Impact Wrestling 6.29: Slammiversary XV Go-Home!

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Impact Wrestling 6.29: Slammiversary XV Go-Home!

Post by cero2k » Jun 30th, '17, 11:31

Impact Wrestling
June 29th
Mumbai, India

Slammiversary XV Package - Whether it is or not, it makes this show look bigger than any other 'big' show in the business. If there is something you can't shit on Impact now a days, it's the video packages.

Before the show started, they had the contract signings of:

Sienna vs Rosemary - Good promo by Sienna, good stuff from Rosemary, but her mannerisms where amazing. Reminded me of L from Death Note.

Davey Richards vs Eddie Edwards - These two had refs around because they were gonna get in a fight. Good stuff by Davey, shitty by Eddie.

James Storm vs ECIII - These guys actually got in a slight fight, but nothing major. Eddie and Davey were still in the ring. Awesome promo by Storm, good stuff by ECIII.

Patron vs Lashley - They were the most civil when cutting their promos, but Patron challenges Lashley to do it right here right now in India. Patron flips the table and since everyone else was still in the ring, Bruce books Lashley/Davey/ECIII/Kongo Kong vs Patron/Eddie/Storm/Shera. This felt like a huge thing and they did it the best possible way to not waste time.

Announced for tonight too. Spud vs Swoggle in a Mumbai Street Fight and Dutt/Sydal vs Ki/Lee.

Sonjay Dutt vs Low Ki Build Up Video - Awesome, not as awesome as a Ki promo, but awesome nonetheless.

Trevor Lee and Low Ki vs Sonjay Dutt and Matt Sydal - 6.5/10
I can only imagine Low Ki is legit getting pissed that Sydal and Dutt have the upper hand over Trevor Lee. This was kept in the mat all match, no crazy flying or anything. Ki and Lee got the heat on Sydal for a while, Dutt with the hot tag. They kept Low Ki and Dutt away as much as possible, except towards the finish there Dutt took out Low Ki outside the ring leaving Sydal to hit the SSP on Lee for the pin. Perfectly OK match.

D'Angelo Williams Interview - We didn't see much, but what I saw him running the ropes, he looks good, he could potentially make a good transition.

Mumbai Cats! vs Chris Adonis and Eli Drake - Squash
It's the LEGENDARY Mumbai Cats! According to Josh, the Cats won a championship tournament in Antartica in 1988, making them the only team to win titles in every single continent. Eat that Team 3-D! Sad truth is that time ages everyone, and the Mumbai Cats are not free from it, so Adonis and Drake beat them up.

Commercial for King Mo being in the corner of Lashley. Patron bringing Dos Caras to his corner.

Mumbai Street Fight
Spud vs Swoggle - 7...5...2/10
We got a midget ref! This blood feud finally comes to an end the way it had to, they couldn't book a Hammer in a Pole match because, well...neither man is tall enough to reach for it.

This match went incredibly downhill. At first it really seemed like we were getting tons of hardcore spots, they started hitting each other hard, we knew there was gonna be comedy, but I figured WeeLC violence/comedy. Everything changed though, at one point Spud finally reveals that he pulled down Swoggle's pants on purpose all along, and suddenly Spud and Swoggle are fighting and Spud accidentally crosses paths with the ref, to which he pisses off the ref and it all leads to Spud pulling down the ref's pants, and then Swoggle pulled down Spud's pants, and the we got a midget doomsday device between Swoggle and the ref, and then a White Noise from the apron to a table outside for the pin. This would have been an appropriate ending, if not for the midget ref.

Joseph Park and JB Training - Big development! JB talks to Park and plants the seeds in Park's mind to 'bring out the monster'. I think the comedy match is about to become Abyss vs Steiner!

Patron Interview - Awesome history lesson about his father and uncles.

KM, Sienna, and Laurel Van Ness vs Braxton Sutter, Allie, and Rosemary - 4.5/10
Really quick match, KM and Sutter where there just to not make this a straight rematch from weeks back. Main thing was Sienna sacrificed Van Ness to avoid the Red Mist from Rosemary, Allie took out Sienna, Rosemary hit the Red Wedding on Van Ness for the win.

Post-match - Allie hugged Rosemary, it was weird, Rosemary in return tapped both Allie and Sutter on the head.

Joseph Park and JB Training - Mostly a montage of Park thinking about Abyss, ends up with Park bringing out Janice. THIS COMPLETELY KILLED the subtle hint for an Abyss return.

Lashley vs Patron Build Up Video - Pretty much a compilation of this months long feud.

Davey Richards, Kongo Kong, E-Singh-III, and Lashley vs Eddie Edwards, Mahabali Shera, James Storm, and Albero El Patron - 7/10
All heels came out first, then the first babyface was Shera, who all the heels jumped and took out with a chair before the match could start, so the match started 3-on-4 as Shera was taken to the back.

Match was three large parts, first it was all possible combination of wrestlers (except Kongo Kong for some reason, not Patron and Lashley together), but one really getting big heat here. Then the heels got the heat on Eddie for a long time, this was done quite nicely, and then finally, Mahabali Shera made his return to take the hot tag when Eddie needed it most, he ran wild on ECIII, took out Lashley, and along with Patron, took out Kong. Patron pinned Kong at the end and I totally believe he stole the pin from Shera, because different from WWE, Impact actually does like to put the hometown guys over.

It was a good go home show, there was a little bit for every match on sunday (except the tag since none of those guys went to India). They did a good job closing out the India tour, I'm somewhat glad we're back at the Impact Zone next thursday, which I think it's live.

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