Ronda Rousey's Secret Weakness

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Big Red Machine
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Ronda Rousey's Secret Weakness

Post by Big Red Machine » Aug 14th, '18, 19:51

Dear Alexa,

Enclosed in this message is Ronda Rousey's secret weakness. Please use it to defeat her at SummerSlam and retain your Raw Women's Title.

Your biggest fan,
Big Red Machine

Hidden text.
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Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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Re: Ronda Rousey's Secret Weakness

Post by XIV » Aug 15th, '18, 04:08

100% certain that Alexa uses the broken arm trick she uses to confuse and defeat Ronda.

It's been probably a year since she last did it, so it would be an acceptable time to use it again.
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Re: Ronda Rousey's Secret Weakness

Post by cero2k » Aug 15th, '18, 10:45

ah yes, and Alexa Bliss usually cosplays as Harley Quiin. the WWE/Batman universe is all coming along

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