Scott Steiner beats up Direct TV guy at Best Buy

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Scott Steiner beats up Direct TV guy at Best Buy

Post by Lynas » Feb 25th, '11, 09:49

Scott Steiner spent last night in jail after beating up the Direct TV sales guy at Best Buy in Orlando, Fla. Steiner was released this morning and spoke to reporters outside of the jail house.

"I just wanted to look around at the f---in' DVDs and this pipsqueak pinhead walks up to me and asks if I'm interested in DirecTV. I said no. He asked why. I was nice and told him I have cable and I'm happy. Then he starts asking me questions about my f---in' aspect ratio or some other bullsh---. I look at him and say I don't give a sh-- about that stuff. He tells me he can save me money. I tell him I'm rich and I don't give a crap.

"At this point I'm losing patience, but I just walk away. He follows me and starts telling me about how much better DirecTV's picture is than cable. I'm still keeping my cool, but I begin ignoring him. He then taps me on the shoulder and asks if I'm listening. I turned around and punched the guy in the f---in' nose. Then I stomped on his stupid head and maybe crushed a few of his fingers. I know I heard something snap. Then I kicked him in the ribs a few times and told him I don't want f---in' DirecTV and does he understand me now."

Steiner said at that point other Best Buy employees scrambled to check on the DirecTV salesman, who works on commission, while others called for security.

Steiner added: "The strange part is, within about 20 seconds all of the customers in the store began applauding and saying, 'Way to go!' and 'Thanks, that guy was bugging the sh-- out of me five minutes ago.' One guy offered to buy me a drink. Another women with two kids asked for my autograph and thanked me because that guy had stalked them when all she wanted to do was buy a DVD Blu Ray player and a couple animated movies for her kids.

"Then I get to jail and the cops are practically apologizing to me for having to arrest me, telling me that guy bugs the sh-- out of them every time they go to Best Buy, even if they're buying a phone. The judge told me he won't even go near the TV and DVD player section because that guy is always hovering, waiting to hound him."

"Anyway, I was let out on one dollar bail. I'm going to Target to buy my freakin' DVD and enjoy a movie tonight. I'm not going to Best Buy ever again, that's for sure."

The media then applauded, a rare thing at a press conference. A local TV reporter thanked Steiner, saying someone had to do it. People who must've heard of the story on the TV news the night before drove by and started honking their horns and waving at Steiner, shouting, "Way to go! We hated that guy too!"

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