BRM Reviews the 7/10/2018 205 Live

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BRM Reviews the 7/10/2018 205 Live

Post by Big Red Machine » Jul 11th, '18, 12:08

TONY NESE (w/Buddy Murphy) vs. KALISTO (w/Lucha House Party)- 4.75/10
Even on 205 Live I can’t escape these damn DQs! Murphy got annoyed by Lucha House Party’s noise-making so he attacked them. I find the noise-making irritating as well, and, quite frankly, the interminable feud with Gulak, Kendrick, & Gallagher has totally killed my interest in these guys as a unit. Just break them up and let them be singles wrestles.

MAVERICK, DAR, & TJP BACKSTAGE- a good segment setting up a rematch between TJP and Dar next week.


LIO RUSH vs. COLIN DELANEY- no rating, good squash
Akira Tozawa came out to ringside at the beginning of the match, repaying the favor to Lio Rush. Rush was amazingly good-natured about it, and even insisted on getting Tozawa a chair. Tozawa kicked the chair over. Lio won, and once again looked like he was quicker than everyone else you’ve ever seen in a wrestling ring. Absolutely none of Delaney’s history in WWE was mentioned.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT- Tozawa cut a great promo on Lio Rush. He acted like a dick, but Lio took everything with an air of good nature (even though you know it was pissing him off on the inside). Also, Lio is such a dick that Tozawa really didn’t come off as heelish. They were getting ready to fight but Drake Maverick came out and made the match for next week.

DREEW GULAK (& PALS) SEFLIE PROMO- “You know, normally I don’t approve of “selfies” but apparently it’s the only way to reach the young people of today, so heed this selfie.” I love Drew Gulak so much.
He says they’re coming after whoever wins tonight’s min event.

WWE CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Cedric Alexander(c) vs. Hideo Itami- 8.25/10

Yet another great episode of 205 Live, with a main event that truly delivers.

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