing good.

Pagano & El Hijo del Fantasma vs Eddie Edwards & ECIII - 6.5/10
We got a small babyface in peril spot with the Mexicans getting the heat on ECIII. Eddie Edwards got the tag and they all proceeded to go Tornado Tag. The end of the match saw ECIII and Eddie starting to get the advantage until Texano Jr came out, took out Eddie and gave the opening for Fantasma to pin him.

Post-match - The AAA guys start to give the boots to ECIII and Eddie, Cowboy James Storm comes out for the save. They run off the Mexicans, Storm and ECIII face off, and Eddie and Storm shake hands. It's a weird story they're telling here with ECIII. Texano vs Cowboy should be interesting

Johnny Impact meets Team AAA - Impact is still looking for Eli Drake, Fantasma reiterates that Drake IS NOT HERE! Jesus! Texano tells Impact that he doesn't like him in Mexico, in AAA, and he plain and simple doesn't like Impact. Johnny says that since Drake is not here, he's gonna put his title shot on the line again and fight Texano tonight.

I like that this is more in par with the AAA rivalries (though Fantasma and Texano working together makes no sense), but I also kinda wished that the AAA guys would try to get Impact to work with them since Johnny represents AAA.

Kongo Kong vs Mahabali Shera - 3/10
FUCK! FINALLY! Shera and Kong have been crossing paths for months, they finally get to fight. Let's also hope this match means they don't get to fight at BFG. They kinda tried to have a big lad's wrestling match, but these guys suck, actually, you know what, Kongo Kong makes Shera seem pretty good in the ring. Kong won with his top rope splash.

Eli Drake Promo - He cut a promo from the Arena Irapuato, he says that he is here in Impact's house and is gonna beat his guys and show Mexico what a true champion looks like. Great promo, Drake is awesome. Tonto, SI!

No 1 Contender Spot on the line
Texano Jr vs Johnny Impact - 8/10
Pagano and Fantasma didn't come out with Texano. Back and forward match, both guys got the change to have the upper hand and get their shit in. Texano did get a long heat part of the match coming back from commercial, he had control, but never coming close to getting near falls. Johnny made a comeback and they went back and forward again, this time getting some near falls on each other. Impact won with the Starship Pain.

This was a great introduction inside the ring for Texano, and he is a great opponent for Impact since he's big enough to base off most of Impact's crazy spots.

"Hot Mess" Laurel Van Ness came out to the crowd, tiny dress, looking for a husband, making a fat dude cream his pants surely.

Sienna/Taya/Taryn/Karen segment - The bad girls want a 3-on-3 match against Kim, Allie, and Rosemary. Karen was a bitch for the sake of being a bitch, she just needed to play booker, instead played mother. Taya and Sienna did clash a bit.

GFW Global Championship Match
Eli Drake (C) vs Mascara de Bronce - 6.5/10
Different from when we get matches from other promotions, this time we did get the full match with JB and Josh doing commentary.

Bronce is somewhat small and skinny next to Drake, so they had a small fast guy vs the big strong heel. Match saw a lot of flying from Bronce, with half of those flights being caught mid-air by Drake and slamming him. The match was short, but Bronce really shouldn't be getting a competitive match against a world champion at this point anyway.

It was mostly a good show inside the ring, yeah, we had that horrible Kong/Shera match, but we had productive squash matches and a good Impact/Texano match. Storyline wise it did feel like a transition/filler show with things happening here and there, but no big advancement on any of the storylines, I guess Texano and Storm joining this GFW vs AAA feud, but that's about it.

Next week we have Victory Road, so Petey vs Trevor Lee for the title, OVE vs LAX for the titles, Impact vs Drake for the title, and bad girls vs good girls all confirmed. Should be a hell of a show next week.

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