TIL That NXT Runs It's Own Farm System In Florida

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TIL That NXT Runs It's Own Farm System In Florida

Post by Bob-O » Jul 1st, '18, 11:10

Maybe it's common knowledge, but I had no idea how deep the Local NXT House Show loop ran. I had always ran under the assumption that it was basically what we saw on TV with a little room for testing things out (gimmicks, new talent, so on...)

I came across the 6/30 House show results and found something COMPLETELY different...

From r/squaredcircle
The show just let out, here's what happened!

Meet-and-greet had Mars Wang, Xia Li, Fabian Aichner, and Kassius Ohno.
Angelo Dawkins v. Rocky (ft. Tian Bing)
WINNER: Angelo Dawkins (pinfall, powerbomb)

Jeet Rama v. DREW GULAK!
WINNER: Drew Gulak (pinfall, roll-up)
Jeet left to "JEET" chants and his theme music.

Aliyah v. Jessie
WINNER: Aliyah (submission)

Chris (Donovan) Dijak arrives to discuss his turn on Brennan Williams, his tag partner, last night at the NXT show in Orlando. Dijak states that what he did was not "cowardly", as others have said. Instead, Brennan is labelled as a coward and that while their tag team could've done anything, Brennan was afraid of success and that he stole the spotlight. Dijak then issues a challenge to Brennan, leading to...

Brennan Williams v. Chris Dijak
WINNER: Brennan Williams (pinfall)

Kacy Katanzaro and Otis Dozovic v. Taynara Conti and Adrian Jaoude
WINNER: Kacy Catanzaro and Otis Dozovic (pinfall; slam by Otis to Adrian)

(I will take this time to point out that the mixed tag match was like a PWG Kinder egg, in that it became a chicken fight at one point, which Kacy and Otis won, which led to an intergender spot in which Kacy crossbodied Adrian by jumping off Otis's shoulders.)


Kassius Ohno, Fabian Aichner, and Mars Wang v. Wesley Blake, Chad Lail, and Steve Cutler (The Forgotten Sons)
WINNER: The Forgotten Sons (pinfall, double powerbomb to Ohno)

Vanessa Borne and Lacey Evans v. Xia Li and Kairi Sane
WINNER: Kairi Sane (winner, elbow drop to Vanessa Borne)

EC3 v. Adam Cole (title match for the NXT North American Championship)
WINNER: Adam Cole (pinfall, roll-up)
Intrigued, I dug a little deeper to find they run continuing angles from night to night, and the whole thing is pretty complex for guys that aren't on tv! These local shows have a loyal following, under a WWE banner, and it just blows my mind.

Again, maybe I live under a rock, but I thought it was really cool.


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Re: TIL That NXT Runs It's Own Farm System In Florida

Post by cero2k » Jul 1st, '18, 18:09

Yeah that is the true developmental where they test out gimmicks for nxt and have the greener-er guys working.

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