Impact Wrestling 5.17 Review: Pentagon/Fantasma vs Sydal/Aries

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Impact Wrestling 5.17 Review: Pentagon/Fantasma vs Sydal/Aries

Post by cero2k » May 21st, '18, 09:29

Impact Wrestling
May 17, 2018
Orlando, Fl

Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Championship Match
Z&E vs Big Bad Gravy Daddy (C) - 6.5/10
So apparently the idea I got last week that Steiner was pissed at Drake for rejecting him at the main event was true at least according to Matthews. BBGD worked over DZJ for a while, Steiner looked great for the most part. Everett got the hot tag and ran wild for a bit, but they were still too small for either Steiner or Drake alone, so Z&E started doing move team moves to gain momentum. Finish saw Steiner accidentally hit Eli Drake with a chair and Everett hit a standing shooting star press for the win and title change. Good opener.

E&Z Backstage promo - Babyface promo, Petey Williams congratulates them.

Kiera Hogan vs Tessa Blanchard - 5/10
Kiera jumped Tessa after the ring bell because Tessa was just paying too much attention to herself on the tron. Tessa turned the match around and got a lot of heat on Kiera for a while, really cocky mannerisms building towards a great babyface comeback from Kiera, but Yessa turns it around again and drops Kiera with the Hammerlock DDT for the win. Kiera looked green during offense, but good fundamentals selling and her comeback. Tessa looks great, but she does need a better opponent.

Post-match - Tessa keeps attacking Kiera, Madison Rayne that was on commentary went for the save. Tessa and Rayne were going to brawl, but Tessa got away. Smart way to get Rayne back in the ring since she had only done commentary before her last absence.

Grado Meets Jimmy Jacobs - Grado accuses Jimmy and Kong that they're the X-Men and thus attacked Parks. Jacobs says they're done with Parks. Grado gets away from having a match, but then Katarina says no one talks to her man like that and makes the challenge herself. Grado vs Kongo is happening.

Eddie vs Callihan Build Up - We're getting Eddie vs Callihan in a street fight, but at House of Hardcore.

Pentagon Jr and Hijo del Fantasma Promo - Good stuff, part Spanish, part English. Fantasma has almost perfect English.

Kongo Kong w/Jimmy Jacobs vs Grado w/Katarina - 4/10
Not the squash I was expecting, Grado actually got a good small babyface offense run against Kong, but as soon as he got him off his feet, Kong just went Ishii selling on him, stood up, dropped him and hit the splash for the win.

Post-match - Katarina checked on Grado, but once Jacobs and Kong got in there, she just bailed on Grado while Kong killed Grado even further the same way that Kong took out Johnny Impact. Moose made the save and brawled with Kong until Jacobs pulled his monster away. Shitty girlfriend is all I took from this.

LAX Promo - Cult of Lee find LAX in the hall, CoL mess around with them mocking them that they don't have Konnan with them.

From House of Hardcore
Street Fight
Eddie Edwards vs Sami Callihan - 7/10
I like that they found a good excuse to have the match at HoH and not the Impact Zone. Even though they had several weapons like spikes, pipers, chairs, and such, they managed to make the match feel a lot more violent than just your usual weapons match, they were seamless things like Eddie gauging Callihan's eye out with his finger, which is far more graphic than a chair shot sometimes. Finish was really lackluster as Callihan is fetching the bat to once again take out Eddie, Edwards just catches him with the Boston Knee Party for the win. It was a good match, but it's also a match that i've been seeing for some months now, i'm not against ending the feud if there's more to tell, but make the matches feel different at least.

Post-match - Eddie starts choking out Callihan but gets stopped by HoH staff. Callihan is taken away while Eddie is left in the ring with a disappointed father Tommy Dreamer.

World Tour Of Cage, From Destiny Pro in Canada
"The Machine" Brian Cage vs Facade - 6/10
Nothing match, Cage won with a weapon X, I've never been a fan of Facade to be honest.

KM and Bahh meet - KM is telling Bahh that he is losing a lot of weight. Then we get a montage of KM giving Bahh a makeover.

Under Pressure Card Rundown - Under Pressure is the next 'special' coming. We get Penta vs Aries for the title, Allie vs Su Yung for the KO's title, and Tessa vs Rayne.

Next week we get Moose vs Kongo, OVE vs Drago/Aerostar, and Fantasma vs Sydal for the X-Division title.

Rosemary's Funeral - This was a cool cinematic 'thing', all the brides are carrying Rosemary's coffin until Su Yung literally spits fire to it and it burns. That was it, but it looked cool.

Hijo del Fantasma & Pentagon Jr vs Austin Aries & "Reborn" Matt Sydal - 7/10
Every man in this match has a title, while there is only one world champion, Impact has managed to make all the main champions be top stars that you'd mix in a main event.

This match should had been better planned, there was a long run where Penta and Fantasma worked a bunch of double team moves over Sydal and Aries, but the nature of their mannerisms or the moves themselves felt really heely. Aries and Sydal did eventually cut the ring on Fantasma and things got back in control. The wrestling was great and I think that in one-on-one situations, both matches will be awesome. Finish saw Sydal miss a shooting star press and getting superkicked immediately by Penta, then Fantasma hit the Thrill of the Kill for the pin while Penta took out Aries outside.

Good show by Impact, I can't say we had top notch matches, but the ones we had all had a purpose and I liked them. The build for Under Pressure seems pretty solid as of now, we have two title matches set and Tessa vs Rayne which we know is to set up Tessa on a bigger spot.

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