Impact Wrestling 5.25 Review: Carter vs Storm vs Magnus!

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Impact Wrestling 5.25 Review: Carter vs Storm vs Magnus!

Post by cero2k » May 26th, '17, 12:21

Impact Wrestling
May 25, 2017

These last show recaps man, I love them!

Bruce Prichard Segment - Bruce has hired a bodyguard in the form of Tyrus! Prichard says that he is an official and ECIII's actions WILL be dealt with. But down to business, Prichard introduces the Impact World Heavyweight Champion, Lashley.

Lashley says that no one deserves a shot at him, but he wants to know who he gets to beat up at Slammiversary. ECIII interrupts. Usual, tonight I win promo. Magnus comes out, same thing, but shits on Prichard. And yes, Storm comes out too. Eventually Prichard makes it a No DQ match for tonight, but it was already a 3-way matches, or is that rule just a WWE thing? Prichard also adds that if any of these guys touch tonight before the match, they'll be suspended indefinitely.

Prichard is really coming off as a big heel just by how Magnus and ECIII talk about him.

KM w/Sienna & Kongo Kong w/Laurel Van Ness vs Mahabali Shera & Braxton Sutter w/Allie - 6/10
I'm not sure why they didn't just all arrive together, aren't they a happy stable anymore? Now that Jinder Mahal is champ, Shera doesn't look so bad, Borash also drops the shot that Impact is the first 'american' promotion going to India.

Match was actually pretty decent, a bit chaotic at the end, but good. They really made it seem like Kong is unstoppable, because even Shera couldn't handle him, and at the same time, they really made KM seem like a hot-head. Allie/Sieanna/Hot Mess Van Ness were all messing around with each other outside.

Post-match - Kong/KM/Sutter/Shera all brawled to the ramp. Sienna and Van Ness trapped Allie and beat her up, suddenly, of all people, Rosemary made the save, or more likely, she's here to face off with Sienna, the GFW Champion. She hits the red mist on Sienna and hits the Red Wedding on Van Ness. Title vs TItle is coming, you know it. Rosemary's facepaint tonight looks awesome, and let's not pretend we didn't want the Bomb vs Rush feud restarted.

GFW Tag Team Championship Tournament Match
Mario Bokara & Fallah Bahh vs Veterans of War - 6.5/10
The winners (gee who could it be?) face off against LAX next week for the vacant titles. Match was mostly VOW on top, but Bahh did get some heat on Mayweather for a while. I'm really liking VOW, I couldn't care less about the gimmick, but Impact really needed a big man team.

Magnus Interview - He says that a 3-way suits the smart, and he is the smartest in the match.

Josh Matthews introduces his Slammiversary partner - He tries to come off as a victim, and apparently, he's a vice-president of Impact? He apologizes to JB and offers a hand-shake. Before JB shakes his hand, Joseph Park comes out and says that JB shouldn't shake his hand and brings up all the shit that Josh has done. It kinda felt like Parks really made things worse when everything was coming to a peaceful end.

Josh then comes back with his trash talk, Park challenges Josh to a match right now, he's tired of this shit and wants to fight, a ref comes down and

Josh Matthews vs Joseph Park w/Jeremy Borash - Dud, Great segment
Finally Josh brings out his partner, the big guns, and by big guns, i mean big peaks! LOOK AT HIS PEAKS!! SCOTT FREAKING STEINER!!

Parks and Borash's expressions are worth the watch. Kids in the crowd have no idea who this man is btw. Parks and JB straight up ran away through the crowd as Steiner follow them, a fan got in between and Steiner kicked the fan's ass.

Back in the ring, Josh low blows Park, and Steiner chokes him out with the Steiner Recliner. This was really well done.

Dave Pencer (replacing Spud) has been doing introductions and I hadn't even noticed! Awesome.

Moose Grand Championship Vignette - Great! I don't know why, but I really wanna see Tyrus vs Moose.

Eli Drake Interview - McKenzie is awesome! and Eli Drake is even better. Moose comes out being restrained by security. Drake challenges him to a title shot next week, Moose accept. Drake and Moose start fighting and Adonis joins the fight.

Natural Born Killers vs Eddie & Alisha Edwards - 7/10
NBK have matching attires! <3 <3 The couples brawled a bit outside the ring before finally making it in inside the ring. Davey got the heat on Eddie for a while, and granted you probably don't want to have a long Angelina/Alisha segment, but I find it crazy that Alisha gets the hot tag. Alisha took the win when she rolled Love.

Post-match - This time they turned things around, this time they handcuff Eddie and make him watch while Love puts Alisha through a table, this was definitely an awesome escalation from what they had been doing before.

Spud - We get a video from his phone, apparently, he actually needed one more week after all. This was hilarious.

Impact World Championship No 1 Contendership No DQ Match
ECIII vs "Cowboy" James Storm vs Magnus - 8/10
Storm being the only babyface kinda had to take turns fighting Magnus and ECIII, who at times would gang up on him and get heat for a while. Bottles, chairs, trashcans, kendo sticks, and tables all made it in the match. Eventually miscommunication led to Magnus and ECIII staring to fight each other. Once it was everyone for themselves, the match got really good, with some great near falls. Finish saw ECIII steal the pin from Storm after Storm hits Magnus with the Last Call.

During all the match, Josh and Pope kept bringing in what this means for ADR, who as GFW champion, should have a bigger claim to the Impact title shot, but he's not even involved in this match.

Aside from the main event, this show lacked inside the ring, but overall, storylines were good.

Next show we get Moose vs Drake and Spud's return.


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