BRM Reviews the 8/28/2018 205 Live (MURPHY VS. KALISTO!)

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BRM Reviews the 8/28/2018 205 Live (MURPHY VS. KALISTO!)

Post by Big Red Machine » Aug 29th, '18, 14:40

AKIRA TOZAWA vs. THE BRIAN KENDRICK (w/Jack Gallagher)- 6.75/10
Tozawa won. Nigel pushed hard that Tozawa was more vicious than usual and “a different Akira Tozawa than we’ve seen in a long time.” Unlike most times when an announcer says this type of thing, it was pretty clearly backed up by what we had just seen in the ring.

BUDDY MURPHY & TONY NESE INTERVIEW- Murphy did most of the talking. He was fine.

HIDEO ITAMI PROMO- he cut the standard “I’m sorry about how much I hurt Mustafa Ali last week. I’m sorry I didn’t hurt him worse” heel promo.

HIDEO ITAMI vs. MICHAEL BLAISE- no rating, meh segment.
Itami squashed the dude until Mustafa Ali showed up and Itami ran off. We never got any announcement of a finish. This would have been so much better if they let Itami get the win by ref stoppage and then he kept beating on the jobber and THAT brought Ali out for Itami to run away from.

CEDRIC ALEXANDER SELFIE PROMO- He was cutting a selfie promo, but was standing in front of one of those “clearly in a studio, colors designed to make the person stand out” backgrounds. That was weird and annoying. If he is on tour with the Raw brand in Europe then why WWE just let him use a WWE camera and cameraman to cut this promo for a WWE show?
The promo itself was… fine. He accused Gulak of cowardice and is going to call him out next week.

BUDDY MURPHY (w/Tony Nese) vs. KALISTO (w/Lucha House Party)- 8.75/10
The babyface seconds got goaded into shoving Murphy so they got ejected from ringside. They should count themselves lucky, as it really should have been a DQ. This resulted in Nese being the only person on the outside, which is significant in a feud when the past two matches in this feud have had their outcomes directly affected by someone on the outside reaching into the ring and tripping one of the competitors. Nese would later do the same thing, though it didn’t even lead to a false finish. It did result in Nese being ejected from ringside, though, which seems to kind of make the earlier babyface ejection feel pointless. Why not do that as the finish for this match to build to a cage match or a match with everyone banned from ringside or whatnot?
That bit was actually the second of three stories they told. The first was about Murphy’s size and strength vs. Kalisto’s speed and agility, and the final one was that Murphy’s temper caused him to go back to the outside and attack Kalisto when he could have picked up a count-out win, although while that one did lead to a false finish, it didn’t actually matter in the end as Murphy still won. The match was quite excellent, and got not only “THIS IS AWESOME!” chants, but also the first “205!” chants that I can ever remember hearing.

This was a very good episode of 205 Live, but unlike most weeks, this one was pretty much saved by the excellent main event. Buddy Murphy continues to impress this year. When the hell did he get this good?

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Re: BRM Reviews the 8/28/2018 205 Live (MURPHY VS. KALISTO!)

Post by XIV » Aug 30th, '18, 09:15

Buddy Murphy is absolutely having the space to grow. At "Payback in the Outback" he's got a title shot... and you know they'll consider a title change for the event... and the Cruiserweight Championship could be the one that goes. Buddy Murphy would have earned it and I think he would be a good champ right now and I think he could hold it for a while.

Triple H and 205 Live... definitely time for him to get a bigger show.. or both.
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