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NWK Reviews WWE Crusierweight Classic Episode 3

Post by NWK2000 » Aug 20th, '19, 20:28

July 27, 2016, Orlando FL

Opening video package: meh
Tyson Dux video package: Decent. He's got a good "veteran on the comeback trail" story going in.

Zack Sabre Jr video package: On one hand, his verbiage is TERRIBLE "Harry Potter isn't the only wizard from England". On the other hand, a lot of the visual aspects of his video package (especially the still of him bridging in the ring) do a good job at showing he's unique amongst the competitors

CWC Round 1 Match
Tyson Dux vs Zack Sabre Jr

At first, Tyson is just a warm body for Zack to demo some of his trademark flourishes on. There's really no sequence to the things Zack is doing. Then he slaps Tyson for some reason, and Tyson hits a Fisherman's Buster. This is when the story kicks into second gear, with Tyson using his power advantage to take it to Zack. Zack misdirects during a Tyson running sequence and puts in a submission. This was cool. Now Zack gets to show off some of his strikes, which all look good. Cool submission combination and a nice wrench back on a wrist hold to wrap things up. ZSJ advances.

This was on par to be the weakest open so far, but it really picked up once Tyson got in some offense. I really hope as the tournament goes on we get guys who can work on ZSJ's level.


Drew Gulak video package: Weird to hear such a generic promo from one of the guys who's blossomed the most in 205 Live.

Harv Sihra videro package: Good. He seems like he's having fun explaining his inspirations, and seems like a fun dude.

CWC Round 1 Match
Harv Sihra vs. Drew Gulak

We get a lot of technical exchanges and grappling to start, but then Gulak takes control and gets to show off what a surly bastard he is. He's almost like the Bizarro Superman version of ZSJ. Same technical prowess but he's doing the things he does to beat you up instead of to look pretty. Harv gets back into it with a dive, throws Gulak in the ring, and hits some of the weakest mounted punches I've seen in professional wrestling. No vigor, no oomph behind them whatsoever. Harv gets back into it with some moves, but Gulak gets a dragon sleeper with bodyscissors, Harv fights, but Gulak locks it back in for the tap.

This was a good showcase for Gulak, and Harv shows himself to be an above average hand in the ring...but that's it. At least Gulak vs ZSJ should be amazing.


Tony Nese video package: GREAT! Dude just oozes heel charisma, even in the more subdued state he's in now.

Anthony Bennett video package: Eh. You get the vibe he's compensating with his flashy, goofy ring gear and catchphrases.

CWC Round 1 Match
Anthony Bennett vs Tony Nese

This is a showcase for Nese, who oozes charisma. Anthony Bennett gets some very, very basic offense in, but he messes up some very basic things (kick to set up an Asai moonsault, taking a terrifying looking bump off a popup dropkick) the ref has to check on Bennett to see if he can take the finish. This was the worst match all tournament.


Raul Mendoza video package: Generic
Brian Kendrick video package: The best one of the tournament. Full of emotion and he also looks like a lunatic in his action shots.
CWC Round 1 Match
Raul Mendoza vs Brian Kendrick
Props to Mauro for mentioning Raul doesn't wear a mask because he's too pretty, and remarking that Kendrick looks creepy
Even in the beginning flourishes, you can tell that Kendrick his more fire to everything he does than everyone else in the tournament. Kendrick does a great job being an old school heel and slowing things down. Raul does a crazy Texas Cloverleaf/Big Swing combo into a facebuster, into a leg hook. Kendrick works the mouth, yes, the mouth, and there's blood. Mendoza fights back with high flying moves. Mendoza impresses with a Coast to Coast Tree of Woe dropkick. Kendrick plays possum and locks in the Captain's Hook. He also finishes the match with an evil grin worthy of a Disney villain.

This was one of the sleeper hits of the CWC for me at the time, I'm glad it's held up. This is one of the best matches of the first round. Not only was it technically fantastic, but Kendrick oozes with character.



This is the weakest single shows of the tournament, but everyone who advanced will no doubt have better matches next round. Plus we're getting Gallagher/Aichner and Gargano vs Ciampa next show!
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