BRM Reviews the 6/26/2018 205 Live

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BRM Reviews the 6/26/2018 205 Live

Post by Big Red Machine » Jun 29th, '18, 02:22

AKIRA TOZAWA vs. TONY NESE (w/Buddy Murphy)- 7/10

Cedric wants to know who his next challenger will be. Maverick says he doesn’t know. Cedric is surprised that it’s not Itami considering his recent wins. Drake Maverick says he doesn’t want to reward Itami for bad behavior (he did cheat to win last week, and ruined the main event two weeks before that), but Cedric gives a speech about how Itami is a legend and he wants that notch on his belt to build his legacy. Maverick says he’ll consider it.

LIO RUSH vs. DEWEY JAMES- no rating, OUTSTANDING squash!
Lio Rush shows us how much bling he has by spending forever taking it off. They then proceeded to give us a squash match that showed us not Lio overpowering James but rather out-quicking him. They made him look like he had super speed while also slowing it down to be a cocky dick.


RENEE YOUNG INTERVIEWS CEDRIC ALEXANDER- great promo by Cedric about Itami. Then Itami showed up, talked what I assume was some trash talk in Japanese, then shoved Cedric. Some referees and Drake Maverick quickly ran over to break it up before it really started. This was great. It has basically been two segments of build but I already can’t wait for this match.

Next week we’re getting Murphy vs. Ali, No DQs, there must be a winner.

SIX-MAN ELIMINATION TAG TEAM MATCH: Lucha House Party vs. Drew Gulak, Brian Kendrick, & Jack Gallagher- 7.75/10
The match was pretty great, but it seems like this isn’t the end of this feud as advertised, which annoys me because I’m tired of it.

Another good episode of 205 Live.

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