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PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 5

Posted: Mar 17th, '17, 18:58
by cero2k
PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 5

Part Five
Under The Dome, Bro

Show starts with Chuck Mambo, Matt Riddle, and a pimped out surf board all taking. This actually seems natural. Riddle is actually a good actor too. Tons of Bros and Dudes. And the surf board is a time machine.

We then see Jinny arriving at the Bedford, she has someone from security. kickout a whole locker room so she can have her own locker room.

We see Riddle setting up in his locker room, he is approached by Dahlia Black, not showing off her butt for once. She actually looks lovely when dressed. Black says it's a shame TK doesn't qualify for the Atlas Division, but Riddle tells her, Bro, he doesn't need to qualify for the Atlas Championship, he can get in the ring with me anytime. Black closes the door and we suddenly see TK behind her, it was all a plan so TK could get a match with the champ! Even if TK is all not sure about wrestling Riddle. AWESOME SEGMENT!

Jinny vs Bea Priestley - 6.5/10
Doesn't look like the Bedford after all. Before her entrance, Bea is looking herself in the mirror and she sees herself in the Mileena attire, this chick is on acid. She makes her entrance and Jinny has a face of disgust. It almost seemed like these two were gonna beat the shit out of each other, but they calmed down after some moves on the outside, match was still quite hard hitting, especially coming from Jinny, who had the upper hand most of the match. This was a good showing for Bea, I'm not the biggest an, but I kinda liked her here. Jinny told Bea that she was 'nothing but Will Ospreay's Bitch", so Bea went super saiyan after that. Jinny takes the win after that Shattered Dreams DDT thing.

During the match we had footage of Laura Di Matteo watching the match from the back.Which crossed paths with Jinny after the match when Jinny was walking to the back.

TK Cooper w/Dahlia Black vs "King of Bros" Matt Riddle - 7/10
Not a title match, but I would imagine that a win here would allow TK to get a title shot even if outside the Atlas division. Matt Riddle had complete control until, in usual TK style, got distracted by Black and TK's cheating. Match got really good towards the second half, Riddle made his comeback and the match started to go back and forward. Match had two or three great near falls, I seriously thought TK was taking the W. Dahlia Black had tears in her eyes after TK had been pinned. The camera work in this match was SUPERB!

A whole show without Black Jr and Allen! This was probably the best episode since the debut, two good matches, top stars, great backstage stuff, and you know week....RINGKAMPF'S TIMOTHY THATCHER DEBUTS!!