PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 8

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PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 8

Post by cero2k » May 14th, '17, 17:54

PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 8

Part Eight
"It's About Time"

Dahlia Black finds Livvii Grace in the back and kinda just talks some friendly shit about her.

Later we see Laura Di Matteo, Grace, and Candyfloss. Jinny, Black, and Chakara attack them for 5 seconds and walk away. I guess we got ourselves a 3-on-3.

"The Hipstar" Ashomre vs Chuck Mambo - 6.5/10
Chuck Mambo is not coming up, backstage we see a staff dude looking for him, he walks around the locker rooms and Mambo finally comes up, he was time traveling around ancient Greece. Mambo brought his wacky wrestling style all over the place, but it wasn't enough to put Ashmore down. Match was pretty good for Freedon's Road standards, they went back and forward and there were two great near falls towards the end. It's gotta suck that you spend all this time figuring out a cool wrestling name like Ashmore, and fans immediatly turn it to Trashmore.

We see Dahlia, Jinny, and annoying Chakara in the back getting on the same page.

Jinny, Chakara, & Dahlia Black w/TK Cooper vs Laura Di Matteo, Livvii Grace, and Candyfloss - 5/10
The big takeaway from this match is that Candyfloss is awesome! But if we want to be more descriptive, the match was mostly the heels keeoing control of the match via cheating, Candyfloss was the babyface in peril. The good ladies did have some hope spots here and there, mostly when they managed to make tags, but would quickly lose control again. They really focused on the Jinny vs Di Matteo feud, yet they didn't fight as much. This match really did wonders for Candyfloss, who was in my opinion, the MVP of the match even over Laura or Jinny. Grace however, total mess in the ring, it's like she can't control her strength and speed and because she's trying to look intense, just complete potatoes everything in the ring.

Good show, I just particularly find it more interesting when they don't focus on the Dazzler team's feud. I'm really really behind Candyfloss after this show, she's like a funnier babyface Alexa Bliss.

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