BRM Reviews the 8/21/2018 205 Live (LUCHA HOUSE PARTY VS. MUSCLE GUYS!)

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BRM Reviews the 8/21/2018 205 Live (LUCHA HOUSE PARTY VS. MUSCLE GUYS!)

Post by Big Red Machine » Aug 23rd, '18, 15:56

DRAKE MAVERICK’S INTRO- these two a great job of getting me excited for the show.

NOAM DAR vs. TJP- 7/10
TJP cut a good heel promo before the match. Wall-E was on commentary. TJP distracted himself by claiming that Wall-E was only here to see him, allowing Dar to take advantage by nailing him with a baseball slide. TJP soon cut him off and worked over the knee but Dar made a comeback, hit the Nova Roller and got the win.

DREW GULAK PROMO- He claims Cedric got lucky at SummerSlam and that if Cedric was a real champion, he would give Gulak a rematch.

DRAKE MAVERICK COMMENTS ON GULAK’S REMATCH- He says that things are earned on 205 Live and thus if Gulak wants a rematch, he’ll have to earn one, even if Cedric Alexander is ready to give him one.

AKIRA TOZWA vs. A JOBBER- They immediately get jumped by Gulak, Gallagher, & Kendrick. Gulak grabbed a mic and claimed that Cedric was hiding behind Drake Maverick’s decisions, and that if he had any guts he would come out and put the title on the line. Cedric came out and said that as soon as Gulak gets his pals away from the ring so they can have a one-on-one match. Cedric starts to head to the ring anyway but Drave Maverick runs out (soon followed by referees) to stop him. Gulak cut a big promo burying Cedric but bailed when Cedric hit the ring. Drake Maverick angrily sent the heels away, as Cedric said “you say I’m scared, but you’re the one running away.” This was a really good segment that didn’t an excellent job of building up the tension.

TORNADO TAG TEAM MATCH: Tony Nese & Buddy Murphy vs. Lucha House Party (w/Kalisto)- 9/10
I didn’t like Kalisto interfering on the finish, but otherwise… THIS WAS COMPLETELY NUTS!

Another AWESOME episode of 205 Live.

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