PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 12

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PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 12

Post by cero2k » Jul 31st, '17, 15:13

PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 12

Part Twelve
Thursday Night Fight Night

Show starts like a ESPN/UFC/Talk show thing with new intro. Earl Black Jr and Jack Hill are the special guests to Glen Joseph's show. I don't know what this is. They were running tweets, you could tell they were fabricated, no one would say something nice about EBJ. The hashtag is #PWTNFNLIVE

Spike Trivet vs Connor Mills - 5/10
Mills is a skinny long hair geek, but he can definitely fly, he has potential. Trivet wins making Mills tap out. Good match.

Glen/EBJ Again - They talked about the match, ok stuff. The hashtag is now #PWTNFNLIVE2017

A few weeks ago footage - Rob Lynch challenges Matt Riddle for the Atlas title. Riddle accepts.

Glen/EBJ Again again - Glen likes big graps, this is big big big graps. EBJ is fucking awesome talking out of his ass. The hashtag is now #PWTNFNLIVEATLAS. They had some more footage with Lynch doing an interview, the camera they were shooting the fake show was better than the one for the interview. Riddle came in, him and Lynch got in a pull apart. The hashtag is now #PWTNFNLIVEBIGTASTYLIVE.

We have MORE footage, now of fans outside waiting for the PROGRESS show. A fan was extremely excited. The hashtag is now #TNFNUNSUNGHEROESLIVETUFNELLPARK/BIGTASTY.

PROGRESS Atlas Championship Match
Matt Riddle (C) vs Rob Lynch - 7.5/10
Lynch came out to their old Riots song, I miss that song. These guys were throwing each other all over the place with huge moves. Riddle at one point 'fighting spirit' no sold a canadian destroyer, hit his own, and then both men died in the mat. Riddle at the end tapped out to the Bromission.

Glen/EBJ Again again again - Glen is a jazz hand enthusiast. Jack Hill is a fan of the word 'uncanny'. The hashtag is now #TNFNBIGTASTYSTUFFED. The hashtag is now #TNFNLIVEANDSTUFFED. I already lost track of the last hashtag.

Completely different format that was funny to follow, but I sure hope soo they don't do the same thing again for a while.

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