GFW Impact Wrestling 9.14 Review: Lashley Makes His Decision

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GFW Impact Wrestling 9.14 Review: Lashley Makes His Decision

Post by cero2k » Sep 15th, '17, 11:04

GFW Impact Wrestling
September 14, 2017
Orlando, FL

Straight to wrestling.

Braxton Sutter w/Allie vs Garza Jr - 6.5/10
This match comes from last week's interaction between these two. Garza sporting a Rebelion t-shirt. This was a really athletic match, good wrestling. Sutter was technically the heel, but not fully, most like really pissed jealous guy. During the match, Garza kept hitting on Allie, like throwing her kisses and his pants. Garza defeated Sutter cleanly with a second rope moonsault. Good opener.

Post-match - Sutter kinda yells at Allie, but he tries to make it up to her at the end, which Allie doesn't take, she's pissed at Sutter. They do eventually go back together, but they're really contrasting how much of a gentleman Garza is against Sutter.

GFW Impact Grand Championship Match
Hijo del Fantasma vs ECIII (C) -
Hector Guerrero is part of the judges tonight, I hadn't seen him in a long while, but he has aged A LOT, along with him is Mantell and D'Amore.

First round went to ECIII, he was definitely more aggressive and on top here. Second round saw more Fantasma on the offense and counter the One Percenter, and so he was awarded the second round. Third round was back and forward, big moves from the get go

Post-match - When announcing the split decision, Guerrero was announced as 'representing AAA', but he gave the win to ECIII. Fantasma go face to face with Hector arguing why he didn't give him the win, teasing a fight. Fantasma went back to the ring and got face to face with ECIII and suddenly Pagano came out and teamed with Fantasma against ECIII. Eddie Edwards of all people made the save and run off the AAA guys.

LAX @ The Crash Vignette - Homicide receives Konnan and the tag champs. They go to a strip joint, tons of booty in this segment. Apparently, Konnan changed the match into a 4-way

LAX w/Konnan & Homicide vs OVE vs Hijo del Pirata Morgan & Ultimo Maldito vs Arcangel Divino & Black Diamond - Unrateable
Match looked really action packed, but it's hard to rate with how they edited the match. The finish of that match was LAX dropping Ultimo Maldito with the 5150 after Homicide had dropped him with a Gringo Killah.

LAX vs OVE Post-match Vignette - OVE comes out to get face to face with LAX, Konnan tells them that this is Tijuana, and they're not walking out alive. Damian 666 tells them to fuck off, so you know Konnan wasn't lying.

Grado vs William Weaks - SQUASH
So Grado is back to being deported, and so this is his farewell match.

Post-squash - Grado says goodbye. Joseph Park comes out. Park announces that they have opened a booking/managing company and he has hired Grado, and thus now has a work visa. 'Thank You Joseph' chants, and Grado has signed the contract. No sight of Van Ness.

Johnny Impact Interview - Impact was good, McKenzie was awesome.

Bobby Lashley and Co. With Cornette Segment - Lashley asks for his release and says he is going MMA full time. Cornette tells him he ain't bigger than GFW, but he says that he was one last thing for Lashley, and that is to settle what he had with Moose to not leave any loose ends. Cornette tells the MMA to take off from the Impact Zone.

GFW X-Division Falls Count Anywhere Match
Trevor Lee vs Sonjay Dutt (C) - 7/10
Caleb came out with Lee, but Lee sent him back. Lee and Dutt fought for a long while inside the ring, Lee actually coming close to finishing Dutt off. They started to fight outside the ring and then proceeded towards the garage, at this point Caleb Konley joined Trevor Lee. Sonjay Dutt would made a comeback against both of them and get a near fall, but the numbers game is too much and Lee schools boy him and holds on a pole for extra leverage, Trevor Lee is the new X-Division Champion.

Richard Justice meets America's Top Team - Lambert and Co beat up Justice, they choke him out.

Global Forged Commercial - This is a new show, a behind the scenes of the GFW dojo. Think Breaking Ground. Some of the guys involve look really interesting, there's a huge European muscle that I need to see more off. Trainers seem to be D'Amore and Marufuji. This has my attention.

Taya Valkyrie vs Amber Nova - SQUASH
Taya's entrance is something else, like there's nothing special, but her presence is huge. Kinda reminds me how Maria and Bennett's entrance had nothing special, but always felt so huge. Taya had Nova pinned early on, but broke her own pin to hit a Double Chickenwing Facebuster (not sure if she has a name for it).

Eli Drage Promo - The thing I learned here is that the winner of tonights Ki vs Impact match takes on Drake at Victory Road. Drake was great as always

GFW Global Championship No. 1 Contendership
Low Ki vs Johnny Impact - 8/10
LAX is obviously not here with Low Ki since they're at Tijuana, I really appreciate they respected that little thing. Match was awesome, it was all back and forward and fast paced from the start. Tons of counters, kicks, and flipping around. I did unfortunately had to watch this match with commercials, I'd love to see the whole thing. Finish saw Low Ki miss a Warrior's Way and badly land on the ropes, Impact takes the change and hits Starship Pain for the pin.

Post-match - Eli Drake came out and talked shit to Impact from the ramp. Adonis jumped Impact from behind and locked in the Adonis Lock.

Cornette & Lashley talk one last time - Cornette tries again to keep Lashley. Bobby just says that he is done and acts like a dick.

Taya & Karen Jarrett Segment - Taya just antagonizes Karen for the sake of it and says 'That is what a true queen looks like.'

Moose & America's Top Team Segment - Lashley came out first, he explains what this whole deal is about, he does say that he was 'Forced' to make this decision. He calls out Moose to get this over with.

Moose comes out and straight up cheap shots Lashley in the face, but Lashley just stands up and beats Moose's shit out. This not only made MOose look like a dick, but also like a wimp. They start brawling all over the Impact Zone, they fought through the crowd, and eventually made it to the ramp entrance.

When it seemed like Moose had the fight won, ATT jumped in the ring and started choking out Moose and ganging up on him. Security came out and the ATT beat them out too. They all posed over Moose's dead body to end the show.

Great show, wrestling was great and the storyline development got good. Not even the Grado segment or the presence of Pagano hurt the show.

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