Impact Wrestling 5.18 Review: Ultimate X Returns!

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Impact Wrestling 5.18 Review: Ultimate X Returns!

Post by cero2k » May 18th, '17, 20:21

Impact Wrestling
May 18, 2017

Good recap from the past episodes, loved how they edited the LAX segment from last week. Big hype video for tonight's Ultimate X match.

GFW World Tag Team Title Tournament First Round
LAX w/Konnan, Homicide, and Diamante vs Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. - 7/10
Garza and Laredo have started doing synchronized flips from the same turnbuckle that look awesome together. I've noticed that every time Garza is the babyface in peril, it usually starts with Garza showboating the fans, and even though it doesn't always lead to defeat, it's a great thing to keep having if they ever want to break them apart. Garza's comeback to the hot tag consisted on taking his pants off. Match was a great opener, LAX have a great tag team arsenal, they work perfectly together. There was a part of the match that felt like things got out of control because Garza and Ortiz were kinda improvising, but they finally positioned Garza for Diamante to take him out with a Lita-esque hurancanrana to the floor, followed with Santana hitting Laredo with a destroyer and the Doomsday Blockbuster for the win. Great match.

Magnus and Prichard Backstage - Magnus complains to Prichard for losing the GFW championship. Prichard shuts him down, and I'm seriously getting tired of Prichard talking down to wrestlers. Seems like Magnus may join ECIII soon.

Laurel Van Ness/Kongo Kong Vignette - Good, worked to build up tonight's Sutter vs Kong match.

Kongo Kong w/Laurel Van Ness vs Braxton Sutter w/Allie - 5.5/10
This was all big beast vs small wrestler match with Sutter using speed and heart to overcome the beast, who was going wild.

Post-match - KM and Sienna come out and gang up on Allie and Mahabali Shera makes the save of all people. Sutter challenges KM and Kong to a tag match. Hot Mess Van Ness is the best thing ever.

Matt Sydal 'Last week' Interview - Good babyface stuff, he puts over Everett, she says that he'll have him in his sight and hopes he can win the title tonight.

Ki/Everett/Lee 'X-Division' Interview - GREAT history lesson on the X-Division. Brought some good memories, then it started building tonight's match. Great!

Karen Jarrett Interview - McKenzie interviews Karen about the Edwards vs Richards feud. She announces a mix tag next week. Magnus runs into her and pushes her off.

Ethan Carter III vs "Cowboy" James Storm - 7/10
Magnus is on commentary. Storm tried to attack ECIII with a belt, but as the ref tried to take it away, ECIII saw an opening to attack. ECIII was in control most of the match working Storm's injured back from last week. Storm had some comebacks here and there, but ECIII always got back on top.

At one point in the match Storm got the upper hand for a little bit and was about to lash out on ECIII with the belt, but Magnus got in his face, Prichard came down with refs to get Magnus kicked out. Heels acting likes faces.

Match was thrown out when Storm went for the belt again, ECIII grabbed it and attacked the ref when he tried to stop him, Magnus returned and attacked Storm. Magnus and ECIII got in each other's faces. Prichard came out and said he was tired of this shit and booked ECIII vs Storm vs Magnus for the No 1 contender's spot at Slammiversary. After that Prichard talked shit to ECIII, ECIII finally snapped and took out Prichard. THANKS ECIII! This is interesting because I have to believe that somehow Patron should be involved in that match. OK segment made perfect by kicking Prichard's ass.

Rockstar Spud Vignette - He's deying doctor's order, he's coming back next week! Best.Thing.Ever!

GFW Women's Championship
Sienna (C) w/KM vs ODB - 5/10
Nothing match, Sienna had most of the offense, hope spot for ODB, but Sienna returned with the pounce for the win.

Jeremy Borash Segment - Borash gets an entrance, Josh's reaction was awesome! Borash says that he has hired an attorney and he has been reinstated to Impact Wrestling. Borash brings out his attorney, Joseph Park...uggghhhh. They killed Decay for this. Josh completely no sold Joseph Park, Josh remembers when Eric Young showed that Abyss and Parks were the same men. The constant teasing of Josh provoked Park to challenge him and a parter to fight him and JB at Slammiversary. Josh took off leaving the booth to JB and Pope. I don't care what people say, I like the Josh vs JB thing.

Alberto El Patron 'Last week' Interview - Good babyface stuff, made reference to Paige. He puts Magnus over. Felt like a mexican promo.

X-Division Championship Ultimate X Match
Trevor Lee w/Gregory Shane Helms vs Andrew Everett vs Low Ki (C) - 9/10
I really like how this Helms Dynasty thing ended up working, but they need to step apart because the X-Division belongs to Ki. This was a fucking awesome match with an awesome finish. At first, all effort was put between Andrew and Lee to keep Low Ki out of the match. Eventually as they started to get tired, Ki came in to the mix, more pissed off than ever and we just started getting chaos all over the place. At one point Trevor Lee comes in with a chair, hits Andrew, but before he can hit Ki, Low Ki straight up punches the chair into Lee's face, this breaks Low Ki's hand.

After this, Low Ki even when completely opened, he couldn't hang on the X ropes, so he couldn't go get his title. This would open spots for Everett, Lee, and even Helms to interfere in the match. Finish was straight up a race when Ki decided to go to the top of the steel frame while Lee and Everett hanged towards the center of the X. Once they all made it in the center, Ki drops Everett and Lee making an opening to retaining his title. Awesome match.

Great opener and awesome ending, the Storm vs ECIII was good, but the segment afterwards ended up being more relevant than the match anyway. Everything else good, mostly for storyline progress. They didn't do KM vignettes and we barely saw Karen, so I think that makes it a good show. Considering Ki winning and Sydal's promo, I hope we get Sydal vs Ki soon.

Next week we're getting Storm vs Magnus vs ECIII, Sutter/Shera vs KM/Kong, Edwards household vs Natural Born Killers, and the return of Spud! Should be a good show.


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