BRM Reviews the 7/17/2019 NXT UK

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BRM Reviews the 7/17/2019 NXT UK

Post by Big Red Machine » Jul 19th, '19, 11:17

SAXTON HUXLEY & TYSON T-BONE vs. IMPERIUM (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel)- 4/10
Tyson T-Bone has to be on the list of lamest wrestling names ever. The match was decent for the five and a half minutes or so it got. They gog Imperium over as being very crafty and continued to get Aichner’s running knee to the head with the opponents against the steps over as a “put you down for s good long time” move.

RADZIED INTERVIEWS TRAVIS BANKS- a fine babyface “I just lost in my title shot, but I will rebuild myself and try again” promo.

XIA BROOKSIDE vs. JINNY (w/Jazzy Gabert)- 4/10
Jinny won another five-and-a-half-minute match due to interference from Jazzy.

They brag about destroying British Strong Style and insult Trent Seven. Then they say they he should be careful what he wishes for, because they are going to “break” him… and off they go.

His feud with Noam Dar continues.

One of the Coffeys want a match against Dave Mastiff. Sorry, I can’t tell them apart. And yes, I know they’re not identical. But there are so many angry bearded men on this show that they if you stick two of them in a room and don’t tell me which is which, I’m usually going to be lost.

Toni Storm comes out to cut her scheduled promo. She tells us that she’s sad that her former friend Kay Lee Ray has started to act mean. Kay Lee Ray showed up and teased wanting her title shot tonight but instead told us that she wants it at TakeOver: Cardiff, and vows to make Toni’s life a living hell until then. This was your standard lazy “heel says ‘I’m going to fight you on my time, not yours, because MIND GAMES!’” crap, where the announcers put it over as some sort of genius mental warfare while I am just sitting here and not understand why this should bother the babyface at all.

SID SCALA ANNOUNCES A MATCH FOR NEXT WEEK- It’s going to be Kay Lee Ray, Jazzy Gabert, & Jinny vs. Xia Brookside, Toni Storm, & Piper Niven. I’m excited for the match, but trying to tell me that the “first-ever six-woman tag in NXT UK history” somehow makes this match extra important is pretty ridiculous. It’s a f*cking six-person tag.

Andrews played the underdog well and the announcers did a good job of guiding us along with the story that Ohno was playing with his prey instead of going for the kill, which resulted in him getting rolled up and pinned.

This was a decent show from NXT UK, we got a great match and some important match announcements (the women’s title match at TakeOver, Seven vs. WALTER and the six-woman tag next week) and a great main event, but mostly this was a show whose purpose was to move things along. It did that just fine, but it feels like we’ve had a few too many of those lately. I think the setting (they’re somehow STILL at the Download Festival) may be contributing to my feeling this way, but the feeling is still present, and it’s one I’ve had before with NXT UK as well. I think they’ve need to move to quarterly TakeOvers rather than this seven-month schedule they’ve currently got, as it often feels like feuds are artificially stretched out. The only thing that feels particularly fresh right now is the WWE UK Championship picture, and while the formation of Imperium is a part of that, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that that is the only feud/division that has had a big TakeOver match (i.e. a hard deadline to build to) between now and TakeOver: Blackpool.
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