GFW Impact Wrestling 8.31 Review: The Era of Drake Begins!

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GFW Impact Wrestling 8.31 Review: The Era of Drake Begins!

Post by cero2k » Sep 1st, '17, 12:55

GFW Impact Wrestling
August 31st, 2017
Orlando, FL

Show started with a video showcasing all the networks, countries, and promotions working together in this new Global Force Alliance.

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis open the show coming down to the ring, both looking dapper. Drake cuts a promo saying that it took him a lot of time to finally win the title and talks about Cornette tried to play him and he defeated everyone to win the title.

Johnny Impact came out, he namedrops being the AAA Megachampion and says that he wants the GFW title too. This brings out Eddie Edwards saying that this ain't AAA and his wins over there don't matter in GFW, he didn't mention being the NOAH champ, but it would be a cool thing to say and still say that he wants to earn the title shot. At the end, Cornette came out and signed Eddie/Impact vs Adonis/Drake. If either Impact of Eddie get the pin tonight, they get a title shot.

Allie/Taryn Terrell Backstage - Allie approached Taryn to introduce herself and ask why she attacked Kim. Taryn sends a message to Kim via kicking Allie's ass.

They seemed to have either moved the announcers table away from the fans, or they did extra announcing tapings to add in-between segment commentary.

Ohio Versus Everything vs Fallah Bahh & Mario Bokara - 5/10
Back and forward-ish, it was a short match, they're building OVE to eventually take on LAX since they showed them on a split screen watching the match. OVE won with a Doomsday Cutter. Bahh and Bokara kinda remind me of Yoko and Owen.

Moose/Cornette/ECIII Segment - Moose and Cornette are talking about Moose going to AAA Triplemania. ECIII walks in and asks why is the champ not going to AAA, Cornette says that he'll be busy since he is taking on Hijo del Fantasma next week. there was a Road Dogg joke for some reason.

Caleb Konley w/Trevor Lee vs "Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams - 6.5/10
Petey Williams is making his return to an Impact ring for about 8 yrs. Konley is now wearing a Trevor Lee style attire, as in just black trunks. Match was pretty great, back and forward, Petey has zero ring rust. The only thing that felt weird is that even though he created the Canadian Destroyer, it's somewhat weird seeing it as a finisher now a days since now everyone does it and kicks out of them, but hey, at least not in Impact.

Post-match - Trevor Lee attacks Petey and Dutt makes the save.

Richard Justice is getting his big chance tonight.

Taryn Terrel/Sienna/Karen Jarrett segment - Taryn and Sienna are talking in the back, Karen approaches them and after talking a lot, signs Sienna/Taryn vs Gail Kim/Allie for next week. Taryn was awesome, but the whole thing felt like that annoying mom talking down on the rebel girls.

"Stand By Wrestler" Richard Justice vs Kongo Kong - Squash
Justice is announced as "He Claims to be 215 lbs" which i found funny. This was a one move squash. After the match Kongo attacked Justice again and Shera made the save, could we fucking have the Shera vs Kong match already!? And make it a loser leaves town and get Kong out?

Johnny Impact Interview - Good babyface stuff. McKenzie is awesome!

LAX Clubhouse promo - They're going to make a statement by kicking James Storm's ass. It's starting to feel like LAX keeps making these threats but not getting anywhere since champions leave and bigger names keep coming.

Low Ki w/LAX vs "Cowboy" James Storm - 7.5/10
Great back and forward match. LAX did interfere here and there, actually leading to the finish when Konnan distracts the ref allowing Storm to hit a superkick on Ki, but Santana hitting Storm with the title. Ki finishes off Storm with the Warrior's Way.

Allie and Sutter Backstage - Sutter was asking Allie what happened. Garza Jr approaches them asking how is Allie doing, Sutter gets all jealous and tells Garza to fuck off. I'm glad Garza is getting this singles thing going, but I don't like that Sutter became a heel so soon after the wedding.

Last Week's footage - Jarrett and Co got in at it against Lambert and Co. Karen Jarrett got involved and screamed a lot. Cornette commentating was awesome.

Grado/Van Ness Skit - AWESOME! Joseph Park is the wedding planner. Uncle Tobias will be the DJ. When talking about guests, Van Ness drops a bombshell and reveals that she IS CANADIAN!! Fucking plot twist!

Pagano Vignette - He is coming, i hate him in AAA, hopefully I won't hate him in GFW.

Taya Vignette - She debuts next week. She looks awesome, like the legit queen of the ring, the legit boss, and not all those kids running around WWE.

Lee/Konley vs Dutt/Williams announced for next week.

Lashley and Co. Interview - Lashley is being diplomatic wanting to do both wrestling and MMA. Lambert and Co however are getting ideas in Lashley's head. For a completely new guy cutting promos, Lambert is pretty amazing at it.

If Edwards or Impact make the pin, they get a title shot
Eli Drake & Chris Adonis vs Eddie Edwards & Johnny Impact - 7/10
This was a long match, it had two separate babyface in peril segments one with each babyface, so it really felt like the heels dominated most of the match. There is this thing that the fans are doing with Impact where he goes to the top rope, the fans start counting down from 5 to 0 and then chant "IMPACT" at which point Johnny does whatever move from the top rope.

Finish saw Drake pin Eddie Edwards making sure that neither man would be getting a title shot after all. I love that they do this thing every now and then since it seems like every time there's a stipulation like this, they either do a double pin or something, but rarely a champ that walks away cleanly.

Post-match - Lashley and Co come out. Lambert takes the mic. He is talking down at the pro wrestlers for not being MMA fighters. Cornette comes out and says that if Lambert and his boys interfering or getting in the ring will cause Lashley to be suspended and miss the AAA show.

Cornette also announces that Drake vs Sydal for the title next week! Sydal is cashing in the title shot he won at Destination X!

Good follow up show from Destination X AND the Gauntlet for the Gold. I like Drake as a champ, I think he can really grow if pushed correctly and I like that there are a bunch of guys chasing the title. The MMA vs Wrestling thing is escalating, SLOWLY, but escalating, but I fear the day it becomes a straight up invasion. The Grado reveal was awesome too!

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