GFW Impact Wrestling 8.10: Destination X Go-Home Show

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GFW Impact Wrestling 8.10: Destination X Go-Home Show

Post by cero2k » Aug 11th, '17, 09:09

GFW Impact Wrestling
August 10, 2017

Show starts with LAX and VOW brawling in the parking lot. They're fighting for the titles tonight. This was a nice little brawl. Furthermore, tonight we get Patron/Sydal/Dutt vs Ki/Lashley/Lee for the main event.

Rosemary vs Sienna Build-Up Video - AWESOME! Like Seriously!

Sienna Segment - She starts the show sitting down in the ring. She says that she's the Bee's Knees. Apparently Karen Jarrett booked a KOs title match for Destination X, but Jarrett hasn't announced who it is, so Sienna ain't leaving the ring until Jarrett tells her. Sienna has a good reason.

Karen Jarrett comes out, talks some shit and announces Gail Kim as the challenger. I thought they would save this for BFG , but I guess she wins the titles here and loses them there. Gail said she's winning. Sienna attacked Gail, they brawled a little. There was a pull apart. This was ok.

Tonight Grado and Joseph Park fight Kongo Kong in a handicap match. They're trying to get hyped tonight.

Laredo Kid & Garza Jr vs Hijo del Fantasma & Naomichi Marufuji - 7/10
Super action packed match, great back and forward fighting between the two teams. There were tons of X-Division style spots where one guy sets up both opponents and drops them with a cool looking move. Finish saw Fantasma and Marufuji take out Garza for the win.

OI4K Vignettes - They swerved me, I thought they were coming in to attack the guys from the previous match. They're debuting at Destination X and they're now called OVE, as in Ohio Versus Everything.

GRADO & Joseph Park vs Kongo Kong - 1/10
Neither man wants to fight KK. Kongo was able to kick their ass when separate, but together, with the power of team work, they got some offense on KK. This was shit, KK won with a rolling senton to the corner. After the match, Kong kept hurting them, until Van Ness cae out to defend GRADO, and ended up slapping Kong. Kongo was about to go berserk and kidnap Van Ness an of all men to make the save, Tyrus came out! He got face to face with Kong and he looked AWESOME! They managed to make me believe in Tyrus in one single entrance.

Trevor Lee, Low Ki, and Lashley Interview - They were all good. Konnan aside, these three may be the best promos in the whole promotion right now, and that's counting ECIII and James Storm. As proper heels, they all show arrogance and get in each other's nerves.

Sonjay Dutt vs Trevor Lee Build Up Video - Good stuff. They build a whole feud over a delusional Trevor Lee and made it seem great.

Lashley MMA Training Vignette - They're starting to build this idea that Bobby shouldn't be doing both MMA and wrestling together. There are guys (King Mo) that were pro the idea of doing both, but some of the trainers were against the idea. This could lead somewhere interesting.

Dutch Mantel Interviews Sydal and Lashley - This happened during the week, but they replayed it again. Both Lashley and Sydal were great. Lashley says he's unrankable, he's just awesome. Sydal says that he is not limited to a division. Lashley keeps saying that there's a reason why divisions exist. They end up brawling.

Also, last week Prichard and Jarrett had that talk in private. Next week Prichard is making a 'big' announcement.

GFW Unified Tag Team Championship Street Fight
LAX w/Low Ki, Diamante, Konnan, and Homicide vs Veterans of War - 6/10
Just tons of brawling and LAX interference, tons of weapon shots, broken tables. Low Ki handcuffed Mayweather to a corner, so for a long while LAX got the heat on Wilcox. This heat lasted so long that I figured Mayweather would break the chain and make a comeback, but it never happened and LAX defeated WIlcox after a senton through a table. The brawl was good, but it didn't last long and it felt chaotic at some points.

At one point, when they came back from commercials, we saw Mayweather botch a powerbomb on Homicide and drop him spine first on the edge of the steel steps, looked terrible.

Patron, Dutt, and Sydal Talk backstage - Meh, they sounded winy.

Super X Division Semi Final Match
Taiji Ishimori vs ACH - 7/10
This was a short Super Jr's paced match. They kept it inside the ring, but did a lot of flippy stuff too.

Post-match - Dezmond Xavier came out and got face to face with Ishimori. They shaked hands after the match. This is a huge push for Xavier, i'm excited for him.

Patron vs Low Ki Build Up Video - They made a full feud video with just one match. Low Ki's promo made it work.

Lashley, Low Ki, & Trevor Lee vs Alberto El Patron, Matt Sydal, & Sonjay Dutt - 7.5/10
The heel team got the heat on Sydal for a long while, it was mostly Lee and Ki fighting him, keeping Sydal and Lashley apart since the excitement of their meeting is the clash of styles, so you don't want them doing much tonight. Sonjay Dutt made the hot tag, but the heels got the heat on him too. Patron at the end was the one with the big hot tag.

Match got a lot of time and everything after Alberto's hot tag was great, just tons of fighting all over. They really made Low Ki look like a killer taking out Sonjay Dutt with the Warrior's Way, which the commentary sells it as "becoming one of the most dangerous moves on Impact". I'm pretty hyped for Destination X!

Great go-home show for Impact. Easy watch, the in-ring stuff this week was pretty good, and outside they mostly just closed in everything missing for Destination X. The only thing that was arguably bad was the Grado/KK thing, but the standards were low to begin with.

Destination X is next week. Matches are Lee vs Dutt in a Ladder match, Lashley vs Sydal, Patron vs Low Ki for the titles, Sienna vs Gail Kim for the titles, Xavier vs Ishimori in the final of the Super X Cup, and that 'huge' Prichard announcement. Now that Impact is trying to make big 'PPV' events important again, it's smart that they're using the live shows as those big events. There's already talks to make Lockdown an actual PPV again, and BFG has already been confirmed for November. All in all, Impact is fixing the big show problem they had in the last years.

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