GWF Impact Wrestling 9.7: Drake vs Sydal

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GWF Impact Wrestling 9.7: Drake vs Sydal

Post by cero2k » Sep 7th, '17, 20:01

GFW Impact Wrestling
September 7th, 2017
Orlando, FL

Caleb Konley & Trevor Lee vs Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt - 6.5/10
Formula match with the babyfaces running wild early on, the heels cutting them off and getting the heat on Petey Williams for a while, Petey makes the tag to Dutt, and all four start fighting at the same time. Petey hits the Canadian Destroyer on Konley and is followed by a Splash by Dutt for the win. Good opener.

LAX w/Diamante & Konnan vs Zackary Watson & John Bolen - Squash
Squash match all in all, zero offense from the jobbers.

Post-match - OVE was on the back watching the match, so after the match they come out. Big pop. Good promo by Dave Crist challenging for the titles, but Konnan then schooled the kid. Konnan says that if they want the title, they'll be at the Crash in Tijuana, bring it over there. Ohio vs Tijuana!

Gail Kim & Allie w/Braxton Sutter vs Taryn Terrell & Sienna w/KM - 4/10
Josh talking about Allie "She looks like Easter", perfect description. Gail and Sienna start the match with Sienna controlling the match, Gail was cut off by the heels for a while. Allie got the hot that that got KM and Sutter involved, then Allie quickly got a splash reversed for the pin.

Post-match - Heels attack both babyfaces until Rosemary comes out Sienna and Taryn. The numbers game work against her but suddenly, epic music surrounds the ring and finally...

TAYA VALKYRE HAS ARRIVED!! She seriously looks like a million dollars. She comes in making it seem like she's helping Rosemary, but instead takes her out. Now we're 3-on-3.

Eli Drake Promo - He talks about winning the title, about Johnny Impact's debut, and Matt Sydal title shot.

JIm Cornette Segment - Cornette comes out and just kinda says everything is awesome and says that he thinks Sydal wins tonight. When he's closing out, Johnny Impact comes out. Impact says he wants the next title shot from whoever wins. Cornette is all for it, but they're interrupted by LAX.

Konnan gets in Impact's face and says the AAA title is irrelevant, that was awesome. Cornette and Konnan get at it. Low Ki says that Impact is getting in front of the line and Low Ki won't have it, Impact provokes Low Ki, and Low Ki destroys Johnny on the mic. Johnny Impact can only attack Low Ki at this point, he tries to take on LAX, but the security comes out and they go to a big pull apart.

Cornette closes the segment by suspending LAX, but he signs Low Ki vs Impact for the No 1 Contendership for next week.

Van Ness/Grado/Park story - Park tells Grado that he needs to break off with Van Ness. Grado does it quickly not even caring, it's not you, it's me. Van Ness starts to go crazy again. So we're kinda back to square one.

GFW and Triplemania Footage - The footage and video package was awesome really, made AAA look better than it is. They talk about getting the biggest crowd in Lucha history WHILE opposing McGregor vs Mayweather.

The footage covered DJZ's return to the ring after his health scare. Moose and Lashley's feud during the gauntlet match (which wasn't shown on the PPV!), they played a lot about Lashley thinking he was coming for a title match, which he didn't get, so this should play into the whole MMA vs Wrestling story, he ended the promo saying "Pro Wrestling isn't for me".

They covered Johnny Impact/Mundo's title match and how he is at the top over there, they say he stole the show and what not, they obviusly have to hype this up and can't cover the Wagner unmasking.

They also covered the Rosemary/Sexy Star situation and Jarrett getting in a fight with everyone. They didn't say anything about Sexy Star, but they did kinda allure that her actions were disgusting. They showed Jarrett and Parka getting at it, but with Vampiro getting in between them stopping them of doing something stupid. Not much more than that, if there is a work out of this whole thing, it's between Jarrett and AAA, not Rosemary and SS. They do say that long team, GFW and AAA relations are strong. If they were gonna address it, this was probably the best way to do it and let Jarrett kinda take the blame.

Dezmond Xavier Promo - Good stuff, a little bit about his past.

Eddie Edwards/NOAH News - They just referenced his win saying he made history.

Garza Jr Promo - Good stuff, same as Xavier's. He has really good english.

Richard Justice Interview - It wasn't an interview, McKenzie just stumbled upon him. He says that as the stand by wrestler, he needs to be ready, even if he's hurt from getting his ass kicked by Kong.

GFW Global Championship Match
"Reborn" Matt Sydal vs Eli Drake (C) w/Chris Adonis - 7/10
Sydal started strong, but Eli Drake got the upper hand and kept it that way for a while, a long long while. Sydal made his comeback and they went at it back and forward. Adonis at one point got involved by trying to get the title to Drake, but he failed at first. Finish saw Drake finally hit Sydal with the belt, setting him up for the final move and 1.2.3. Good match.

Good show, they took a lot of time to focus on the AAA thing, but if it leads to somewhere, it's all good. Wrestling wise the show had some good matches. Next week has already confirmed Dutt vs Lee for the X title, OVE vs LAX from Tijuana, and Low Ki vs Impact for a title shot.

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