Impact Wrestling 5.4 Review: Patron vs Drake, Edwards vs Sydal

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Impact Wrestling 5.4 Review: Patron vs Drake, Edwards vs Sydal

Post by cero2k » May 6th, '17, 17:41

Impact Wrestling
May 4th, 2017

Awesome recap of last week's show, really made everything look important.

"Rebord" Matt Sydal vs Eddie Edwards w/Aleisha - 8/10
This was an awesome match, 10 minute-ish PWG style match, babyface vs babyface with no shenanigans and a clean finish.

Post-Match - Sydal and Edwards follow the code of honor, while we thoght it was all gonna be ok and Eddie is making his way back to the locker rooms, Davey and Angelina attack them. Davey injures Eddie's arm with a chair. Aleisha did a running plancha on Davey and Love trying to save Eddie, but security pulls them apart.

Magnus Interview - Good stuff by Magnus, for someone that got really lost during his hiatus from Impact, he got so much better cutting promos. Matt Morgan came out and said that Magnus was taking his glory from the 4-on-4 since Morgan hit the move that left the opening for the win. They start shouting and Prichard stops them and tells Magnus that he needs to focus on defending his title tonight against Matt Morgan.

KM "BIFF" Skit - Another bully skit from KM. I can see where they're going, but I don't know why.

GFW Women's Championship Match
Sienna w/KM vs Christina Von Eerie (C) - 5.5/10
546 days that CVE has held the GFW title, not to forget, she's the only person to ever hold it. Match was going good, but then suddenly, Sienna hit the pounce for the clean win. Finish makes me think that CVE is not here to stay with Impact.

Eli Drake complains to Prichard - Just what he said last week, complaining that he is giving shots to all the new guys and nothing for the ones that have been here. Alberto interrupts him and accepts a match with Drake, Alberto puts the GFW title shot on the line. They're really hyping the GFW title by selling it as a clear ticket to a shot at Lashley, that's what I always wanted out of a midcard title.

ODB "Make Impact Great Again" - Great, she puts in perspective the current scene Impact is in with tons of veterans trying to reclaim their glory, but you also have a wave of young blood here to make a name for themselves.

Borash is in the crowd messing around with Josh.

Matt Sydal Interview - He says that for now, he wants to earn the fans, but with the crowd's support, you'll be looking at the next X-Division champion. He put Low Ki over as man that not just anyone will be able to defeat, but Sydal MAY be that man.

Karen Jarrett announces that Aleisha Edwards will be debuting vs Love. Sienna interrupts, gets in Karen's face, Jarrett says the usual 'target in the back' thing.

ECIII vs 1997 "Road Warrior" Animal - Squash
Just kidding, it's John Bolen. ECIII has gone full heel now with the wrestling, he has a new spot like Sheamus rope strikes, but with crossface hits, looks like a really annoying thing to receive.

Post-Match - ECIII cuts a promo against the new regime, he says that nothing is stopping him from regaining his spot at Slammiversary.

GFW Global Championship
"The Blueprint" Matt Morgan vs Magnus - 6.5/10
If Magnus wasn't that tall, I'd say this was a David vs Goliath match. They played to Morgan's size for a while, then Magnus started working Matt's leg to bring him down. Up to this point, we weren't sure if either man was more of a heel than the other, but Magnus confirmed it when he couldn't put Morgan down, he went for the low blow to get himself an opening to put Morgan down for the pin. Match was good, it did it's work. With just this show they're really making that title seem important.

Veterans of War Promo - Good stuff by Mayweather. They're coming for the titles.

Lashley Interview - Good stuff from Lashley. As awesome as Renee Young us, McKenzie Mitchell can give her a run for her money.

LAX 'Clubhouse' Promo - They're selling Crazzy Steve's bump from last week as him likely not coming back from it. LAX are celebrating them killing Decay, they're gonna have a funeral for them next week.

Rockstar Spud Vignette - AWESOME! Spud was left broken in a wheelchair after the swoggle attack, and in his depression, he's working to come back. It's comedy, but it's awesome drama too.

Kongo Kong w/Laurel Van Ness vs William Weaks - Squash!
William Weaks, get it? Apparently, Laurel's new gimmick is that she has it in for all dudes out there, but if you reject her, she goes crazy and sends out Kong after you. I find it really weird how this pair came together, but this is an idea I could get behind of for a while.

Post-Match - Allie and Sutter come out. Sutter gets in a fight with Kongo Kong. Sutter uses his speed to dodge Kong's attacks and send him out. Allie looked hot.

Sonjay Dutt 'Injury' Vignette - They put some focus on Sonjay's injury from weeks back. Low Ki says that it was an accident and something that happens in the ring, Low Ki actually put him over a bit as a great contender, but he says that he need to realize that he just doesn't cut it. Sonjay says he's coming for Ki, he kinda sold it as he thinks it was on purpose. Vignette was really graphic.

GFW Global Championship Shot On the Line
Eli Drake w/Tyrus vs Alberto El Patron - 7.5/10
Minutes in Tyrus tripped Alberto and got sent to the back. This is total babyface Patron, but when working the arm, he can get really heelish sometimes, like working the armbar at the ropes, even as a desperation move, at least he breaks at 5. Match was a lot more balanced that what I expected, where even with Drake losing clean, does put him over as a threat among all the other guys chasing the title. Drake kicked out of some of Patron's signature spots, as well as pulling out some new moves. Alberto hit a modified Tree of Woe foot stomp, that doesn't look dumb anymore.

Sydal vs Edwards, Morgan vs Magnus, Patron vs Drake, this show was freaking packed! Good show, nothing felt like a drag, squashes were quick and matches good. They did a great job building that GFW title towards next week and what having that title means.


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