List Of Every "Men's Only" PPV's WWE Has Run

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List Of Every "Men's Only" PPV's WWE Has Run

Post by Bob-O » Jul 25th, '18, 08:49

Apparently somebody somewhere along the line wondered if WWE had ever run any PPV's without a women's match booked on the card. Surely they have... but can you name one? Somebody at r/squaredcircle made a list I found to be quite interesting...

Also, a fun 'Did You Know?' coming out of this was that the Women's Title originally was not booked for Wrestlemania 20, they booked a Playboy Evening Gown Match, but not the championship. It only made the card because Molly Holly (who WASN'T champion) went to Vince direct and offered to have her head shaved on the show if it'd get the championship on the card. Saint Molly strikes again!

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Re: List Of Every "Men's Only" PPV's WWE Has Run

Post by Big Red Machine » Jul 25th, '18, 09:10

Did not know the thing about Molly. Saint Molly indeed.
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Re: List Of Every "Men's Only" PPV's WWE Has Run

Post by cero2k » Jul 25th, '18, 10:07

I'm genuinely surprised that there is anything past 2008 - 2010

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