BRM Reviews the 6/9/2022 NXT UK

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BRM Reviews the 6/9/2022 NXT UK

Post by Big Red Machine » Jul 29th, '22, 00:01

Nigel said that Andrews blames Williams for a “knee injury” he suffered in a backstage attack, but throughout their promos, these two have always talked about a shoulder injury, not a knee injury. Oops.
Williams kept stalling the beginning of the match to search the ringside area for where Tiger Turan might be hiding. Eventually Andrews got fed up and just charged at him. Williams took over after an eye-rake and started working the arm. Andrews made a comeback, but Williams knocked him off the top when he went for his finisher and took over once again. He was set up for his finisher when Tiger Turan showed up and distracted him, allowing Andrews to get the roll-up win.
I don’t love distractions finishes, but I will say that this one worked better for me than most. The reason for that is because NXT UK has actually put a lot of time into showing us that Tiger Turan- and the mystery of his identity- is really bothering Williams. This is the sort of situation that shows that it’s not that there is anything inherently wrong with distraction finishes; the issue is the frequency with which they are used and how cheaply they are used (i.e. without putting the time in to show us that someone is really in someone else’s head).

We are told that we will hear from him about his future next week.

He is asked if he has heard from his brother. He says he hasn’t. Then, in one hell of a coincidence, he gets a call from his brother right the and there! Mark was very good about telling Joe to take all the time he needs and to reach out to believe in a believable way.

TWO JOBBERS vs. SYMBIOSIS (w/Eddie Dennis)- no rating, okay squash
The jobbers got a lot more in than I was expecting, but this still kind of felt like an effective squash because of how quickly Symbiosis were able to turn the tide and put them away.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT- didn’t like it
Symbiosis turned on Eddie Dennis. On the one hand, it’s nice to see people turn on a manager who promises them the world and doesn’t deliver, and doubly so when that heel manager is abusive and controlling the way Dennis is. This has also been slowly built up both on commentary and with the recent feud against Wild Boar.
But with this group in particular, I think it’s a bad idea. The act is so good and so different from everyone else that losing it will be a shame, and they are definitely a group that I think is greater than the sum of its individual parts. I’m not worried about Eddie Dennis, but I just don’t see either of the other two going anywhere.

ILJA DRAGUNOV PROMO- good… but also odd
Ilja said that he was here to watch Meiko defend her title. He said that he and Meiko are both proving that NXT UK is “the strongest brand in the world.” The real issue is that the question he was asked was essentially “why are you here?” as if it’s not his job to be there for TV every week.

ASHTON SMITH & OLIVER CARTER BIG VICTORY VIDEO PACKAGE- TREMEDOUS! This is how you follow up on a big win: by showing us how much it means.

AMALE vs. ELIZA ALEXANDER (w/Xia Brookside)- 4.75/10
Eliza wins dirty in a match that wasn’t particularly interesting.

WOLFGANG TAKES DAMON KEMP OUT IN GLASSGOW- They drank a lot. Camera effects happened. I got dizzy watching this. Kemp puked. They’re friends now, I guess.


They advertised a bunch of stuff for next week’s show. Most important among them was that Trent Seven would address his future.

NXT UK WOMEN’S TITLE MATCH: Meiko Satomura(c) vs. Ivy Nile- 6.75/10
This was a very good showing from Ivy Nile. She is definitely one of the better NXT 2.0 wrestlers we’ve seen on this show thus far. Meiko got the win, but Ivy earned her respect.

This was an okay show. It’s has really gone downhill since the NXT 2.0 kids arrived.
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