Impact Wrestling 4.13 Review: Team Josh vs Team Borash

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Impact Wrestling 4.13 Review: Team Josh vs Team Borash

Post by cero2k » Apr 14th, '17, 17:34

Impact Wrestling
April 13, 2017

We got a weird recap of last week, like the video editing was different, recap also fetured the Veterans of War/Kongo Kong vignettes. It was actually really well done. Recap almost had the reveal of Magnus returning last week. Card is super packed for tonight.

Reno Scum vs Laredo Kid & Garza Jr vs Decay - 5.5/10
Not officially announced, but i'm pretty sure this will be some kind of No 1 Contendership match. Garza Jr was the babyface in peril throughout most of the match, both Reno Scum and Decay got their chance on him. Match didn't get much time, but it was ok for the time it got, Reno Scum took the win at the end.

During this match Josh said that if he loses his match tonight, he'll leave the commentary booth, so there you go, the stakes have been raised! He also left the booth here to go prepare I guess.

Andrew Everett Interview - He thinks he deserves a shot, but Helms has another match for his gauntlet. Helms says that Suicide, Marshe, and Everett trash talks Helms to being the 4th man in the match.

Bruce Prichard Segment - Impact during the week opened a poll to the fans on who they wanted to challenge Lashley on next week's Live Impact, options were James Storm, ECIII, and Matt Morgan, not sure how they picked Morgan over Patron. James Storm wins, which quickly prompts ECIII out to the ring, he gets in Prichard's face and says the system is rigged, to which Prichard says this was ECIII's idea to being with. I don't think ECIII meant literally to let the fans decide. Prichard pretty much told him to fuck off in a really antagonizing way, but he also pretty much told him to turn heel. He even made fun of him for tapping out to Patron, dang, fuck that Prichard guy. ECIII kinda gives in and you just know he's gonna fuck with Bruce next week.

Make Impact Great Again w/Karen Jarrett and her boobs - It was all about Jeff Jarrett who we haven't seen since this whole thing started.

KM & Sienna vs Braxton Sutter & Allie - 3/10
(Josh is back on commentary). I still think KM is way to colorful for Sienna. Most of the match was worked between Sutter and KM, then Sienna came in, so Allie tagged in, and then I saw the worst pin in history. Allie goes for a plancha which Sienna catches, then she takes a step back and stumbles on KM who was on the mat, Sienna trips and falls on her back, Allie then pins her. Stupid.

Post-Match - Kongo Kong made his debut. In all his disgusting glory, he destroyed Sutter until Sienna called him off. Van Ness came out running to attack Allie and between her and Sienna took out Allie and beat her up afterwards. I'm just glad Van Ness finally got involved physically in the story. Van Ness's face when she saw Kongo Kong was awesome.

Reno Scum promo - ok, they just say they're gonna win the titles.

Rosemary vs Santana Garrett - 5/10
Santana's full name used for once. "Sometimes Pope turns into Daffy Duck when beauty is in front of him," I mean, Santana does look amazing, I don't know what no one is capitalizing on her and the obvious Wonder Woman gimmick she naturally has. Good match, but nothing special, some spots looked sloppy, it's a win for Rosemary, and some eyes on Santana.

Davey and Angelina Promo - They make out all the time when they're not wrestling. Nothing special

Andrew Everett vs Suicide vs Marshe Rocket vs Gregory Shame Helms - 6.5/10
Rocket's nickname is "All Day", highly disappointed his nickname is not "Jet Fueled" or "Space". Shane Helms' wrestling attire is knee pads outside his jeans. Right at the start of the match, Trevor Lee got kicked out to the back, he should have just sat down on the commentary booth. Shane stayed outside all match and would only come in to the ring to steal pins, and as you can imagine, at the end he took a beating from everyone. Story aside, the wrestling between Everett, Marshe, and Suicide was great. Everett takes the pin on Marshe right in-front Helms.

Post-Match - Lee comes out and the Dynasty beat up Andrews, who manages to make a comeback and take out Lee.

Josh and Borash have been doing a great job hyping the main event, while Pope keeps the focus on the current match. It's really working out.

Make Impact Great Again w/Matt Morgan - Good stuff, he put himself and everyone else over.

Davey Richards w/Angelina Love vs DJZ - 5/10
Davey and Angelina are now being referred to as Natural Born Killers via OwlTron. Match was going good, but the finish came out of nowhere and looked super weak.

Post-Match - Eddie Edwards runs to the ring with 4-5 security guards running behind him. Davey and Eddie go on a pull apart and the distraction gives Alisha an opening to attack Love, it's not everyday that you see a tag team pull apart.

Andrew Everett Interview - Good babyface stuff, he says he has won all the challenges and he's now coming for Trevor Lee.

Veterans of War - It's unfortunate that this ends with Gunner and Melendez coming back, can't we get Killshot and Dante Fox instead?

Borash and Josh's last words - They say their final words before the match, Josh starts his with "I HATE YOU JEREMY BORASH!" I loved that.

8-Man Tag Team Match, Loser Leaves Booth
Team Josh (Lashley, Bram, Eli Drake, and Tyrus) vs Team Borash (Alberto El Patron, Chris Adonis, Matt Morgan, and Magnus) - 6.5/10
Nothing against Team Josh, but Borash's team looks like a dream team, and the overall match, sans Magnus and Borash, this was an OVW/FCW reunion. This reminds me that Magnus has been the GFW champion since October 2015. The whole first half of the match was everyone getting their chance to shine and sell, the only ones who didn't get heat on were Patron and Lashley, Morgan didn't get to get in the ring until the hot tag from Adonis, who got heat on the most.

Once the hot tag was made, everyone got their shit in and at the end, Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint on Bram, followed by a flying elbow by Magnus for the win. Morgan was super protected in this match, don't be surprised he captures the title soon. Wrestling was good, but too many guys to really build up much with any of them.

Post-Match - The whole roster came out to kick Josh out of the Impact Zone, everyone made fun of him, it was like a party. I think this was more of a celebration of the end of the tapings, but it works out that Josh is gone.

Good show by Impact, the wrestling wasn't the best we've seen lately, but nothing dragged or anything. Main event was hyped during the show and the conclusion of the Borash and Josh feud pays up. It will be really interesting to see if all these guys stay with Impact, that would mean they have a super stacked main event scene. The only bad part I'd say was the Kongo Kong stuff, but mostly because KK sucks.


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Re: Impact Wrestling 4.13 Review: Team Josh vs Team Borash

Post by Big Red Machine » Apr 15th, '17, 19:25

Angelina Love is a "Natural Born Killer" LOL.
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