NWK Reviews WWE Crusierweight Classic Episode 5 (near-perfect)

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NWK Reviews WWE Crusierweight Classic Episode 5 (near-perfect)

Post by NWK2000 » Aug 23rd, '19, 13:45

August 10, 2016, Orlando FL

Opening video package: GREAT! Corey Graves gets to do his best Morgan Freeman and kills it.

Gran Metalik video package: In general, these will be better than the first round's packages because everyone has usable footage. This really offsets Metalik's wooden promo
Tajiri video package: A bit depressing. The fact that they're interviewing Tajiri for the first time in the second round as opposed to in the first while using old footage betrays the fact that someone in production was afraid we would realize thatgasp, Tajiri is OLD! Also, it's clear that Tajiri is just in this tournament to put over Metalik.

CWC Round 2 match
Tajiri vs Gran Metalik

One thing I have to point out is that Mauro brings up that Tajiri is versed in lucha, as at one point he beat Dr.Wagner Jr for the CML Lightheavyweight Title. Being the hopeless nerd I am, I opened up a tab and queued up that match. This was a mistake, as, as soon as he says this Tajiri and Gran copy a lot of spots from that match. I hate it when announcers like Mauro try to be smart, because it sometimes end up peeling away kayfabe.

That aside. this is one of those matches in which a mesh of styles are on display. Lucha, technical wrestling, and striking, and it's wonderful to watch because both guys are masters of the craft. Tajiri gets the heat by being a willy veteran and kicking Gran really hard after tripping him from outside. Tajiri works the neck. We get the briefest of strong style exchanges which makes Metalik look like a super hero. but Tajiri goes back to the neck , but Metalik gets back into it, ending in a tight rope tope that makes the inner Gran Naniwa mark in my smile. Tajiri tries to get back into it with kicks, but Metalik leg whips him into the ropes. We get a succession of nearfalls, which Tajiri sells by barely kicking out of everything. A standing switch exchange sees Tajiri get a back kick, but he is slow to capitalize. Tajiri gets the tree of woe sliding dropkick on Metalik, as well as a catch powerbomb for a two count when Metalik tries to fight back. Tajiri goes back to the neck and Metalik kicks his way out because they both understand how this works. Tajiri misses a buzzsaw kick and Metalik gets the Driver for a pinfall win.
This was one of those matches that told a story, and the spots were all a misdirection so they could go back to the story later on. It was awesome!


Cedrick Alexander video package: A near perfect encapsulation of what Cedric Alexander is, a Ricky Steamboat-level babyface who does cool moves.

Kota Ibushi video package: There's something about a guy going "I just want to make people happy" while kicking the shit out of another guy that just screams "Kota Ibushi"

CWC Round 2 Match
Kota Ibushi vs Cedric Alexander

While the two guys hold for hold, Mauro and D-Bry each channel their inner Jim Ross, spouting athletic background facts for both guys. I really like the story beat of Ibushi working the arm, and, instead of trying to mirror that, Cedric turns up the speed, forcing Ibushi to keep pace, which ends in another stalemate. Cedric is wary of the kicks because they lead into the Golden Star Powerbomb the ended Maluta. They showcase in a simple technical exchange that Cedric has the strength advantage, but Ibushi cuts Cedric down with a kick. Ibushi fires back, but waits too long and messes up a triangle moonsault, to which Cedric responds with a Tope of his own. Now Cedric has control. working the neck. Ibushi tries to fire up, but Cedric gets control back with a kick to the jaw for a nearfall, but Ibushi fires back with the most terrifying dropkick I've ever heard. Cedric fires back, and we get a strong style exchange, which Ibushi wins because that's in his wheelhouse. Ibushi somehow manages to do a standing moonsault which he transforms into a corkscrew moonsault mid flip, one of the damndest things I've ever seen. Exploder suplex counter by Ibushi, and now he hits the triangle jump moonsault. Cedric somehow fires back for a nearfall! Big strike exchange by both guys. Two big, crazy moves to the neck and face result in back to to back nearfalls for Alexander. Cedric misses a diving stomp, where Ibushi gets some more big moves to the head, and a Golden Star Powerbomb for the win!

This was match worthy of the finals of a tournament of a J-Cup. This reminded me a lot of Sasuke vs Liger at J-Cup 1994. Lots of GREAT stuff that made sense in sequence, which somehow made the big dives make sense and gave it more impact. GO AND WATCH THIS!


Closing video package: Tozawa vs Gallagher (yay!) Noam vs Lun, (eh...), and Kendrick vs Nese (yay!) next week!

Post credits: Cedric is basking in the love of the crowd in tears to chants of "Please sign Cedric", and then Nick Fury Triple H appears to invite Cedric to join the Avengers 205 Live initiative as we fade to black.


This may be the closest to perfect 46 minutes of pro wrestling can get. All the way from the top, to Papa Hunter signing Cedric, it's an amazing watch all the way through.
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