PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 3 Review

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PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 3 Review

Post by cero2k » Feb 25th, '17, 19:34

PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 3

Part Three
No Turning Back

We start the show the a red-bearded man entering The Bedford, he is greeted by another red-bearded man. One says I got a match tonight.

Then we go backstage to Black Jr telling Allen that their last week's plan was stupid, losing 2-on-1 made the look like idiots, to which Allen says he had it won, but it was all Black's fault. SPPT walk in, Banks says that since they have a losing streak, they should pay attention to them [SPPT] tonight and learn something from a team on a winning streak.

Red-Bearded Man #2 is seeing getting himself set to watch some wrestling.

Spike Trivet vs Damon Moser - 4/10
Ok, Red-Bearded Man #1 now has a name, Damon Moser. Moser is like the Nickelodeon version of Tommy End, should have kept the shirt on. Some fan was singing the 'You're gonna get your fucking head kicked in" chant, it sounded wrong. Match was crap, Spike had the upper hand after a low blow until Moser made his comeback and took the win. There was a coast-to-coast that looked impressive until you realized who small the ring is. It seemed like only 3 fans gave a shit about the match and they wouldn't shut up. I really didn't care about Moser at all, he does have potential, but right now, I couldn't care less. Spike I can see becoming a really annoying heel later on.

Post-match - Red-Bearded Man #2 comes in the ring, tells Moser he has had a great year, apparently at one point Moser was a bigger deal and now he's doing Bedford. He challenges Moser to a match in 'a main event'. Red-Bearded Man #2's name is 'The Hipstar' Kyle Asmore. He takes out Moser before leaving the ring.

South Pacific Power Trup w/Dahlia Black vs The Dazzler Team - 6.5/10
Their entrance is just not the same in this building. So a complete change in dynamic, Allen is now getting the upper hand over SPPT, while Black Jr is the babyface in peril. Everything was going good for Allen until he decided to superkick Dahlia and make Cooper go berserk. I don't know who's idiotic idea was to use SPPT of all teams to have The Dazzler's seem legit. SPPT win after a ref bump, cheating, and making Black Jr. believe that Allen attacked him with a wrench. Good match, but idiotic booking.

Post-match - For the third time in a row, Dazzler teams hints at breaking up and fighting each other, wait, this time Black Jr actually attacked Allen, again, idiotic because Allen should be the heel here. RJ Singh (former Allen tag partner) breaks up the fight. Dumb shit.

Bad episode for Freedom's Road, get got introduced to a new story and finally broke up the Dazzlers, but matches were bad and the break up was kinda backwards.

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