How do we feel about NXT Callups?

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Re: How do we feel about NXT Callups?

Post by Big Red Machine » Feb 21st, '19, 18:09

cero2k wrote:
Feb 21st, '19, 15:59
NWK2000 wrote:
Feb 21st, '19, 11:42

Are we seriously lamenting people's ability not to get over when, in basically a month, KOFI KINGSTON became a top babyface? And that people still pop for Finn winning even though he's a midcarder? And that people still adore Boss-Hug connection despite them being booked TERRIBLY. Proof positive that people can get/stay over despite poor booking is happening right in front of our eyes, and yet, we lament the futures of people who have had TWO matches on main roster TV? Give me a break. And, while I see where the uneasiness of DIY being a thing again comes from, the point remains, they've had TWO main roster matches. Let's wait until after the opening credits roll to decide if we don't like the movie,, shall we?
they'll get as over as Balor, they're beautiful looking people that are really spotty and fans, as we saw on Monday, love flippy shit and tables breaking. Problem is that WWE doesn't need over people, they need larger than life superstars that can turn the ratings fall around and get people back to buying tickets. Becky Lynch is the arguably the hottest act right now (I think, WWE fans' attention span sucks), but she is insignificant to ratings since ratings went up this week and she wasn't there, and ratings went down when she was announced. Kofi is a flavor of the month, but he won't move ratings either, he's just another Zack Ryder, another Dolph Ziggler, another Rusev Day.

I think your point actually proves something bigger here. WWE thinks that they need new flippy faces, but the truth is, wrestlers are getting over despite WWE and people still care for some old faces, ut WWE doesn't know how to capitalize on that properly.
Again... this. People are getting over in spite of WWE's booking. It's just like Bullet Club of Honor ROH. Those guys were over DESPITE bad booking, not because of it. It is a mistake to confuse people getting over despite bad booking as a sign that things are all honky-dory, and doubly so to think that it's okay to rest on your laurels because eventually, as you get worse and worse, you will drive more people off, and eventually people will not be able to get as over without good booking.

Rusev Day (dumb as it was) is an excellent example of a missed opportunity to elevate someone. They gave him a title shot, then immediately stuck him in poorly-booked story that went on months longer than it needed to, by which time the iron had long been cooled off.
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