PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 2 Review

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PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 2 Review

Post by cero2k » Feb 20th, '17, 15:32

PROGRESS Wrestling: Freedom's Road: Episode 2

Part Two
"The Good, The Badman, and the Ugly:

We get Laura Di Matteo coming in to the Bedford. Dahlia Black greets her and just kinda taunts her on their match tonight. TK joins them and they hint interfering in the match. Then they snog out while Laura walks away.

We now see Darrell Allen & Earl Black Jr continue their bickering from last show. Black Jr apparently has a plan or something to get back in the winning side, Allen doesn't really trust him.

Dahlia Black w/TK Cooper vs Laura Di Matteo - 6.5/10
It's been a while since the South Pacific Power Couple is without their third wheel Barker. Laura is not working her big fight braids, she looks exponentially less threatening. From their reaction, it seems that the crowd thinks it's cute when Black and Cooper kiss mid-match. Black had control of the match most of the time after some interference from Cooper led Di Matteo's head to be driven to the wooden panels of the bar; later on because of constant interference, Laura did an Eddie Guerrero to get Cooper expelled from the match and finally get a fair 1-on-1. Black had a lot of offense, so it still took Laura a while to build up momentum and while it seemed all was lost and Black was going for an unnecessary moonsault, Di Matteo stopped her and hit the backstabber for the win.

Mid-match we cut to the back and see Cooper pissed off for being sent to the back, he's throwing stuff around. I like these cuts, they're short and add soo much to the overall idea that these stories don't just happen inside the ring.

Post-Match - We just see Black pissed off meeting with Cooper in the back, we can't hear them, but they just end up snogging anyway.

"The Bodyguy" Roy Johnson/Dazzler's Segment - Roy Johnson is out cutting a promo, nothing interesting to be honest, making an open challenge it seems. In the back Black Jr is trying to convince Allen to go for Roy Johnson and get their name out there. Allen doesn't like the idea, but ends up agreeing. I think that at some point I missed the part where this was a rap challenge. Black takes the mic and makes an ass of himself. This was seriously funny. Johnson is really good rapping. Dazzle's eventually get tired of the verbal beating and proceed to...

"The Bodyguy" Roy Johnson vs The Dazzler Team - 5/10
It was pretty much the same story of last show's match. "Nothing Flashy" Allen kept getting the upper hand for the team, just for Black Jr. to lose it because of excessive showboating. Eventually, not even wrestling clean was enough and Roy Johnson takes the win over Black Jr. Allen is really pissed now.

Post-match - Allen and Black are about to fight. Black is trying to blow him off, Allen pretty much quits the team, to which Black says he don't give a shit, since Allen is not as good as his old man. Wait, Black jr returns and they hug it out. Oh well.

A good second show, i'm really liking the cinematic feel of the show and it's helping me get to know the lower card guys like Johnson, see more of the girls (since they all usually just share one spot in the main show), and a quick fix of PROGRESS in-between shows. Looks like next week we're getting SPPT vs Dazzlers, so it should be good.

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