BRM Reviews WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 (OMFG THAT MAIN EVENT 10/10!)

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Re: BRM Reviews WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 (OMFG THAT MAIN EVENT 10/10!)

Post by Big Red Machine » Feb 19th, '19, 16:20

cero2k wrote: Feb 19th, '19, 15:25
Big Red Machine wrote: Feb 19th, '19, 14:52
Bob-O wrote: Feb 19th, '19, 13:38 She defended successfully at WM33 lol
Then again, how many matches from WM33 can you remember off the top of your head?
I've got:
Hidden text.
Bayley(c) vs. Charlotte vs. Nia vs. Sasha
Roman vs. Taker
Bliss(c) vs. Naomi vs. Becky vs. Carmella vs. Mickie vs. Nattie
AJ vs. Shane
Cena & Nikki vs. Miz & Maryse
Hunter vs. Rollins
Ambrose(c) vs. Corbin
Andre Battle Royale- the one with Mojo, Jinder, Gronk, and Super Security Lady
Which is 8 out of 13. And I have a pretty good memory for these things (I can tell you 99% of the cards for my first year or two of WWF/E PPVs, which is WM18-WM20, and can probably tell you the main event of every 95% ROH shows off the top of my head (and on the occasion that I miss one, I'm pretty sure the match I give you will have at least been on the card, and will have at least been a pushed match on that show).

I actually had one more which I crossed off my list because I thought it happened at WM34 instead.

The fact that these shows are so long and have so many matches and they don't do much to give the matches real meaning anymore is pretty damning. There is no reason for an entire forum full of people to forget that someone who defended her title at WrestleMania less than two years ago was ever the champion in the first place.
i just had to look them up, it's actually really interesting the ones you missed against the ones you didn't.
Hidden text.
The one I thought was at WM34 was the Cruiserweight Title, though in hindsight I should have known better. The fact that I forgot both world title matches is pretty damning.
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