PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 6

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PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 6

Post by cero2k » Mar 31st, '17, 19:52

PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 6

Part Six
Throwing Rocks

Show starts with Darren Allen getting to the building to find Black Jr talking with Timothy Thatcher. Thatcher didn't say a word.

Candyfloss vs Laura Di Matteo -
Is she like, the UK's Candice LeRae. Different song for Laura Di Matteo, don't like it. The match is about to start...

...Earlier that day...

We see Candyfloss meet Chakara. Candy is asking her for advice, Chakara puts her off saying that she is better than her, and she couldn't beat her, so Candyfloss has no chance...

...Back to the match. Candyfloss has a really playful style of wrestling, not comedy, but playful. Laura Di Matteo is all seriousness. Match was short with Candyfloss tapping out to Di Matteo. Di Matteo puts Candyfloss over a bit, who at first looked sad, but that didn't last long. Candyfloss has potential. Also, that cut mid match to show us a 'flashback' was awesome, unique to see stuff like that done during wrestling.

'Dazzling' Darrell Allen w/RJ Singh vs Timothy Thatcher - 7/10
Thatcher's smug face as he look on Allen is great. Story is pretty much that Allen isn't all that useless and can go hold to hold with Thatcher when he gets serious, tons of trying to get over that Allen trained under Singh. Eventually Thatcher got vicious and started to get the upper hand. This was a really good match, not sure how I feel abot Allen taking Thatcher to the limit and giving us some scary near falls, but it definitely showed a different side of Allen that I could get behind one day.

After the match we see Allen and Singh walking out, Black Jr is outside slowly and sarcastically clapping on Allen for his victory. Singh makes sure they don't end up fighting.

Not a lot of story, but the Thatcher vs Allen match was great. I'm looking forward to seeing more Candyfloss too.

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