Impact Wrestling 6.15 Review: Dutt vs Low Ki

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Impact Wrestling 6.15 Review: Dutt vs Low Ki

Post by cero2k » Jun 16th, '17, 10:46

Impact Wrestling
June 15, 2017

Intro - Awesome build up video of Dutt vs Low Ki for tonight and their whole story. Low Ki is sooo awesome, but Dutt tonight comes n as a huuge babyface.

Sony Six Battle Royale
Suicide vs Matt Sydal vs Davey Richards vs KM vs Swoggle vs Eddie Edwards vs Spud vs Kongo Kong vs Moose vs Mahabali Shera - 4.5/10
Sony Six? Gotta pay them bills I guess. This is a 90 seconds style gauntlet, first two are Sydal and Suicide. Davey, KM, and Swoggle didn't do much on their entrances. When Eddie came in he went straight for Davey, they did the Foley elimination clothesline and brawled outside for a while. Similar thing between Spud and Swoggle, but more comedy. Kongo Kong eliminated Sydal and Spud and Swoggle, so when Moose came in, he was 1-vs-2 against KM and Kong so he is eliminated. Now the savior of the people, Mahabali Shera, new cape, dad and bro on ringside, he single handedly defeated the two guys the Grand Champion couldn't.

Overall the match was bad, nothing happened, but the one purpose it had, to get Shera over have a good home moment, was a success. Who would imagine that having wrestlers win in their hometown was a good idea.

Post-match - N.P. Singh (Sony Executive), Prichard, and D'Amore come and give Shera the trophy. Shera is all happy on his knees crying.

Things Josh Says: I had to get a second Twitter account because my first one got full of followers.

Sonjay Dutt video - Good stuff, he says that if he can't capture the title tonight, he may just never do it again.

D'Angelo Williams To Debut - Good stuff. Looks like a big deal.

Joseph Park and JB Training - They just went to eat instead.

LAX Video - So LAX is not coming to India (probably banned or something) and so meanwhile, they're just gonna go to other promotions in the area and take their gold. Good explanation as to why they're not here.

E-Singh-III Segment -AWESOME! Tons of heel heat. He pretty much crapped on India for 10 minutes forcing a translator say everything until he just can't force himself to keep translating all this hate for his country, so E-Singh-III beats him up. James Storm makes the save.

They showed an 'earlier today' with Spud, Swoggle, and the Mumbai Cats. They referenced this during the battle royale. They pretty much argue about their feud, it was comedy, not the good kind.

The Josh Matthews Public Sparring Session - I wish I had never seen Josh's tattoos. Matthews brings a jobber out for his sparring session, Josh claims this dude is a former Olympic wrestler, former cricket champion, plus among other accolades.

Josh Matthews vs Jobber - Squash
Josh dominates, hits the swanton bomb and locks in the Steiner Recliner for the win. After the match when Josh won't let go, Mahabali Shera comes out. Josh begs him not to hurt him, but Shera gets him and is about to slam him when Lashley comes out to save him. Lashley takes out Shera enough for Josh to lock in the Steiner Recliner again, but this time Alberto El Patron comes out for the save. Josh and Lashley take off.

Joseph Park and JB Training - They're watching Scott Steiner videos, this was actually decent, it made Steiner look like a monster.

Trevor Lee vs Braxton Sutter w/Allie - 5/10
Quick match, nothing special. Sutter won with a twisting neckbreaker.

Post-match - Sienna and Van Ness came out. Sienna challenges Allie and Rosemary to a tag match next week. Sienna was awesome. Sienna vs Rosemary at Slammiversary is also now official.

Low Ki Video - Awesome. Low Ki is the BEST promo in Impact and slowly becoming my favorite promo in the industry.

Slammiversary XV Promo - They're making this PPV feel like a really really big deal, I'm seriously considering buying this show.

Moose Segment - He's out in the ring with a Cheerleader Melissa t-shirt. He's barely starting to talk when E-LI-DRAKE and Adonis interrupt. Drake says that Moose KNOWS that he had the match won the last time they fought, but Moose has Prichard in his pocket. Moose challenges them to a tag match at Slammiversary. They fight a little bit, but Moose ends with the upper hand. He'll reveal his partner next week.

Joseph Park and JB Training - They get a call from Steiner, Steiner cuts a Steiner promo on them because they're fat. JB and Park try to cancel the match, Steiner says he'll kill them.

X-DIvision Championship Match
/Sonjay Dutt vs Low Ki (C) - 6.5/10
When was the last time a one-on-one X-Division title match main evented Impact? It's really poetic that this feud ended with both men having fucked up eyes. There is a really cool thing here where Sonjay is pretty much all healed up, but he still starts the match with the eye patch to sell the idea that he can't see well on his right side, and then you just have Ki rip it off and he can continue his match normally.

The match was going great, but the finish came in a really lackluster way when Dutt suddenly just dropped a plancha. I think the issue was more with the fans since their hype was coming down, but at least they popped for the result.

Post-match - Shera, Jobber, Swoggle, Sutter, Edwards, and Konley came out to celebrate, it felt like a really random group.

A meh show for Impact, half of it felt like pondering to the Indian crowd, whose reception comes as so fake sometimes that I don't even see the point sometimes. There also wasn't much big building towards Slammiversary, or nothing that felt like big escalation. I loved the video packages today tho. Next week we get Patron/Storm vs Lashley/ECIII, Rosemary/Allie vs Sienna/Van Ness, LAX invading a promotion, and Moose reveal.


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