BRM Reviews the 7/31/2019 NXT UK

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BRM Reviews the 7/31/2019 NXT UK

Post by Big Red Machine » Aug 2nd, '19, 12:41

Imperium come out and interrupt the GMs. WALTER demands to know who is left to face him at TakeOver: Cardiff. Tyler Bate’s music hits and two members of Imperium go up the ramp to intercept him, but he comes out through the crowd instead and attacks WALTER. Bate runs wild for a while but gets cut off by the numbers game. At that point security come out to break things up, and Sid Scala names Tyler Bate the #1 contender to the UK Championshit at TakeOver.

PRETTY DEADLY (Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley) vs. GALLUS (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang)- no rating, decent squash
The squash was just an excuse to have these guys cut a promo afterwards. I’d normally say that Gallus is well past the point where they should be winning random squash matches and that you could have just had these guys cut a backstage promo, but the promo Mark Coffey cut- calling out GYZ and saying they are coming for the tag titles- not only works better after a dominant win, but giving them a quick win here does do a bit more to justify them getting a tag title shot with the raw numbers (and, looking back, it turns out they haven’t lost since an episode of TV that aired in mid-March… and this particular incarnation of Gallus actually haven’t lost since a show that aired on January 2nd, so they’re definitely deserving challengers).

JORDAN DEVLIN YELLS AT SID SCALA BACKSTAGE- Devlin is upset about “once again being passed over” for a title shot. Scala books Devlin against Alexander Wolfe in tonight’s main event and tells him to go prove himself.

DAVE MASTIFF PRESS CONFERENCE- He says he went to Johnny Saint and got himself vs. Joe Coffey booked for next week so that he can stop Coffey from running his mouth on him.

This is another squash that really didn’t need to happen.

KAY LEE RAY VS. TONI STORM VIDEO PACKAGE- This feud has been going on for at least a month now, and teased well before that, but only now do they tell us that not only have these two have been best friends, but Kay Lee Ray has also been a mentor to Toni Storm, and that their dream was to wrestle in WWE together. This is the sort of thing that you have to tell us BEFOREHAND!
Anyway, Toni says that Kay Lee Ray has changed. Kay Lee Ray says that it’s all because of some mysterious thing that Toni did (“she knows what she did”).

EDDIE DENNIS VIDEO PACKAGE- Apparently he tore his pec again back in April. Poor guy. He mused about things.

An awesome match that established its story well and used that to power a fantastic last few minutes. They basically turned Jordan Devlin babyface in one night, with a clean loss.

TYLER BATE PROMO- didn’t like it at all
Maybe it’s just a cultural thing, but I cannot take someone seriously as a competitor when he’s trying to cut a serious promo but still referring to himself as a “big strong boy.” I also didn’t like his whole “I got what I came for” bit and his vow to “embarrass” WALTER at TakeOver: Cardiff. Dude… they tied you up and beat the living sh*t out of you while they made your best friend and mentor watch! You should be out for f*cking blood!

A very good episode of NXT UK, even with the poor ending.

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Re: BRM Reviews the 7/31/2019 NXT UK

Post by XIV » Aug 5th, '19, 10:30

Allow me to help with the cultural issues of your Tyler Bate situation.

We don't call each other "Big Strong Bois" thats just him and I don't get it either.

As for "Embarassing" Walter this is often a term used in the UK to be the worst kind of revenge you can get on somebody as it's basically humiliating a person. Which is ironically what Tyler was when Imperium beat the piss out of him and made Trent watch. But ultimately, Brits will understand what he was trying to say here.
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